Ayn Rand Predicted It All: The end and the beginning after the election of 2020

Hey, it was a gift to myself when my wife and I went to Disney World last Christmas and bought a park hopper pass for the whole week to go see all my favorite stuff, going to all four parks all day long during the entire trip, spending lots of time at Disney Springs, and the Boardwalk as well as several tourist hot spots in Kissimmee.  I’ll admit, I had the time of my life and I didn’t feel one bit of guilt soaking up the wonders of capitalism for one second.  We had 3 years of Trump and everything was going well for America in the world.  Sure, the House was trying to impeach Trump over the Ukrainian phone call which as it turned out, Biden’s family was actually guilty of the treasonous behavior.  But at the time of us going to Disney World, I had no thoughts that Trump would have any problem with the House.  I had worked hard at so many things in my life and I deserved a break and out of all the places in the world I could go, I wanted to enjoy Disney World, not just for the new Star Wars land they had just opened, but because it was the first time I went there with just my wife, with no kids, and we could enjoy all the things I really love, like Tom Sawyer’s Island, Frontier Land, and the Hall of Presidents.  But most of all, over the years I wanted to check on one of the great dedications to one of my favorite writers, Ayn Rand and to see if it was still in the American Heritage pavilion at the Epcot Center.  Because of the park hopper pass my wife and I were able to have a patriot day and visit the dedication that was still there, and Frontier Land with the Hall of Presidents in the same day, and I let America wash over me in what turned out to be a refreshing bliss. 

I remember sitting in the Jock Lindsey bar in Disney Springs thinking everything is just too great.  Something was bothering me, but it was not yet showing itself as a problem.  I took it as the impeachment attempt and left it alone.  Little did any of us know at that time that Covid-19 was going to be released in about a month from that time and the world would go crazy, and that everything at Disney World would be shut down by March.  Mask mandates would be normalized, social distancing essentially shut down the entire film and sporting industry cancelling the baseball season essentially.  And we would learn that all the chaos and mayhem was the global leftists last ditch multibillion-dollar effort to destroy the Trump presidency for a rigged election using the virus to open the door for massive fraud.  I enjoyed the drinks from the bar on that wonderfully warm December at Disney Springs admiring the artifacts from the Indiana Jones movies.  It was a place I had wanted to visit since it opened after Disney acquired Lucasfilm and I eccentrically spent over $500 that day buying everything I could including the souvenir mugs of our drinks which are proudly displayed next to my reading chair.  Now with the government coup against Trump at the end of 2020 and the lasting lockdowns of terrorism meant to destroy capitalist markets, starting with restaurants and other entertainments, I am so glad I spoiled myself on that wonderful vacation, because I may never see another one like that again.  It took me 50 years to find the time and money and circumstances to have a week like that for myself, and if I get 50 more years especially now with Covid ruining everything, I likely will never see it again. 

But behind it all was the reassurance I wanted to have that Disney had not taken down that testament to Ayn Rand at the Epcot Center.  Disney World after all was the effort of a character who could have been in one of Ayn Rand’s novels, Walt Disney.  As a 3-year-old I visited the site with my family to see the dirt that the bull dozers were turning to turn a swamp into a paradise, and it was many years later a spectacle of mankind’s mind to go from what it was, to what it became, a place that brought so much happiness and creativity to our civilization.  When I go to such places, I don’t see a tourist trap with overpriced drinks and a hot sweaty sun beating down on everybody.  I see opportunity and enthusiasm and I never tire of it wherever I see it.  Because of my love of Ayn Rand’s books, it gave me an appreciation for Disney World that a lot of people may feel but don’t have definitions to understand.  Sadly, it would be obvious that Ayn Rand’s story Atlas Shrugged would come true in 2020 even down to the Robert Stadler, PhD, character who became Director of the State Science Institute in that book.  Change out Project X and call it Covid-19 and you get Dr. Fauci.  For anybody wondering what the Hell hit them in 2020, you should pick up Atlas Shrugged and read it so that you can know what to do next. 

Fresh off my vacation and having lots of time to think about the kind of things I like to think about, big topics in the setting of fantasy and adventure, I saw immediately what was happening with Covid-19 after the House failed to impeach Trump.  I was one of the first in the world to call it what it was, largely because I had been thinking so much about Ayn Rand fresh off that Disney trip.  Disney was obviously in on the hoax of Covid as they are now run by Democrats, even if it cost them billions of dollars.  If not for Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, Disney World would still be shut down and they’d be happy to do it to play their part in the massive corporate global reset that we now know was always part of the plan.  The corporate problem of working against freedom and liberty was always addressed by Ayn Rand in her books, especially Atlas Shrugged.  As I watched America fall into the abyss largely by their own blind trust in government, the predictions of Atlas Shrugged became obvious and I could only shake my head and brace for impact.  It is not surprising at all that the Democrats had to cheat and that they had so many friends in on the scam, from the billionaires, to the science “professionals,” to the hostile nations like China Ayn Rand had predicted just about all of it like the hands on a well made clock.  Change some names here and there, but other than that, it was all predicted by her because as a Russian immigrant, she had seen it before happening in her country.  We know how the book ends too, and that is certainly how this real-world scenario will as well.  But there will be real pain and death as we get through the final chapters which is a damn shame.  I’m just glad I took that vacation when I did, for me it was likely the last time I’ll ever get to relax and enjoy such a bountiful example of capitalism, ever.  After all the nonsense that occurred after 9/11 with the creation of the TSA and all the boarding protocols, it is highly unlikely that the combination of safety and capitalism will ever be balanced so well as they were on that Disney Trip, where we didn’t have to wear stupid masks to go to a business enterprise, or socially distance.  Where we could have fun without looking over our shoulders for some geeky reprobate government worker trying to contact trace everyone or trying to mandate a vaccination before we could even buy a ticket.  If I hadn’t taken that trip at that time, it may have never happened and while that’s sad, I’m glad to have at least had it once.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand Predicted It All: The end and the beginning after the election of 2020

  1. Rich, very thought provoking column today. Its hard to fathom what was a year ago, if anyone deserves to take a relaxing vacation, its you-it looked wonderful.I hope if you are back in florida, you will let us know,


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