President Trump for 2024: Ron DeSantis is great, but without Trump, he would be nothing; the bad guys would have destroyed him in 2019

I really want Ron DeSantis, the re-elected and very popular governor of Florida, to retain his brand past 2024. The very dumb Paul Ryan nobody RINO position of challenging President Trump for the 2024 nomination to retake the White House is a loser strategy. After the midterm elections, Ryan immediately made his intentions known about pushing Trump out of the Republican Party with comments about losing the House, the Senate, and the White House after four years of the President’s first term. Well, it was because of Ryan, who was a weak and progressive Speaker of the House, and the sold-out leadership of Mitch McConnell that lost the House and Senate. And it was election fraud that lost the White House, and people like Ryan, his poor advice to Fox News, and other mainstreamers continue to fall short of understanding reality when they speak about politics. The worst thing that could happen to people like Ron DeSantis would be to ruin his brand in a conflict with Trump. Trump is going to run for the White House, he has revenge in mind, and the MAGA Republicans are there to back him up. New Republicans to politics, like Ron DeSantis and the upcoming Kari Lake, are where they are because of Trump. Trump is the kingmaker, unlike Paul Ryan. And there won’t be any 2024 challengers to Trump as the controlled opposition would love to see to take the steam out of the MAGA Republican Party.   The truth is, without Trump and Trump’s work over the last two years, the Republican Party was poised to lose everywhere, and Democrats were set to turn America over to globalism. And people understand that and are loyal to Trump. There is no other replacement candidate for what the future holds because there is unfinished business at the White House and Trump is determined to spend the rest of his life fixing it. 

You don’t see people selling Ron DeSantis t-shirts and hats on the corner of random streets in Kansas, but you do for Trump. Ron DeSantis has undoubtedly been the model every governor should utilize when running a state. He has shown governors everywhere what a great governor can be. And I am sure Ron DeSantis could take those skills into the White House and do just as good of a job. But there is much more to it. DeSantis has been great because Trump has drawn much of the media fire. Without Trump in politics, candidates like Kari Lake would never get off the ground. We have more candidates than ever because Trump in politics draws cover fire. And the Presidency’s branding has new respect worldwide because Trump knows how to play that game. He has spent his life building that reputation, which is what is most valuable as an occupant of the White House. The SWAMP must be drained; without the big Trump train out there to clear the tracks, DeSantis would be destroyed. Without Trump to soak up all the media negativity, DeSantis would not have been so free to run Florida as well as he has. These great new government faces are emerging because Trump has cleared the way for them. The unity of the party with diversity is because of Trump. The support of labor unions is because of Trump. And there just aren’t people in the world who can turn back the clock on globalism with foreign nations and get away with it except a billionaire like Trump, who has his own plane engraved with his name in bold golden letters for all to see and not feel the least bit shy about it. Or the reputation of living in a golden tower in New York City. Trump has been great because he has been divisive, and there were 6 million more voters in this election that were Republican because of Trump. If Trump were just playing golf in Florida, the Republican Party would have been done for after 2020. Nobody is showing up to anything because of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or even Ron DeSantis outside of Florida. 

When Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul ran against Trump in 2016, they never recovered their brand. They will always be good political figures, but to be able to run for President, that brand has to be in a special category, and for them, it was destroyed forever when running against Trump. The same will happen to Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and any other Republican candidate who tries to stick themselves into the 2024 race. And I disagree with many very smart people who think that Trump should wait past November 15th for the announcement for President. The answer as to why there were 6 million more Republican voters in this last election of 2022 but not huge waves of pickups in the House and Senate and various governor races is because of election fraud. There are not enough Democrats out there to compete with that, and they still have so many tight races in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. Because of the strength of the Trump ticket, Republicans are more competitive against this rigged opposition than they ever have been. And if anybody followed the bad advice of the sell-out to Atlas Shrugged, that is, Paul Ryan, then they would find themselves on the losing end of politics in general.  Republicans picked up the House away from Nancy Pelosi. They are competing for control of the Senate, especially with a chance at a runoff in Georgia. If they can stop the cheat there, which Mike Lindell captured in real-time, Herschel Walker can easily beat the communist Warnock. The evidence is quite clear on what happened in Georgia and other places. These voting machines are a real problem, and Democrats can’t win if they don’t cheat. That is obvious in the ground numbers. Playing the Paul Ryan game is how Republicans lose. To fix the problem, you have to understand the problem, and the problem is Democrats cheat at many levels in all elections. That is why Republicans lost the House, the Senate, and the White House in 2020. Because Paul Ryan and other RINOs were playing the part of controlled opposition, not a party that actually wanted to win. 

People understand that there is no Republican Party without Trump. There is no way to beat the forces of a global nature that are determined to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. People of color would not be joining the Republican Party without Trump. Because of Trump, women are joining the Republican Party and gaining many powerful seats in government, from school boards to congressional positions. Immigrants turn to Trump as their best option, not the Democrat Party. And significant political figures are doing well in the wake Trump leaves behind. Because of Trump, DeSantis is better and allowed to be all he can be. Without Trump and his “bigness,” the media would have crushed DeSantis by 2019. He would not be able to do all the bold things he has done in Florida to show the world how good government can work if Trump didn’t soak up all the political attention along the way. The key to Republican victories and success is to have Trump take down the opposition and create a politically safe space that otherwise would not exist. The greatest threat to our modern political order is globalist Democrats, who have gained the ability over time to cheat in elections to gain power for the Desecrators of Davos. And until people like Paul Ryan admit or accept that, instead of helping those negative forces, Republicans will always struggle. Without Trump, they will lose. But with him, many more will win when the odds are always stacked against them. And with Trump, all three federal government houses and many states will be Republican. And only because of him and nobody else.

Rich Hoffman

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