Divorce Google, YouTube and Facebook: They work for China and global communism

Its something we should all be talking about, but it has certainly taken a back seat to the 2020 presidential election, is the massive censorship that YouTube has now openly conducted to help cover up voter fraud that was perpetuated as a federal crime.  Last week they issued a statement about removing any video that questioned the results of the media storyline which showed Joe Biden winning due to more than 10 million votes made up completely out of thin air.  The theft was intended to portray those votes as valid even without signature verifications to prove so.  The YouTube and Google position ultimately has been to ignore this evidence and to blindly accept the election results to fulfill their global plans politically.  After the 2016 election Google had personally committed themselves to do more to defeat President Trump, regardless of what voters decided they wanted, and to tamper with future elections to protect their progressive intentions toward global communism.  So naturally, they have openly sought an alliance with China toward those mutual goals, and that is the nature behind their new policy decision.  As overwhelming evidence has emerged showing massive voter fraud, Google and their company YouTube have decided to be part of that fraud by suppressing evidence and that’s their choice.  They have chosen to be criminals.

I’m not one who looks to government to bring forth justice.  I would rather advocate choosing to work with other video hosting services.  There is plenty of competition to YouTube now, Rumble being my choice which is evident by the videos I supply with each of these articles these days.  I have not enjoyed working with YouTube for a long time, since early in this last decade.  Once Google bought YouTube, I lost interest in them and I contributed less and less to the platform which I had been with since 2006.  It was a little like finding out that a spouse cheated on you when Google started becoming the symbol of tyranny.  I had a Gmail account, I enjoyed Google Earth and Google Maps, and of course I liked YouTube.  It hurt to start making plans to turn away from them, but we all have choices, so I’d rather invest in other companies who are not aligned with communist China.  Clearly China and Google counted on abusing their relationship with us, and for us to put up with it out of convenience, so if we do play that game, its us who are the suckers. 

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but I suppose it was that the Google executives were on the Glenn Beck program back when he was on Fox News trying to convince the Beck audience that they were libertarians and wanted freedom of speech, and that we could trust them.  Of course, at that time Google was not the top search engine for the internet yet, but they were getting there.  They still had a long way to go before they were the dominate players, they are today in internet market needs.  Of course, that turned out to be all wrong.  Google like Facebook have turned out to be treasonous in their alliance with China and in their subversion of American society taking our gullibility to an abusive position all in a quest for political power that leveraged their company to dominate in the future with China as the ring leader of global communist politics.  In a different time, we might have given them the benefit of doubt, but what we suspected about Covid-19 we now know about the election fraud of 2020, that Google and their video platform, YouTube had played an active role in tampering with an American election, and when they got caught, they simply attempted to censor all the evidence never acknowledging American law or political priorities behaving fully as if China was already in charge of everything. 

While its shameful, and sad for those who don’t want to believe that a company born on American soil by Americans would ever become an enemy of the state, but that’s where they have chosen to be. I would say, don’t shed any sadness for them or your relationship with them.  Just move on to something else and live your life without them.  Divorce them.  Maybe there is some sharing of custody of children born under that marriage, like old email accounts and video hosting, but don’t stay in love with Google just because of the kids.  Move on to better, healthier things.  Google is guilty of sedition and treason with the enemy, China.  They have broken their relationship with us, so move on to something better and don’t look back.  In the video above I also talked about the spy network from China, particularly the Ms. Bang Bang Fang Fang girl who ended up having a sexual relationship with Eric Swalwell, one of the biggest critics of Trump and trying to create a false story connecting the President to the Democrat make-believe story of Russian tampering with our elections.  That YouTube would be an alliance with such a scum bag, a known liar and obvious security risk to the nation tells you everything you need to know about the situation.  That YouTube would make such a policy decision about the election results of 2020 but not anything committed by Democrats that are obviously treasonous speaks to the severity of the action. 

The dead giveaway is when most media outlets, especially those who support Google’s position say that “without evidence, so and so has disputed the results of the 2020 election.”  Well the evidence is ominous and compounding every day.  You’d have to be an idiot not to see it, but Google has presented themselves as a media publisher and has chosen to mislead Americans in their voting patterns and have been discovered to be cheaters so rather than correct the problem they have dug in and gone all in toward the China attack of American sovereignty.  At the very least, all these tech companies should be broke-up with antitrust the way Teddy Roosevelt did to the railroads at the turn of the century a hundred years ago.  Obvious monopolies who have thrown their allegiance toward the enemy working against the domestic forces that gave them birth, which is reprehensible.  As a free market supporter, I always have a hard time with government oversight of an American business.  But such as in the situation with Google and Facebook, when those companies prove themselves to be spies and subversives for enemies of the world, then they deserve to be penalized.  But we don’t have to wait for government to do something about it, we are free to take action now.  And I would advise that there is no better time than the present.  Leave YouTube, leave Google as much as possible and find an alternative.  There are plenty emerging.  Don’t wait for slow government to act.  Vote with your feet now.  While the betrayal certainly does hurt what hurts even more is being a sucker.  Don’t be a sucker to YouTube.  The way to hurt them is to take away your loyalty to them and in that way, you can take charge of the situation.  China expects us to put up with these crimes out of convenience.  What they don’t expect is for any of us to stand for something and leave their companies behind for a better tomorrow that doesn’t involve them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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One thought on “Divorce Google, YouTube and Facebook: They work for China and global communism

  1. YES!!!!!!!
    I have been screaming about “Don’t be Evil” google for 15+ years! I think they even to this day use that moniker. They’ve infected everything. Getting de-googlefied is difficult at best especially when it comes to android and IPhone. But from the great exodus that is taking place, will be competition. Competition which is sorely needed now more than ever. And it’s coming. I’m plugged in from the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning until I pass out from information overload. Every day I notice it. I have an unquenchable thirst for information and truth especially when it comes to my birthright. It’s not easy, but I am far from alone. Misery loves company!
    Today, in fact, I decided to switch from GMX mail of which I’ve been using for about 5 years now….to Proton Mail. It’s Swiss based and after much investigating, it’s my choice of free email. I received a ton of great reviews from my contacts that use it. There’s plenty of write-ups on just how encrypted and secure their claim is. They’re making money and will sell their product with the same claims as every one else, so you just have to do a pro/con list and shake them all out to see what ends up on top. It was a toss-up between them and Tutanota, but didn’t have any recognizable reference.
    As far as YouTube, I sent a blanket email just yesterday requesting no direct links. They won’t get opened. If they come via third party and they don’t get the clicks, that’s fine. Sites like Citizen Free Press (Kane) never gets his videos directly from them. He stated last week when he had a Tucker Carlson clip up, that his readers would not be giving them any revenue by participating. I’ll miss YouTube music on my phone but will find something better. Nice to have Rumble and I love how “user-friendly” they are and your videos play great! No drag.
    Hope WordPress still allows workable links, but won’t know until I send it.



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