How Alex Jones and David Icke Contribute to a First-Rate Mind: Just because things are considered conspiracies, doesn’t mean they are false

When critics of mine say that you can’t listen to my topics on politics or other serious matters because I also cover topics of conspiracy and pseudoscience, they are speaking of their own limitations, not the actual way that information is obtained. And to that aspect I do find that people like Alex Jones and England’s David Icke contribute to the advancement of understanding by simply asking outlandish questions then seeking evidence to support it. What critics are saying about themselves when they insist that only certain types of information are relevant to any discussion, such as those endorsed by institutional behavior, but not information accepted by institutional understanding they are actually pointing out how misunderstandings are perpetuated in civilization. My method of obtaining truth to anything is to take in information wherever it comes from then using deductive reasoning to chip away at the truth. It’s what I consider a first-rate mind who can take all the puzzle pieces wherever they come from and assemble them into the facts we must all work with. It’s a method I use professionally which is far superior to my peers in industry. When I’m trying to solve a problem, I don’t just look at the accepted institutional evidence because honestly, if someone wants to hide something, the way to do it is to hide it behind institutional trust. And this is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from people these days because information has become so decentralized, and that is why conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and David Icke are so popular today. They ask lots of outlandish questions and make proposals that sound crazy to the typical institutionalists. But if taken as just part of a pile of evidence, there are useful concepts introduced that advance thought, which is why I never disregard anything until truth proves something false.

I’m a big believer of brainstorming and I can say from firsthand experience that my methods really piss people off. Such as in business, if I am trying to solve a really complicated problem I invite everyone I can think of to a 15 to 30-minute meeting, from the highest in a company to what might be considered the lowest according to an organizational chart. I ignore the organizational chart because my goal is not to appease the people who are high up on the chart, but to get to the truth, so I bring in everyone, treat them with equal respect and pick their brains and see what they can throw up on one of my “white board meetings,” where anything and everything is considered. I often get a mess of crazy ideas but mixed into them all is some grain of the truth that if you sift through it leads to the answer you are seeking. I look at it like mining for gold. Gold never comes out looking wonderful, you have to dig for it and clean it up before its ready to use. And that is my method for obtaining obscure answers to complicated problems. It is the method of the way any first-rate mind would proceed, and I can say that over the years the people who most hate it are those who are high up on an organizational chart, because they either want to believe that the common people under them are stupid, or that they (as higher ups) have something to hide that they want to keep concealed from the people lower on the organizational chart. And that is exactly what is going on within our own Federal government presently, and why Donald Trump is so hated, because he has a similar method of obtaining information. Its quite a common thing among successful business people to have a decentralized flow of information flowing to them as an executive. Even the guy who pushes brooms all day long has valuable things to say about their observations, so nothing should be left off the table.

When David Icke puts forth that a reptilian race is controlling a few families on planet earth and is trying to flow all politics through them there is some interesting things to sift through. Humans certainly do behave in a strangely maniacal way toward ritual and superstition. Even so-called wise people do believe that spiritual aide can help them overcome earthly challenges over their rivals so that belief comes from somewhere. Until we know where, we have to consider the possibilities. Is it an alien group of reptile people? Who knows. What matters is that some people believe them to be a factor so we have to consider the who, what, why, when and where as to how. Are the villains actually reptilian people? I say it doesn’t matter, but what does is the propensity of some to cleave to a social elite status that then interrupts proper management of our civilization. And of that observation, David Icke has done some fantastic work—it doesn’t matter if its aliens or a bunch of people who went to Yale and wish to protect that institutions reputation with skewed social data. The impact on the world is the same.

When I started years ago my public education crusade my assertion was that public schools were focused on one primary thing, brainwashing children into liberalism and they gained permission from the parents by offering free babysitting services making it all too easy for the programing to take effect. When I said such a thing, critics called it a tin hatted conspiracy on the level of David Icke or Alex Jones. But reality has shown me to be completely correct and it doesn’t sound so crazy these days, because the evidence has been quite apparent. The reason is that information has been decentralized and the state no longer can suppress the data from voters. For instance, my home district of Lakota schools has thrown many millions of dollars of payroll at teachers yet the performance of the students has gone down instead of up. Paying teachers more money has never been a direct contributor to the quality of the public-school system because the schools were never really about education. Past the fifth grade the emphasis of public education has been to fit children into some social demographic and process them into institutional controls, so test scores are not reflective of the reality because the goal was always assimilation, not education. When I said it, it scared people, but these days more people are ready to admit the mess that public education has become. Even though people didn’t want to admit it, when I said the things I did about public education the institutionalists wanted to believe it was all a conspiracy theory, but as it turned out, I was more than correct, even in the early days of speculation.

