The Georgia Election: Republicans have all the advantages, yet they always act like they are about to lose

The thing that most irritates me about the upcoming Georgia senate run-off races so critical to the Republicans controlling that chamber of congress in 2021 is that all the good cards are with the Republicans—yet when you hear them talk, they sound like victims waiting for a bully to come along and swipe victory from them maliciously. The Democrats have a much harder path to victory, they must win both seats, which is highly unlikely, Republicans only need to win one.  And as far as voting goes, if there hadn’t been massive cheating in the 2020 presidential election, there wouldn’t even be a run-off.  A simple signature verification of the ballots used in the cheat would clear the issue up entirely.  But Republicans especially in the Senate never even pushed for that.  Rather, they accepted quickly the media proposal to have an exciting January election which serves them for an exciting set of stories but could easily throw our country into complete disarray.  The media doesn’t care, they have already positioned themselves to assist China in taking over the world, so its no skin off their back.  But all the drama involved in the run-off election was completely avoidable, the Republicans have held the position of strength from the beginning, yet like everything, they act like they are always losing, playing prevent defense, and as seems to be the norm, have defeat snatched away from the jaws of victory time and time again.

I attribute this to the influences that have built Republicans over the years, primarily their religion which is a turn the other cheek kind of thing, and in following the advice of authors like Ayn Rand.  This idea of running away from fights and hiding somewhere out in society was given to conservatives by their influences, and it hasn’t been working.  My proposal which will be increasingly more vocal, as I stated in the video above, is to stand and fight rather than run away all the time.  In most circumstances Republicans are holding all the cards for victory, yet they never act that way, always giving evil a feeling that if pushed, conservatives will always give to the aggressor.  So why wouldn’t Democrats and their communist insurgents push Republicans over the cliff time and time again?  The Georgia election in January 2021 is a perfect example of this very mindset.   Republicans control the Senate as of now and show every indication of doing so.  Seats in the House near a majority were picked up.  There are many more Republican governors now than there were.  Most legislators in most states are now Republican.  Trump clearly won the election of 2020 by a lot, yet Republicans have been terrified to stand up for themselves against the Democrat bullies to call them out on it.  Like an abused woman being beaten by her husband, she keeps going back for more abuse because she does not want to admit to the world that there is a problem.  For Republicans to admit that our elections are not secure is far worse than in admitting that their rival will do anything to win, including cheating.  So with that in mind, it should not be a surprise that Republicans now find themselves victims in Georgia—hoping rather than demanding—that the election cheating allows them to keep control of the Senate rather than fighting for a fair election and preserving the Senate with an easy win in a state that is far from turning blue.  Republicans should not be terrified of one obese black woman in Stacy Abrams and whether or not they can stop her from cheating in the run-off.

I see this problem everywhere in fact, Republicans are always the nice ones, and Democrats take advantage of them time and time again.  They allow themselves to be picked on by the bullies in the Democrat Party as Republicans hide their fear of fighting behind institutional guidelines and pretend to play the “high ground.”  What they really are doing is using such turn the other cheek metaphors into the preservation of good practice when in fact it is just a surrender of their own cowardice.  If Republicans stood up for themselves, there would be far less evil in the world.  By not confronting evil, we get a lot more of it.  We shouldn’t even be worried about Georgia and the senators there.  We shouldn’t be worried about losing Trump.  But fighting takes courage and there is a short supply of that in the world today, and Democrats know it, and exploit it.  Even though they are the minority of opinion in the world, they act as if they are a majority because nobody calls them on it in an official capacity.  President Trump has, and the MAGA supporters have reflected it, but there have not been enough fighters confronting evil which is why its spreading. 

As I said in the video above, you don’t have to cut off the heads of your enemies and display them on your front door to let people know you mean business.  All you really must do is to not be afraid of the other side.  Go to your local school board meetings, visit your trustees, go to city council meetings, and just ask questions.  You will be surprised how much face melting you will get by simply asking questions at political meetings.  They are far more terrified of you than you think.  They are in most cases the ones committing the crimes and who have bad intentions and they hope you don’t notice.  They have become so used to not being challenged by Republicans that they have become dangerously bold in their crimes.  Because we have spent our lives in church or in reading the books of Ayn Rand, we have allowed excuses to stand in the way of justice where we turn to scripture as a means to avoid fighting the fights that we must fight, and instead take a “historical” perspective to world events. 

Truly Republicans in general don’t like to fight, they’d rather think about important things.  But in a world where fighting is mandated in order to preserve justice, then sitting on the sidelines is just as evil as those who commit the crimes.  Allowing evil to spread unchecked is just as bad as committing it, so maintaining the peace is not the “high ground” it is surrender.  And as I said, fighting doesn’t always have to be a gunfight in the streets.  But in just going to meetings and asking questions, to let them know you are paying attention.  The only reason the Senate race in Georgia is even close is because everyone fears that Democrats will get away with cheating once again, and that is before the vote when everyone has complete control of the circumstances.  This of course is just the latest example; the behavior has gone on for decades.  Of course, the GOP mainstreamers want to get rid of Trump, because the President makes them feel guilty for being such a bunch of losers. There is no such thing as losing “gracefully.”  Republicans representing mainstream, traditional Americans are in the clear majority and should be imposing our will on the communists, not hiding our eyes and ears from the evil we see, but in fighting it directly wherever it shows itself.  That is the proper way to maintain order in a republic, and it is the only path forward. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “The Georgia Election: Republicans have all the advantages, yet they always act like they are about to lose

  1. Obviously not to take in a literal sense but this reminded me of a quote;
    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” – Mattis


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