Alex Jones Should Have Represented Himself in Court: When the law is rigged against you, might as well have a little fun

I would have advised Alex Jones to represent himself in much the way the killer Darrell Brooks has been for his criminal trial of running over innocent people during that Wisconsin Christmas parade. Not that they are on the same level, but I’ve witnessed many times where defending yourself in court instead of hiring Bar Association members of the court is better for winning court cases. Don’t play by the rules they set up; work outside their rules for your own effect. It won’t help Darrell Brooks, but the method is noticeable, disruptive, and tends to jolt a judge and jury when it’s evident that the court is rigged against the defendant. If you can, it is much better to let a jury and other court members hear from the defendant as much as possible and not through the filter of proper rule adherence. It’s not the rules that are important in a court case; the evidence and the presentation of that evidence, or the defense against it, carries the most weight. And on a show trial like the civil case against Alex Jones, where a jury awarded the families of Sandy Hook nearly a billion dollars, Alex Jones would have done better to play less along with the court and to fight it directly with his own representation. It would have kept the court from its smug dressing down that actually happened. I think Alex Jones handled himself well during all these court cases. But if it was going to come down to a guilty verdict anyway, and we knew from the beginning that it would, then Alex could have gotten his point across better as his own representation instead of being held behind a thin veil of legal protection that keeps the court safe from challenges to its comfortable legal order. Jones would have served his case better to have been much more disruptive to that legal order.

Yet for those who hope these court cases and judgments against Alex Jones mean the end of Infowars and that it will put him out on the street homeless and without a voice, well, sorry to burst your bubble. In many ways, this whole experience has been redeeming for Jones, who has been at the front of all attacks since the beginning, going back to when he was first banned on YouTube. Alex Jones has been the target of the hostile insurgents. They have been seeking to undermine our American Constitution for many years because his radio show has essentially been an early warning system to all the things the Desecrators of Davos intended to try. Those global conspiracies came true when those enemies of America attacked us through Covid and election fraud. And knowing they were now too far to turn back now, they moved to attack their most vocal critics, people like Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and many others. Even President Trump. It was an all-or-nothing move, and they have made it. So this rigged court case where the judge had clearly found Alex Jones guilty of a First Amendment crime before the trial even started was always going to attempt to use a case like this to create case law that bottom-feeder lawyers would then try to apply to many other cases across the country that would essentially destroy the First Amendment. They targeted Alex Jones to make an example of him, and his crucifixion was always part of the plan. That’s why playing their game by hiring lawyers from the Bar Association is usually a bad idea if you really want to win a case. The lawyers you hire often play too nice to win and what’s important to them is maintaining their membership in the Bar and not ruffling their relationships with judges. They don’t care about clients as much as they do their role as cogs in the legal machine. And that kind of courtroom representation isn’t worth the money most of the time. If you are going to go to court and you know the system is rigged against you, then you owe it to yourself to be a little crazy in performing the task.

Bankruptcy will protect Alex Jones, and Infowars will still be on the air. Those people are not going to see a billion dollars which the court made up out of the thin blue air like the Federal Reserve prints money. It’s a lesson I learned a long time ago, keep the money out of the First Amendment business, and it makes it much harder, if not impossible, for the court to get any money out of you. If Jones works for free, which he can afford to do, then there is no way to shut down Infowars. That is the secret to these kinds of First Amendment ventures, take the money out of it, so the looters have nothing to get, and the bottom-feeder lawyers have nothing to suck off of. Lawyers don’t care about the First Amendment; they care about their relationships in the legal world. And they care about getting paid. And if there is no money to get, there is nothing worth their work to do. People like Jones will work for free because he cares about the outcome of the battle. Lawyers just care about the next steak dinner. And that especially holds true for the kind of prosecutors who thought they could knock Alex Jones off the air with a billion-dollar judgment upheld by a judge who acts like they never heard of the First Amendment. 

I think before all is said and done, this Jones case will be overturned during the appeal process, which will take years. If allowed to stand, the case law would then erode the First Amendment in devastating ways, which is the attack’s real purpose. You can’t be held accountable for things people feel about you based on something you said. “sticks and stones break bones, but words………..” doesn’t everyone remember that little nursery rhyme? It has a legal premise as well as a logical one. And if this case stood as is, then the door is open for others to do the same to anybody they might be angry at or hurt by. Then our legal system becomes a mess of people acting out of grievances, which is precisely the way things might work in China. But not in the United States. The truth is, and Alex might have been over the top with his statements about Sandy Hook, but people have such a low opinion of our government that during a mass shooting of any kind, the first thing people think of is to what degree our government played a role in it. Few people believe anymore that people just do murderous things out of pure evil by themselves. They certainly do, but our first question is always, what did the government know about it, and when did they know it? We don’t trust our government, and legal action against Alex Jones won’t make people suddenly trust it. It just shows how corrupt our legal system is and how much people like George Soros and his billions of dollars can buy courts through liberal prosecutors, all in an attempt to destroy the Constitutional law of America at its very foundation. When you cross the line with someone like Alex Jones, then everyone else is next. And during the appeal process, that will become very obvious once the politics are removed from the decision-making. Meanwhile, Alex Jones will be more popular than ever, thanks to all this great news coverage.   

Rich Hoffman

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