The controversy of Alex Jones going to Washington D.C. and all the trouble he brought with him is just another example. I thought Alex Jones was baiting Marco Rubio with the whole hand on the shoulder thing. There wasn’t much that Rubio could do to fight a guy like Jones, there was no way to win without being willing to slug it out with Jones. That is why Alex Jones has been taken down from all social media platforms, because the belief is from the institutionalists, for which Marco Rubio is certainly one of them, is that they make the world. Jones was a reminder that there were forces shaping the present world that were outside of those institutional limits, and that’s why Rubio went to the default defense of trying to pretend he didn’t know who Alex Jones was. It was Rubio’s way of saying that if the institutions don’t recognize you, that you have nothing the world wants; therefore, I don’t know you. But when Alex Jones called Rubio a bathhouse frat boy, there was an accuracy to that statement that cuts across all party politics, and ultimately points to the reason that Marco lost the primary election to Trump.

Information, wherever it comes from is not dirty or even crazy. I have found that even the most disjointed mind sometimes produces great intelligence even if the reality of possessing that knowledge does make them a little eccentric and off the wall. It takes a first-rate mind to take all that information in and to put it to good use, and those that can are wonderful problem solvers. Those who are afraid of that truth call information they don’t like conspiracies, as if to marginalizing it out of usefulness. But the evidence says that you can never give institutional knowledge a monopoly on results. Even if the information comes from someone who believes that a reptile species is controlling us all, or that ancient aliens once settled the planet, or that the Illuminati is asking for blood sacrifices in modern politics to skew election results in their favor, there are aspects in truth to everything, even the most outlandish story. But it takes a good mind to extract that value. And just because a majority of people do not possess such skills does not make the usefulness of those skills less valid. Only more so.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Ban Alex Jones: What Cody Wilson and Jesus Christ have in common

If you are like me the timing of the Alex Jones banning on YouTube and Facebook, along with other tech industry social media platforms was a bit odd. After all, he’s been very controversial for a long time. I enjoy Alex Jones. I don’t listen to every episode of his radio show but I’ll turn it on in the shop every now and then as background entertainment. I’m not into the conspiracy theories as much as I like the work he does to expose the pedophile culture and sex trafficking cases that nobody talks about, because it is a tremendous problem. I think Alex Jones does great work just for talking about these kinds of topics, such as the example below where a listener of his posted his show on their own YouTube account. I can’t promise that it will still be there when you read this, but it does show Alex Jones at his best I think. In a free market, Alex Jones certainly does his share of good, so why the sudden, “planned” aggression against him?

Well there are a couple of things going on, first the federal government is losing its case against the Trump administration. The whole thing is falling apart in front of their faces and the “state” is blaming the support of radio hosts like Alex Jones and Sean Hannity for keeping the Trump base alive and well. Sean Hannity is too squeaky clean to attack and he is employed by a fellow corporate media network, so they can only go so far with him. Their attempts to attach the #metoo movement to Sean Hannity haven’t worked because Sean doesn’t cheat on his wife and makes no otherwise flirtatious moves in that direction, so they really don’t know what to do with him. Bill O’Reilly is from a different generation and went down without swinging, but not Sean Hannity. Alex Jones however is much more anti-corporate, so he has few friends in the media. He has a lot of listeners, but not many corporate friends who want to take selfies with him on the golf course.

The other thing is that the Cody Wilson trials on his 3D printed gun concept have been winning at the federal level and it has the gun control advocates reeling. Cody Wilson has been featured on Alex Jones quite a lot and the belief by the mainstreamers is that they both feed the other, so that if one goes down they both will. The terrifying realization that has been exposed by Cody Wilson is that you don’t need a serial number to manufacture a firearm in the United States and you can’t change that now without some major intrusion on the Second Amendment. Cody Wilson as a promising law student figured out this little quandary and has made himself one of the most dangerous people in the world. And he didn’t do it by doing anything other than communicating knowledge. And Inforwars is one of the platforms that was cheering on his efforts. Once Wilson won a verdict in his favor and got the attention of President Trump—favorably, that is when the tech companies cut Alex Jones from their platforms. It happened within a few days actually. Obviously, there is great concern about what Cody Wilson has proposed and the gun control lobby wanted to lash out at someone, because they really couldn’t hit Cody Wilson the way they wanted. So they attacked the audience connection to the information.

Additionally, the kind of topics that Jones covers, like the pedophile rings, the massive sexual abuse that goes on, usually within liberal circles of power are important to discuss. Many people learned for the first time during the 2016 campaign that “spirit cooking” was something that mainstreamers were participating in, which goes back to many of the beliefs that Alister Crowley was advocating, popular use of drugs, sexual perversions, and the domination of the young sexually before their minds launch themselves into an orbit that collective society cannot reach. Their thinking on this matter is an old belief that collective society should stick together and worship the unseen with elements of sacrifice. Through sexual rituals and the actual blood sacrifices to the old gods of yesteryear, the pagan gods of Europe, the gods of Roma and Greece, of Egypt, of Asia, Africa, of the Vikings, that good things would happen for all.

