The Greatness of the Covid Rebels: Standing up to an out of control and stupid government

For a lot of people, I understand that it’s a little early for them, to admit that Covid-19 has always been a hoax and was fully implemented to allow for voter fraud.  Many people know someone who had Covid-19 and believed it to be truly detrimental which I addressed in the video above.  When the corrupt media and governments of the world is saying Covid here, Covid there, Covid everywhere, its easy to find yourself spooked by the panic created by government to serve government.  For instance, it looks like fewer people are going to die this year than last year, so if Covid deaths are so detrimental, why didn’t more people die in 2020?  Well, we all know the answer, that is if you watch my videos and read this blog.  But most people in the mainstream just aren’t there yet.  They are getting there, remember that over 80 million people voted for Trump in 2020 which is a significant amount of population in the world.  They are learning and have been for the last decade.  And I am encouraged to see many of them becoming what is being called, Covid Rebels.  The Covid Rebels are beginning to question the sanity of the ridiculous governor lockdowns and CDC protocols and seeing them for the scam they are to usher in communism into America.  That is the first step to winning some of these fights from a government that is out of control and is attempting to use panic and fear to gain power.  People who are supposed to be in charge are now pushing back, which is a very healthy thing for our country. 

The most audacious stat that I have seen recently as I was checking market activity in Asia has been that China never really shut down for Covid.  It is funny to see that the dumb world and their health officials are copying what the media is saying is wonderous control of Covid-19 from the communist country of China due to the state imposition of taking temperatures 3 times a day and the mandate to wear masks.  The reason that is funny is because China has a closed society with the media and has simply put out state propaganda saying they are doing so well, but the real reason they don’t have high case counts is because they aren’t doing the kind of testing we are in the United States.  If China tested their billion plus people the way we are in America, they’d have millions and millions of more cases than us easily.  But like a bunch of dumb asses our government and media has failed to understand that basic concept or to even ask the question.  Their assumption has been to follow China with protocols which is essentially what the communist loving CDC has done without connecting a lack of testing to the Chinese results.  Covid-19 was always an election fraud scam, nothing more.   China didn’t destroy their economy over it, but they tricked the rest of the world to destroying their own over a virus they released to the world to essentially beat Trump’s trade war.  And the communist lovers in our own country wanted to side with China to destroy our nation so they could have power.  It really is as simple as that.  Again, look at the death counts of 2020.  Its all been a shell game, trade other sicknesses for Covid counts so that hospitals and medical facilities could get government money from Covid designations. 

Knowing that the whole thing has been a hoax, yes, people should be angry at Mike DeWine in Ohio, and his girlfriend Amy Acton who is still sending love letters to the governor by the way.  It appears to be OK so long as Amy sends cookies to Frannie, DeWine’s wife.  Those people have destroyed the lives of many people in Ohio, and they did it out maliciousness and pure stupidity.  And all the other blue state governors in America who stupidly shut down the lives of innocent people for a communist plot to remove an American president, they should sure as hell be angry about it.  People have been abused and harassed for no reason only to find a world turned upside down on them for no reason.  They should march in the streets demanding their lives back, they should be suing their government.  I would go so far to say that the politicians who advanced Covid-19 so dangerously deserve far worse than that.  But rebelling against the government is a start.  They didn’t have the authority to abuse their power the way they did on a complete lack of science on a totally fabricated communist approach provided to us by our enemy China.

I would point back to prohibition as a model for how to deal with Covid-19.  Not the mobs that emerged although we could say that an Al Capone style mob in the federal government has been born out of the Covid-19 protocols.  But when bars were closed during prohibition, speakeasys came to be.  Perhaps the solution to the whole restaurant closing problem in various states is to give up the liquor licenses, to give up all the permits and to save the fees, and to operate in the back room or to call all such gatherings as private and by invitation only.  Cut the government out of the operation and pocket all the money off the books and dare an undermanned government to come after them.  The health departments don’t have the manpower or the will to fight everyone in court for unconstitutional laws anyway.  If they bust you, take them to court and make a fortune by accepting the many offers by lawyers to take these cases for free, because they are so easy to win in court.  By the nature of it, Covid-19 and the politicians who have been caught trying to scare everyone deserve to be pushed back on in that fashion.  Its almost a moral obligation to challenge their authority. But compliance, no. that is not the thing to do.  Compliance is for idiots, especially when the government authority imposing the restrictions is so stupid and anti-American to start with.  This isn’t China with over a billion people who are afraid to challenge the authority of the state.  Where only a handful of people control the entire nation by fear.  America has plenty of dumb fools who do everything the government tells them too.  But there are around half the nation who voted for Trump in the last election who aren’t that stupid, and they are starting to become Covid Rebels.  To Hell with the curfews.  To Hell with closing Christmas and other family gatherings.  To Hell with closing restaurants and night spots.  Move them to your back yards and other places that the police can’t easily get to.  Let friends and family know that you are open for business, just not officially.  Turn down the lights and have a big bouncer at the door to keep the government riff raff out.  And step around the unconstitutional laws and make some untaxable money for yourself so you can feed your families.  Cut the government out and starve them with a lack of revenue.  That is the proper way to deal with a government trying to turn communist using Covid-19 to carry the movement through fear.  The best thing you can do is to rebel against all that and take away the governments power over you, by ignoring their stupid rules, and letting them feel the sting of embarrassment that their stupidity has caused in the world

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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