Would Nancy Pelosi Fake an Attack on Her Home Ahead of the Midterms: She’s done it before, so YES!

I live in a neighborhood where a former Speaker of the House lives. Based on that and knowing many of the law enforcement in the area, do I believe they would cover up bad behavior to protect a reputation or advance a political narrative? Absolutely yes. So, it’s not a big surprise that after a green party nudist was found in the House of Paul Pelosi in his underwear and hit the husband of the current Speaker of the House over the head with a hammer, the report done by the Justice Department evolved a lot from the initial reports to the dispatcher. By the time Paul Pelosi called the police from his bathroom and said he didn’t know the attacker, then called him David, and a friend, by the time the corrupt Justice Department told the story, it was just a random attacker motivated by the MAGA movement to attack Nancy Pelosi. And since she wasn’t home, poor old Paul suffered at his hands. It will be interesting to see if the attacker, David DePape, ever gives a public statement of this case in a courtroom. Hearing from DePape himself would be the only way to clear up the story, because we know we certainly can’t trust anything the Pelosi household says. We absolutely can’t trust the Biden Justice Department or the FBI that reports to that criminal crime boss put in the White House by the Desecrators of Davos attempt to take over the entire world, especially the American government. And obviously, we can’t trust the local San Francisco police, who are obviously interested in protecting the Pelosi family’s name, just as they did when Paul Pelosi was recently involved in a DUI and had a car wreck. The police and prosecutor covered it up as much as they could, and a deep investigation as to who was with Paul Pelosi that night was not conducted. They just wanted to sweep the story under the rug, as many police tend to do with people they consider to be powerfully influential. 

When the story broke, I first thought of the old Dirty Harry film where Scorpio hired someone to beat him up so that the criminal could blame the beating on Clint Eastwood’s character. Movies used to be so much smarter than they are today. When talking to people about it on Truth Social and Gettr, I used clips of that Dirty Harry movie to show how a person looking for a political distraction two weeks before a midterm election where Nancy Pelosi is poised to lose her power might pay for a distraction to change the media narrative. Do I think the Pelosi family is that dirty? Yes! We just saw Jussie Smollett do just such a thing in Chicago, hire people to beat him up, then blame it on Trump voters as if to change support for the MAGA movement. Would Nancy be so low as to fake an attack on her home, to beat up her husband, and would Paul go along with it for a chance to win public sympathy and maybe hold power in the Midterms by preventing a 30-seat slide to a Republican majority? Yes! These are terrible, evil people; they are not normal human beings. Nancy and her husband, Paul’s racket, is one where she provides stock tips that Paul then acts on as the third most powerful person in the world. As a family, they make investments based on that knowledge and have gained 300 million dollars in wealth, being essentially a public servant. Would they do anything, including orchestrating a fake attack on their home to hold power? Yes, I believe they absolutely would, and I don’t trust a thing that any of these people say about anything. I don’t trust Joe Biden. I certainly don’t trust Nancy Pelosi. I don’t trust the FBI, the DOJ, or the San Francisco police. Likely the best story was what was reported by the dispatchers initially, where Paul Pelosi said that the guy with the hammer was a friend while in his underwear, and there were zip ties by the nudist who is reported to be a male prostitute in the area. After that, the professional liars got a hold of the story and tried to make it beneficial to Nancy’s struggles to hold the House through the Midterms by scaring away MAGA voters from voting how polls indicate they are poised to do. 

Nancy has done this before, she could have listened to President Trump regarding January 6th, but she chose to allow the fire to burn because she wanted a distraction from all the liberal problems. This blatant election fraud put Joe Biden in the White House, her own scandalous abuse of power with two impeachments of Trump, and her using the Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to create a coup against a sitting president. She wanted an angry mob to storm the capital, and the police let people in to do their damage. What happened at Nancy’s House with her husband and the green activist nudist high on drugs all the time is normal for liberals. It’s the kind of behavior that many of us have grown tired of, and it’s precisely why these people find themselves losing power as we speak. 

Whatever the story ends up being, Americans deserve better than to have losers like the Pelosi family and their supporters running the House of Representatives. They are embarrassments; their goofy progressive lifestyle does not represent the majority of American voters, which will be evident in this next election. And to hide that from the world, yes, Nancy and the gang would harm her husband, Paul Pelosi. He might even agree to it to hold on to the kind of power that made them rich in the first place. And the police would help them do it because it gives them power, too, as a tag along to serving the Speaker of the House. That power certainly goes to their heads; they will say anything to hold that power, even lie or change the events as they witness them. But essentially, people are tired of this kind of behavior in their politics, and they are choosing better people represented by the MAGA movement. And the only defense that Nancy Pelosi has in preventing it is to create doubt or guilt to stop the power about to overwhelm her. I don’t believe that David DePape went to Paul Pelosi at 2 AM on his own accord. I think the true answer is closer to the old Dirty Harry movie or what Jussie Smollett did than to it being a random act by some near homeless drug addict that suddenly became a Trump supporter a few days ago. And as the media grabbed hold of the story so quickly without vetting any of it, it says all we need to know about the motivations just a few weeks out from one of the biggest elections in our lifetimes. To see the truth, you must accept what bad people are willing to do to hold onto power, even if it puts them in the hospital to undergo brain surgery. Nothing is too low for these crooks and diabolical liars. 

Rich Hoffman

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