Meanwhile science has shown us that the gods of old were idiots and that we don’t need to sacrifice anything to them—not even our personal liberty. That’s where people like Alex Jones and Cody Wilson become dangerous and a threat to the established order. Honestly the Jews killed Jesus for similar reasons, they had things all worked out with the Romans at the time and here comes Jesus out of the desert roaming around for years away from the controls of the big cities at the time and getting exposure to Buddhism from the east along the various silk roads. So Jesus comes back to Jerusalem and preaches a religion without a need for priests and aristocrats and they didn’t like it, so the Jews and the Romans got together and killed him hoping to show their control over a connection to God. It would take several more hundred years and many sacrifices of the new Christians to the lions in the Colosseum but eventually Roman would adopt Christianity to appease their restless civilization now being attacked from every direction as a way to unify their empire to withstand the threats, but they collapsed to the anarchists of their time, the barbarians from the north who swept in and sacked Rome and destroyed everything Rome had built over the last 500 years in a relatively short period of time leading that part of the world into The Dark Ages.

All Alex Jones has really been trying to stop is a similar progression from happening in the United States. Cody Wilson is doing the same, trying to get everyone to focus on the laws of individual liberty, because that is how nations survive as opposed to collective sacrifice and a retreat to blood-letting and superstition so that the powerful can hold power they’ve gained by what they think are powerful gods ruling over us all. They think these things because they are lazy and lean to the political left. What they don’t understand they fill in the blanks with their own imaginations leaving people who actually ask questions and follow logic a real threat to the existence of sacrificial cults.

The pedophilia culture is excessive and you can see it in most cultures where sports are involved or advanced institutions, such as the Catholic case that is now making the news rounds. People never call it that by name, but when sex with underage children, whether they are boys or girls is advocated in any way, it doesn’t take much to peel back the layers of pretty pictures to get to the ugly facts. It’s not just the Catholic church, but don’t forget Penn State, or the recent scandals surrounding NCAA basketball with Rick Pitino and the challenges of recruiting new athletes to their sports programs. There are a lot of bad, vile things going on, and those institutions didn’t want Alex Jones to be able to point those things out. But the final straw came out when Cody Wilson proposed that personal firearms could not be regulated by the state. It was in a similar way the same as Jesus stopping the vendors in the temple by overturning their kiosks. That’s when Jesus crossed the line and had to be killed, when he interrupted the selling of goods at the temple by the Pharisees.

To really look at things without the lenses of religion but using history as a map, Alex Jones is taking away the power of centralized authority by simply asking questions that the authority figures don’t want anybody to ask. And if they can’t get guns removed from society, they don’t stand a chance of surviving themselves. And that’s what they are really afraid of. What they don’t understand is that whether or not Alex Jones is on the radio, or whether or not Cody Wilson maintains his right to distribute gun blueprints so that weapons can be made in any garage, this movement away from mass sacrifice politically is ending. The beliefs of those people are ridiculously stupid and are collapsing. They have been collapsing for several thousand years now. And the more information people have about the world around them, the less patience they have for tyrants and perverted priests. And we are living in the information age. Trump is president, and it is only going to become more of all that in the years to come. Alex Jones is simply a vehicle for the information. He isn’t the information.

Rich Hoffman

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The JFK Files: How the Deep State kills people differently now, and why Trump needed to release them

I couldn’t help but think about the JFK files released by the Trump administration on 10-28-2017 as I was watching the second season of Stranger Things. Hey, it’s Halloween, and that is the hottest show on television.  It’s great stuff!  I loved the first season, and the second season is much of the same fun.  Nice and spooky, and a nice throwback to the great films of the 1980s, Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Close Encounters, E.T. and Goonies.  You know what those films all had in common, to some extent or another?  Government conspiracy—especially Close Encounters and E.T., they were important to the entire story.  People innately don’t trust the government because there is a long history of institutional failure—and we’ve all been let down in our expectations of our leading law enforcers.  When we went to the movies it was satisfying to have the creative geniuses who told stories with pictures remind us that deep in the recesses of our subconscious there was a reason for our anxiety, even as we saluted our armed forces during parades on the Fourth of July.   For me personally, a climax to that way of thinking was Oliver Stone’s great movie, JFK, which was about all the reasons we should be skeptical of our government and the power we give them.  Knowing that there was good reason to be suspicious of their actions, that same government sealed up the report of JFK’s assassination from the public and Oliver Stone was making a good case for why those reports should be released.  As fate would have it we finally had a president in office in 2017 that actually had the guts to release them.  Maybe the closing scene of JFK from Kevin Costner touched Trump the way it did me.

