The Election Results of 2022: I think it went pretty well and said a lot

Since the election of 2022, there has been a lot of talk about the results. So how were those results? I would say they were very good. You always have to be careful on media narratives when they hype a “red wave” because likely what they are trying to do is to make something seem much more effective than it turns out to be so they can then create a media narrative that says, “oh, Trump is losing his power of endorsements. The country is turning away from Trump.” No, Trump’s endorsements were just fine; at this point in time, there is still a lot of dust to settle, but the bottom line is that Republicans will stop the bleeding of the Biden administration by winning back the House and getting rid of Nancy Pelosi. The Senate swing is looking to head in the direction of the Republicans. But without 5 to 6-seat majorities, it really doesn’t matter because the RINOs will cancel any legislative enforcement toward a pro-American agenda. But it’s a good start compared to what we have been seeing. I can say that my local candidates in the state of Ohio all won. My personal endorsements continue to do very well, especially in the controversial local races in my town.

Most of them did well because that is where the country is swinging. Steve Chabot down in Cincinnati did lose due to redistricting, which wasn’t a surprise. I liked Steve, but he wasn’t my favorite, not enough to put my personal endorsement next to. Sharon Kennedy, another person I greatly support, she won as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, which is more significant than a lot of people understand. Governor DeWine will now be able to replace her on the Ohio Supreme Court with a conservative appointment which will only strengthen the court. So, all in all, I think it was a great night. I’d love to see massive majorities in the Senate and to see some of those governor races flip from blue to red, but what we ended up with was a very good start to taking back our country from the insurgent Democrats. 

You have to remember the red wave that we have been talking about was attacking liberal strongholds, such as in New York, Michigan, and corrupt Pennsylvania, where the long-standing practice of ballot harvesting has long been in effect. This election was much different than the ones in the past, where social media platforms with millions and millions of people on them were able, in live time to track reports of election fraud. Even in 2020, these mechanisms were unavailable; all people had were Twitter, Facebook, and Fox News, and we learned that the media narrative was captured, and all discussion about those kinds of things was shut down. Now in 2022, there were live feeds of many broadcasts on Gettr that were extremely useful. And Mike Lindell was podcasting actual election fraud in isolated cases all night. Many voter irregularities were caught in real time that wasn’t even thought about in years past. Those discussions will happen continuously over the next several years as we continue to strengthen our voting system. Of course, they cheated to hold power in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The cheat is baked into the close races in which Democrats are always involved. I have always said it, and I continue to say it, without election fraud, Democrats cannot win, and they know that. That’s how conservatives were able to take the fight to them in their home areas and challenge them in ways that happened in 2022 and to great success. There was an obvious success in Arizona with Kari Lake and again in Nevada, which many thought were long shots. 

I tend to watch these things over a long period of time, and you can track the positive results on a nice little graph. The model for how to run a state has been created in Florida with Ron DeSantis. He barely won in 2018 with the help of President Trump, and in a very short time has shown just how all states in the Republic should behave. Kari Lake, now in Arizona, looks to be able to take that model and expand on it, which every state will eventually have to emulate. Republican forms of government simply work, and the competition created by them will force the rest of the country to adopt them. Long-standing rivals to that form of government, such as Stacy Abrams in Georgia and Beto O’Rourke in Texas, are now done politically. Their threat of insertion was destroyed in this 2022 election, a trend that will continue, migrating into blue state areas like New York in the years to come. New York came close to picking Republicans in this election. As the red state governors in Florida and Arizona now put pressure on market capitalism over the next few years, liberalism will struggle to keep up. Ohio is, of course, a solidly red state, even with a purple governor.  Democrat challengers couldn’t even make it a close race. J.D. Vance, whom I said from the beginning was a very smart pick, won easily. I am very happy I had him sign his book for me next to the backyard pool of a friend of mine. That seemed like a historic day when J.D. Vance was there with his wife making a pitch that seemed like a long time ago. But there was gravity to the effort that I managed to capture for my book collection. I’m very proud of everyone involved in pushing J.D. Vance into the arena and for Vance himself to dominate in a tough senate race with true MAGA representation that will be a force in the Senate. The media did not want to discuss some very big wins like that. 

Sure, the media hype yielded to the obvious red-wave sentiment, and when some Democrats won, they pointed and said, “See, people are rejecting Trump.” But in truth, liberalism is terrified. Since he left office, Trump has gone all around the country over the last several years, planting the seeds for all these massive red-wave pickups. Given the forces against the Republican government, there is no other explanation for the gains but to give the credit to Trump’s efforts. With the media firmly supporting Democrats, along with the film industry, corporations, and massive global forces from the Desecrators of Davos, it’s amazing any Republicans get elected at all. But people are not liberal in America. Some are low-information voters addicted to too much pornography and are generally knuckle-dragging slobs who vote for Democrats like that bald sasquatch in Pennslyvania who is giving birth on the back of his neck. But Oz was always a long shot there. Before Republicans can win in that state, early voting mail-in ballots have to be removed from the process because the cheating is part of their process run by the labor unions to protect their grip on politics in that state and other rust belt targets migrating all the way up into Michigan. But despite all that, Republicans have the House. They have positive gains in the Senate that are impactful. And the country is headed towards MAGA in significant ways within the Republican Party despite Mitch McConnell’s efforts to prevent it. Without Mitch McConnell’s self-sabotaging efforts, the Senate would have had those 6 to 7-seat majorities this time around. And it’s his fault that Democrats still have the power there because he wanted it that way. And now people can see for themselves how much of a problem he has always been, which is good. 

Rich Hoffman

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