I Hate Liberals and I think God Hates Them Too: Why things cost too much

God never came to me and said that it is bad to hate people or things about people. I have heard plenty from people who think they have a better understanding of the world or comprehend scripture for me and interpret meanings they see for political reasons rather than understanding the truth of a matter. I would say that those people who tell us that hating people is bad are people I hate emphatically. It is good to have hate in your heart because it gives your value judgments some place to go rather than bottling up those emotions. I hate lots of things and lots of people. And I sleep very well every night and don’t carry around a lot of emotional baggage about anything. Because I don’t ask myself not to have value judgments, I am very judgemental. If I hate something, it’s pretty apparent; I don’t try to suppress it out of politeness. I let it out and communicate it, usually in some way that isn’t destructive. But I think hating is good and that the world would be much better off if we had value judgments and expressed them appropriately.

This is how it should be

I hate slow people. I hate liberals. I hate globalists. I hate people who waste money, are anti-family, and think about molesting children. This “love people no matter what stuff” is a lot of the reason we have so much evil in the world. And while we’re talking about things I hate, I hate evil. I am not a fan of the concept that evil does the world good by providing a measure for it. I am not an oriental who believes in the yin and yang concept of light and darkness entwined together and balanced in our lives on earth with a kind of harmony. I hate evil and seek to destroy it and everything that comes with it every day of my life, every hour of every day. And it makes me happy to fight evil, think about ways of destroying it, and to rid all life of its corrupt presence. I hate people who tell me that I should love others we know we should clearly hate because they are wrong. And until God says otherwise, my policy will remain.

Another thing I hate is roundabouts. I have lived in Butler County, Ohio, most of my life. I’ve traveled the world plenty of times, but a long time ago, I learned that Butler County was a great place to live, so I’ve stayed even when people I hated, like pin-headed liberals from the coasts, moved in because it is one of the best places to live in the world. I’ve put up with liberals out of fairness. But I hate them; they are terrible people, raise terrible kids, and make terrible lives for themselves that spill over into their neighbors, and from my perspective, there is nothing to like about them. So my wife and I were out on the town and coming home. Our route took us down a road in Butler County with three roundabouts that didn’t used to be there. I used to travel down that same road at 100 MPH, and now you have to slow down to 25 MPH just to go around one of these ridiculous European monstrosities of Agenda 21 invention. And while driving 100 MPH, there used to be vast fields full of corn and cows, and life was wonderful. Now it’s a bunch of snot-nosed levy supporters who roll over every day thinking that everyone is in a hurry to help get their kid to soccer practice so they can get a scholarship and send them to college to breed more people like Hunter Biden. But on this particular day, as we were approaching one of those roundabouts, a stupid little electric car with a slightly faded bumper sticker for Biden/Harris pulled in front of me and was going 27 MPH in an area where the speed should have been 45 MPH. Also on that slow little car that belonged in Europe, and clearly not in America, were “coexist” stickers, a Ukraine flag, and a “WeAreLakota” sticker from the local school. And I was stuck going under 30 MPH until we could clear the next roundabout, and I could roar past those liberal losers with 400 HP of American fury at the first opportunity. 

While I was yelling at the car in front of me, my wife was telling me not to hate people while also telling me about her trip to Walmart, where a friend of hers who has worked there for many years was distraught over the price of a dozen eggs, which had spiked up to $5 for a dozen. I told her for the ten millionth time in our many years of marriage that the cost of things always goes up when liberals inject themselves into anything because liberals are slow like that stupid little electric car, and when things are slow, they prevent the flow of economic value. When things are fast, they are generally cheaper because there are fewer barriers to a marketplace that can add more competition. But when liberals create too many rules and lay down across the tracks of progress, and slow the world down to their lazy speed, costs always go up. It doesn’t matter if its politics or process improvements in business, usually the first indicator of runaway costs are liberals who go too slow and bring too much bureaucracy to processes, and when it is understood why something is too expensive, it’s because of too many slow people in the process not doing the work that needs to be done, which then creates less of whatever is being made, which then creates artificial barriers to entry resulting in increased costs. In the business world, if it takes you three weeks to make a product with all the compliance it takes to do it, that product will cost a lot more than a product that only takes a week.

To illustrate that point, I was also out recently at 2 AM and drove by a casino that is by my home, and the parking lot was full, all the way into the outer lot. And I hate to see that because people who feel a need to gamble and take chances in life choose to spend their time that way instead of in a more productive manner. These great people are natural risk-takers; they were wasting their time betting on cards and numbers rather than applying those same skills to create new jobs which take precisely the exact attributes. A good government would find a way for those people to gamble their money in business instead of wasting it in a casino. The desire is the same either way, but a productive society always finds a way to get its risk-takers involved in building a productive society rather than sitting in a casino sipping mixed drinks while everyone else is sleeping. But I understand them; they are there in the middle of the night because fewer people are slowing them down in life. And there are fewer rules there too. It’s much easier to get the thrill of a win when you don’t have to deal with slow-thinking liberals who have slowed the world down to their speed, instead of things being the other way around where liberals are forced to go faster and to think quickly and to be more productive because people have value judgments against them that they don’t like. Yes, I hate liberals. I hate them because they are slow. I hate them because they are stupid. And I hate them because they make things cost too much, eat up time, and are pretentious in thinking they can hide their timid natures behind global bureaucracy. I have lived in the same place all this time because it gave me freedom from slow-moving liberals. And since they have moved to live next to me, there is nothing logical in suddenly loving them. No, I hate them. And to the way I think about things, that’s a very healthy reaction to their lives of destruction and mayhem. And I also think God hates them too. I don’t think the pinheads who interpret God’s meaning for things are smart enough to think for God. I think God is with me on the matter, and he hates liberals too.    

Rich Hoffman

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