Without question, many people will read the JFK reports and will draw a lot of conclusions, such as the one Alex Jones deduced just hours after the release—that it was confirmed that President Kennedy was shot from the front, and that the supposed shot from above by Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have been the kill hit.  At this point that is no longer important.  What is important is that our government was way too involved in manipulating the situation down to details that should have been unimaginable.   Knowing what we do now in 2017 it is unmistakable that our government would have at least thought about killing JFK for a lot of reasons.  Because these days our government doesn’t kill people so literally, it’s far too messy.   There are after all many ways to kill someone—you don’t have to physically bleed them out to end their physical life.  In the modern age, our government seeks to murder us at our very souls in many other ways.

Who could blame Donald Trump?  After all, that same Deep State that created such a mess over the JFK assassination is after him now.   Only this time they have been trying to ruin his reputation and the life of everyone who knows him to remove him from office.  The media companies are part of the gig with the government—how does anybody think that Facebook became such a hot commodity. They don’t sell anything—except for behavior patterns to shadow governments willing to pay for it.  Yet Trump has turned that very same technology against those shadow governments—yes I mean them in the plural.  It’s not so easy just to blame the CIA and the FBI.  It’s more complicated and far more aristocratic.  But since they came after Trump why not throw it all back in their face so people can see how dumb and mortal our intelligence agencies really are.  After reading the JFK files, it’s easy to determine that the people involved in the vast conspiracy were just government workers, average in their abilities and as fallible as a common thug robbing a liquor store.  The only real difference is that these people were able to spend large amounts of confiscated tax money to fund their quests for power.   They aren’t that smart.

I personally don’t worry about them listening to everything I say and analyzing everything I write.  I’m aware of their constant surveillance of my life—and I always have been.   Often I have referred to my youth and how many times I was in trouble and had to appear in court.  Looking back on those times it seems unbelievable—a lot of people wonder how I was able to survive so much poured on so thickly over a relatively short period of time—ten years.  But what I learned is that everyone I ever met in law enforcement was not very smart.  They were often well-intentioned, but what they all had in common was a need to hide their stupidity behind the vast resources of government validity.   They ultimately believe in group think and they resent American presidents—leaders elected by the American population every four years.  The intelligence agencies of our government really believe that philosophically they are a better offering than a solitary figure in the Executive Branch.  It’s not a conspiracy to say that the Deep State hates President Trump and likely hated President Kennedy.  Heck, they hated George Washington.  They hated Andrew Jackson.  And they really hated Theodore Roosevelt.    I mean the leaders of the FBI and the CIA always salute and call American presidents “sir” but they do a lot of back stabbing and always have because they hate the idea of a powerful Executive Branch—represented by the American people.  They think collectively that they are a smarter option.

The Deep State loves other stupid people who don’t think enough of themselves to challenge their power.  If the Deep State could help put a little pussy on the side for Bill Clinton, he was fine to let them do what they felt they needed to do to keep America safe.  George W. Bush wasn’t smart enough to assume he knew more than they did, and Barack Obama certainly didn’t have such lofty expectations.  He never ran anything in his life, so the Deep State ran him over time and time again.  And to pacify Obama, the Deep State would eliminate political enemies, and shape events to whatever degree they needed to in order to help him out—like helping Philadelphia have not a single Republican vote in 2012.  Everything was fine so long as those Executive Branches didn’t really think they were running anything.   Where Kennedy went wrong it appears is that even though he played with the girls the Deep State helped him have, he still didn’t follow the script when it came to communist movement in Cuba.  There were plans there that were not in the American interests and the Deep State was aligned with the “bigger” picture as they see it.  Just like they think in regards to the many school shootings, and most recently the Vegas massacre—or the policy on immigration—after all most of those Deep State people are from Ivy League colleges locked arm and arm with Oxford and other European places of academia.

Trump is one of the few people in the world who has been to court more than I have, and he won most of his cases.  I’m sure he has a similar perspective, because when you see those people in action, you can’t help but think how stupid those people are.  The Deep State is like an offensive lineman in football that is outmatched all the time by a strong defensive end.   Smart people can get to the quarterback—the roots of all crime and legal endeavor, but the Deep State can only hold and hope they don’t get caught.  In the case of JFK they just withheld all the judgments from the public of all the times they got caught “holding.”  Today they use the media as their referees hoping to manipulate the game always to their benefit.  But Trump is exposing them every day and the old tricks just aren’t working.  If they could kill Trump physically, they would.  But they aren’t in that game anymore.  They got out of that business in the 60s.  With television going to color and the Deep State taking over the networks in the 70s and 80s, they changed the way they killed people.  Today they do it with political correctness, which might seem silly, but it’s far cleaner than something like the JFK files.  If they can take out a political opponent without having snipers in windows and a bunch of messy airplane tickets to nowhere—they have a much better success rate.  That is until now.

