Joe Biden Declares Covid is Over: We will never forget that The Administrative State created a bioweapon to attack the western economy and everything it touched

I’ve told the story repeatedly, but apparently, people need to hear it.  There seems to be a lot of shock about Biden suddenly declaring one day that Covid was over and that life would return to normal.  Even the socialist country of Canada is lifting its travel restrictions, and just like that, we are supposed to forget that Covid even happened.  I said all this was going to happen, Covid was not working for Democrats, and they are hoping to have the best possible results from the Midterms that they can get.  So they want to forget about Covid all of a sudden even though Covid was created as a weapon of the political left to impose on the world a Great Reset, complete destruction of the old world, and a new normal as established by The Desecrators of Davos.  But, many people say to me, “I knew people who were sick.  I was sick myself.  I know Covid wasn’t a fake because I knew people who died.  I still don’t have all my taste back.” As I said from the beginning, from day one of the Scamdemic, Covid was an attack on western culture and everything it touched.  It was an intentional attack, not with an army, but with a virus to change how the world did business.  And the goal was to give the Administrative State more power, which we saw flourish out of control in America, running against the Constitution on several occasions so quickly that court cases couldn’t happen fast enough to challenge the legal intrusions.  The hope was that by the time America figured out what was happening, it would all be over.  It was a planned attack by the Desecrators of Davos, those mysterious and intrusive figures from the World Economic Forum who went for all our throats with a cult-like vigor.  And what was left in the aftermath was death, destruction, and the revelation of an Administrative State that was out for blood much more than anybody previously thought was possible.

Everyone has a hard time believing that Covid was a bioweapon created in a lab in China by globalist forces using the American Department of Defense as their cover story.  They intended to hide their actions behind the administrative bureaucracy of the Liberal World Order, which included all the media they controlled.  Facebook was in on it, and so was Google and many others.  They had all formed an alliance to establish a New Normal, and they thought they would get away with it.  Covid-19 was built by members of Dr. Fauci’s NIH under gain of function, and he knew about it as early as January of 2020, according to emails.  So as Covid was let out of the Chinese lab during an election year, everyone involved from the beginning, like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, knew the goal.  And they also knew they needed deaths to feed the panic.  So they purposely prevented known medicines like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from helping to prevent the spread of the virus because they wanted people to get sick.  It was the only way people would take it seriously and the only way they could ever hope to get to the New Normal they had been planning with complete economic destruction for which they would manage the new changes personally.  And this is documented everywhere; it’s not some fringe conspiracy.  It’s just so evil that many people still have a hard time believing it.  These were horrible, malicious people who were attacking society the way attacks in the past had occurred.  Only they changed the military uniforms from those of aggression and replaced them with trusted white coat doctors and media personalities. 

The scam occurred by the methods of dealing with the virus.  Normally, a scientifically based society would rely on medicine to cure such a thing, but we were told from the beginning that there was no medicine to stop the virus, which wasn’t true, obviously.   But they lied to us and told us there was no medicine even as people with compromised immune systems started dying due to their exposure to the manufactured virus.  So yes, people did get sick.  Yes, people suffered from it.  But it wasn’t the virus itself that was the biggest problem.  It was the method that the white coat terrorists told us to deal with it that caused all the problems.  We were told to social distance, for which there was no scientific evidence even to attempt.  We were told to wear masks, which looks to have worsened the problem by keeping viruses fresh on people’s faces all day long with very unsanitary practices.  We were told to stay in our homes and not to drive anywhere, which was consistent with the dreams of the Climate Change zealots.  All the methods that were imposed on people to deal with the manufactured virus of Covid were wrong and only spread the virus.  It didn’t prevent it, which was the scam’s giveaway.  The idea that society was being punished for spreading a virus was the first time in history such a thing was attempted, and all the methods they gave us to fight the virus were intentionally wrong.  They tried to hide medicine from people and gave them instead voodoo science such as social distancing and masks and laughed at us as we tried to live our lives with insanely ridiculous rules preventing a solution.  And as the virus spread, as they knew it would, the death rates shown on the cable news sidebars kept everyone terrified that they might become next. 

But it didn’t work.  There was no “new normal.” Several politicians have gone down for their role in Covid, and Dr. Fauci is finally starting to feel some heat for his role in the mess.  The Great Reset people have retreated to their villas in Davos and are trying to lay low for a while as the world is very angry with them, for a good reason.  And the medical industry may never recover to the trust people previously had in them.  Once Americans started ignoring all the stupid rules that the white coat terrorists of the Administrative State had come up with, the whole mess started falling apart.  And now that it’s evident that Democrats won’t be able to use Covid again to steal another election in 2022, they are doing the next best thing, declaring all of a sudden that the Pandemic is over just a few weeks before the election, hoping that people will forget by election day what role they played in ruining everyone’s lives.  But not so fast.  The Liberal World Order, represented in this case by the criminal Joe Biden family, doesn’t get to decide when and where Covid is relevant.  With the opportunity to elect several new Republicans to Congress and the Senate, there will be investigations into the terrorist act that Covid was, and people will have to pay for what they did.  They are hiding behind looted money now, but we will not forget what they did, and the investigations will likely go on for many years.  But Covid was the biggest crime and wartime attack on the world in the history of mankind.  And it will not be forgotten for the scam that it always was.  People are just slow to accept the truth because the lack of trust they now have in the Administrative State has been very tragic for them. 

Rich Hoffman

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