I heard the Sunday shows go into defensive mode over the release of the JFK files attacking the conspiracy theorists before anybody really had a chance to read the reports.  That’s how you can tell the guilt of those involved, because they are the first to flinch under pressure.  Trump did himself and all of us a tremendous service by releasing the JFK files.  Finally we can have the conversation about how much power we really want to give that power-hungry Deep State.  And Trump had a right to do so, after all, they have attempted to do much worse to Trump than anybody ever did to JFK—and over much less.  It wasn’t because Trump was a bad person—it was purely a power retention grab.  The Deep State wanted to stay in control even though Trump’s presidency is all about a change in direction.  Now that we have the JFK files it’s time to make some hard decisions about the Deep State—should we continue funding it?  Or should we try something else?   One thing we can know and trust, the American people deep down inside understand.  That Deep State hasn’t been fooling anybody.  It shows in our art.  But now it is showing in our politics, and that isn’t a good sign for them.

Rich Hoffman

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Mueller Shouldn’t be investigating a Crossword Puzzle: The massive arrests that need to be made in our government of criminals

I have to agree with Alex Jones on this whole Bob Mueller investigation issue.  After all, as I’m writing this and you are reading it, the first charges in this long Russian probe against Trump are about to be revealed, but if there were a real smoking gun, it would have been revealed over the summer. If the former FBI director had to look this hard only to come up with one silly name just for optics then there is nothing there.  But!  Mueller and his establishment politicians have just set an impossible standard for themselves and as they wonder why the Trump White House hasn’t said anything about it yet—it’s because they’ve all just hung themselves.  It wouldn’t have looked good if Hillary Clinton and many other people from the Democratic side of things went to jail after the election, because everyone would have then said that Trump was a tyrant.  So Trump has been playing things as cool as he can and letting things happen, and with just that patient pressure, the other side is bumbling over every loose stone in their path, and it’s pretty embarrassing to watch.

I’m not one who advocates violence over every little thing.  I always look for the non violent answer when there is one—and have done that over my entire life.  As some might point out, I did have a pretty violent past, well that’s because as you get older you get smarter if you do things right and I have many more options available to me as an older person intellectually than I did as a young person still learning about the world.  Instead of just having a hammer in the problem solving tool box I can use many more tools to solve problems—and watching Trump as president he has quite a nice tool box also.  He doesn’t need to do what people expect him to about anything, because he has so many more ways to solve problems without violence or traditional Beltway politics having time to react in a predictable fashion.  I’m sure if I had the opportunity to have a dinner meeting with Bob Mueller I’d like him and would find that he’s in an impossible position.  As a creation of the swamp, he needs to protect it because all the people he cares about in his life are also born and sustained by the swamp that Trump wants to drain.  I am sympathetic to that position.  But I would also say in the very next sentence that this is why we have the Second Amendment—to deal with just this specific kind of institutional failure.

When I wrote the other day that public service was not enough for me–whether it was a military record, a cop, or some ex-FBI director this is the reason.  Mueller was put on the investigation by all the same Republicans and Democrats who had their hand in creating that fake Trump dossier that we have all been talking about where supposedly Trump hired a bunch of prostitutes in Russia to piss on a bed that the Obamas had slept in while visiting.  With that cover story intact as a method of investigation the American intelligence gathering agencies were then justified in spying on the new president-elect looking for any dirt they could find before the new boss took office.  Obviously everyone was trying to cover their asses before their political opponent had a legal means to destroy their lives—which Trump has not been quick to do.  Smartly, he’s letting them destroy themselves, but nobody knew at the close of 2016 what to expect from the former reality television star.  So they abused their power to attempt to override a decision made by voters and the FBI has all kinds of dirty hands on the job. My direct experience with all positions of power are that people with a low intellect tend to abuse their authority and that just because they “serve” the public it isn’t enough to give them a free pass on everything in their lives.  I don’t care how long Comey or Mueller “served.”  I don’t care how long John McCain spent in a Vietnamese prison being tortured.  None of them get a free pass to be government thugs for the rest of their lives.  It only takes once to ruin a reputation so we must not fall in love with the easy patriotism of these people who hide villainy behind the mask of sacrifice.  There is often more to the story and to why they seek such power in the first place, and we must always be cautious in regard to them.

Mueller shouldn’t be investigating the number of letters in a cross word puzzle sold at an airport bookstore with all the serious crimes his name comes up in—like Uranium One. Mueller was the head of the FBI when that Uranium One deal was approved by the Obama White House and that is proof of definite Russian collusion with our Secretary of State at the time.  Mueller was involved and should be considered a witness, not an investigator.  He shouldn’t have the right in any form to apprehend anybody connected to the fake Trump case where a former campaign manager is being set up to be a fall guy to put attention on—while all the criminals who were really involved skate free.   If I were Paul Manafort and the Mueller investigation sent people to my home to arrest me for an obviously corrupt court system, there’d be a lot of people not going home that night, let’s just say that.  When institutions fail, and they certainly have here, Mueller has lost all his potential authority in his part of the cover-up of the real crimes.  And we can’t have any trust in those institutions again until a lot of people go to jail.  It’s one thing to be cooperative and let trusted members of law enforcement do their jobs.  But once that trust is lost, nobody in their right mind would allow themselves to be a political diversion while the real criminals roam free.  I mean these are not the days of Henry the VIII where he threw one of his ex-wives in jail because he wanted a new wife and created a false narrative so he could have sex with the new woman openly.  That’s what we’re talking about here with Clinton and Mueller with the assistance of the national media.  There are so many guilty people we really should be building a jail right now to hold them all in.  The disrespect for the law that they have all displayed mandates action and if we can’t trust the institutions to deliver it, then I would argue that is the reason for the Second Amendment.  Because without that threat, these vile people have nothing to fear from the people they rule over.

The abuse of our institutions is so over-the-top that many people just can’t believe it.  How could anybody be so evil, yet there they are.  And how somebody like Bob Mueller is in charge of any investigation is like putting the father of a killer as the primary gateway to collecting evidence to prosecute that same killer.  Then there is the timing, just as the Uranium One story kicked up a little dust suddenly now Mueller has a person to throw on the fire.  Give me a break!  I’m sure Mueller is somebody’s father and he’s somebody’s son.  Talking one on one with him, I’m sure there are good qualities that are worth knowing.  But as the head of an institution supposedly committed to justice, we are better off with the barrel of guns pointed at these bad guys, because they are dangerous—and they cannot be trusted.   For me all it takes is the continuation of the Russian story of collusion with Trump’s campaign.  I don’t think that was ever a story, but especially now with what we know about Clinton and her friends.  There is much worse there and Mueller is standing in the way of justice, not helping protect it.  That is a crime in and of itself—which is of course, unforgivable.  These are criminals who have been running our government and they don’t have the power to investigate or arrest anybody.  Given their intentions which are now obvious with Trump—to just make things up hoping to create some impeachment proceeding and erase the election of a person we put in place to fix all this mess—I don’t think they thought this thing through.  We’re not just going to go away.  If we can’t trust the legal system, then what is our next option?  I’ll tell you what I see.  I can see it in the holster sitting right next to my chair right now.  I’m not going to allow criminals to run my government.  That’s just not an option.   People like me voted for Trump because we knew all along that these government people were dirty.  But if they prevent our elected representative from doing their jobs—then what recourse do we have?  Surrender is not an option.  So what else?

They did this to themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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Megyn Kelly Uses Sex to Get Alex Jones Interview–and Gets Caught: A huge black eye for NBC News

Remember what I said about Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin?   CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. It only pulled in 6.1 million viewers and she was pummeled by the ex-KGB leader in content. In her obvious hatred of Donald Trump she looked for the fire behind the smoke of the Russian investigation story but all she found was a smoke bomb for which Putin placed right in her lap with a smile.  That smile said, “there is no fire in Russia-but it brought you here so I could look up your skirt.  Russia had no collusion with the Trump campaign.”  After that failure you’d think she would have learned but clearly she is an average talent and has used her looks to advance her career and now she has thoroughly blown it—she picked Alex Jones as one of her next interviews. Obviously she is on a female power trip to attack all alpha males in their natural habitats and to launch NBC news back into a reputable place with their liberal base while attempting to discredit the 6 million viewers who watch and listen to Alex Jones. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

Jones had been recording her which she should have assumed, so the way she landed the interview with the controversial radio broadcaster was truly embarrassing leaving Kelly exposed in a big way before her show even aired.  She went for a kill and the gun ended up in her own mouth.  It was unbelievable how she went about convincing Alex Jones to speak to her.  So she did it all to herself.  He certainly didn’t go to her.  She played with fire and got burnt badly.  Jones released elements of their interview together along with secretly recorded tapes which told the whole story before Megyn Kelly was even able to get her content on the air showing that internet journalism is much faster than the old static network broadcasting which attempts to build up a story for days to pad the ratings. Jones beat her to the punch with his recordings which revealed Megyn Kelly groveling like a bar whore on Jones’ recent custody battle obviously pandering to him the way a woman might do who wants to be the next girl in a man’s life. She told him all the right things trying to gain his sympathy and she certainly used her sex to do it.

The subplot to Megyn Kelly’s climb to power started when she was given the 9 PM spot at Fox News where she challenged Bill O’Reilly for supremacy.  Then she accused Roger Ailes of sexual misconduct which if you listen to her interview with Alex Jones, she was obviously prone to flirting with men to get what she wanted.  Ailes probably talked about her sexy bras because she was showing them off hoping to get his attention—then when he did she sprang her trap and built a human resource case against him to bump up her pay and hold her position on the network, until she could find someone else to jump to—like the much more liberal NBC.  When she attacked Donald Trump in the Fox News debate of August 2015 which he turned on her very cleverly, it left her very publicly humiliated.  Over the next year she worked with Gretchen Carlson to oust Ailes at Fox which occurred on July 21st 2016.  He died a few months after a $20 million dollar settlement with Carlson.  And Megyn Kelly’s role in running an underground network of disgruntled women at Fox News continued to give radical leftist groups insight like a Trojan horse into the network which eventually brought down Bill O’Reilly—unjustifiably.  Megyn after her scorched earth at Fox News and a feud with Donald Trump that continued for over a year as he rose to power and prominence eventually winning the presidency, hurt her at Fox so she left for one of Trump’s enemies at NBC still looking for revenge over their inability to get back at him for leaving The Apprentice to run for president. Without Megyn picking a fight with Donald Trump, she doesn’t get the offer to work at NBC.

And that’s what we got from the behind the scenes stuff with Alex Jones is an insight into how she works—and that makes it clear what she’s always been doing.  Kelly has been building herself up as a kind of Wonder Woman—attacking all these masculine forces around the world at the highest level using sex to get into their door then using the evidence of their advancements to turn the tables on them.  Obviously it didn’t work with Putin, or Trump so for some reason she thought she could lure Alex Jones into a gotcha trap to attack his 6 million viewers—but he never let her get off the ground. This was the second big failure for her on a high profile exposé within a month and this one was considerably worse given the pre-interview recordings that Jones put out showing Kelly’s behavior when the cameras were turned off.

Megyn let Alex flirt with her to get what she wanted—she conducted herself no different than a stripper at a gentlemen’s club—massaging the ego of the customer she thought would give her what she wanted while all along she planned to attack him even though she promised that she never would.  Her bosses at NBC wanted blood and she was going to deliver with the progressive intention of further brining down masculinity in American culture by showing what a bunch of pigs these men were.  But Alex avoided the temptation to be taken seriously by a beautiful woman at a traditional network and stuck to his guns.  By recording who she was behind the camera it was easy to see how Ailes and many others over the years had been pulled into traps by power climbing women like Megyn Kelly only to be destroyed as a result when those women stick the knife in their backs–just a hint, if a woman is at your desk and she bends down so you can see down her shirt advertising her goods—she’s very aware of what she’s doing—it’s a good idea not to comment or even consider taking the bait.  In these modern times nobody does it as openly as Megyn Kelly.

When we say we are at war, this is what it looks like.  Long gone is the chivalry of battlefield antics where life and death are articulated with the strategy of political supremacy.  What we have now is literally just the war at the political level without the weapons of conflict to confuse the issue leaving this raw and unromantic battle for which we are seeing play out in our cultural roots. Megyn Kelly is attacking masculinity and tradition to give her political side a victory and Alex Jones is fighting against the corporate structure that is embedded in culture to remove the collectivist roots behind it which seek to spread a form of communism to every corner of the globe—and NBC is obviously committed to that very strategy—proud as a Peacock. But like a soldier being visited by a whore when the bullets weren’t flying Megan Kelly visited the recently divorced conspiracy leader at his home in Austin, Texas and tried to seduce him into a mistake.  But Alex was looking for the knife well before it came out and once again Megyn Kelly has shown that she is what Trump has always said about her—a lightweight. She was only given her show at NBC because of her sex and her ability to use it to get close to powerful men whom she could attack to gain power.  But this time she ran out of luck and her past collided with her future—and when given the chance, Alex Jones didn’t hesitate to conduct his metaphorical kill shot.  And it’s good that he did—because if he hadn’t—she would have.

Rich Hoffman

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The Real “Right-winged Conspiracy”: Hillary Clinton only has herself to blame–she is as corrupt as her ass is fat

It’s not going to work this time.  That vast “right-winged conspiracy” Hillary Clinton is talking about in a scripted speech she gave on August 25th 2016 is nearly a verbatim cry made by her after husband Bill was impeached by congress in the late 1990s.  A lot of the Millennials who are supporting her now were just babies back then, so they don’t remember.  Many of those Millennials are now members of the media that is covering her, and they are seduced by the black magic of the Democratic Party—a mass theft of wealth for global aims.  But there are a lot of people who have seen this story before and they aren’t falling for this second attempt at the same old Clinton scam—and that’s trouble for fat-ass Hillary.

Forget about what anybody thinks of Donald Trump and his views.  When it comes to the Clintons, they are criminals who have been caught in so many terrible actions—and they aren’t even in the White House.  Just the Clinton Foundation issues are enough to sink Hillary Clinton—because it points straight to direct corruption.  But then there is the private server and her destruction of evidence, the lying to congress, the perjured comments, the mishandling of Benghazi which actually led to deaths—and all that is before we even start considering the conspiracy theories—like why so many people end up dead around her, or that she and her husband are terminally ill—because they look like death awakened.  All by herself, Hillary Clinton is a disaster.  She has burned bridges and cut out hearts and all that is finally catching up to her, and she has nowhere to hide.

In desperation, Hillary Clinton can only try to divert attention away from her diabolical record.  But we’ve all been burnt before by her, and we remember.  Now the blood is clearly in the water.  After her speech today, she revealed that she knows she’s vulnerable because she had to revert to a shot in the dark strategy she attempted many years ago, which stuck on a much more naive nation.  But we’re not so naive now.  Only drug abusers, welfare recipients, MTV viewers and social losers are supporting Hillary Clinton’s progressive agenda—in spite of her obvious criminal conduct, and that means that Democrats are in for a harsh reality on election night.

I’m sure they are planning to steal the election just like they do our money through taxation—but the country of America isn’t falling for this scam a second time.  The press may be slow to cover the issue—but they can’t hide from this.  The conspiracy that really matters is that Hillary has managed to stay out of jail, because that’s where she belongs.  For her, it’s only a matter of time.  She crossed the line a long time ago.

Rich Hoffman


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Hillary For Prison: Communists outside of the RNC and the media who support them

For the recorded the communists in the following video calling Alex Jones and his entourage “nazi scum” need a history lesson.  Hitler and his Nazis were socialist offshoots of a secret society called Vril based on the book The Coming Race.  Nothing about the Nazi has any relevance to American life other than the fact that many of those Vril inspired Nazis were recruited into NASA’s space program because of what they were working on under the SS during World War II.  Yet, Jones was correct in what he was asserting and a clash erupted between his group and the communist supporters protesting outside of the Republican National Convention.  What you are about to see is what’s happening outside the mainstream news outlet coverage and defines quite well the massive void that currently takes place along political lines.  The obvious determination that is so evident in this exchange is that communist insurgents really can’t assimilate into American culture.  We can’t all live together in one country under the umbrella of two parties.  It’s just not possible.

It is unlikely that the main press outlets will show all the chants inside and outside the convention for Hillary Clinton to go to prison.  This is certainly a first for any presidential candidate to evoke so much passion before they have ever taken an oath of official office.  It is truly astonishing how determined the mainstream press is at avoiding the coverage of such legal demands for someone who is obviously a known criminal running for the highest office in the world.  Currently there are just enough communist sympathizers to give someone like Hillary Clinton a platform that is fundamentally anti-American—but it is truly bothersome to see that many of those sympathizers are in our national media.  Those media personalities are just as ignorant, and activist minded toward communist sympathies as the losers in the video attacking Alex Jones.

Rich Hoffman


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NOW THIS IS AN ENTRANCE: A Daring new Republican Party


Now this is the way an American president should enter an RNC convention—and this is also how a first lady should look and behave.  This is what I expect out of my representatives and why I have been for Donald Trump from the start.  But the important stuff that has been happening has not been part of most of the media broadcasts and many of them involve the Alex Jones portion of the Republican Party.  Probably the two best things from day one of the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio 2016 was the “Hillary For Prison” banner flying over the entire city and Jones confronting establishment Bush Republican, Karl Rove at the airport baggage claim—who has been anti-Trump fervently.

Then of course there is Dinesh D’Souza showing off his new movie, Hillary’s America and suddenly as you look around the convention and it is obvious that Republicans are finally starting to stick up for themselves—and that is what the media is not reporting on any outlet.  It starts with Trump’s entrance on stage and ends with people like Alex Jones fighting with Karl Rove at the airport.  So here are some videos of that first day which paints a picture everyone should see of a new Republican Party emerging with a vengeance.

Rich Hoffman


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Red Ed and the Communists of Europe: Public education in America training Cleveland revolutionaries

What have I been telling you dear reader for a half a decade now? I’ve spelled it out every which way but loose, and still you doubted. I provided facts, charts, long public speeches, countless live radio testimony and still you thought that I was kidding, or making the situation seem lighter for the purposes of defeating school levies. But I wasn’t exaggerating the situation—not even a little bit. I have stated repeatedly that public schools are teaching socialism and communism with a severe anti-capitalist curriculum by a progressive teacher’s union hell-bent on the destruction of the American way of life. This started in America during the sixties and was a strategic aim of the KGB at the time. It’s now in full bloom. For the proof, witness that no news organization in the mainstream reported the force behind the Cleveland riots recently, just as that same force was behind Ferguson and Baltimore. Yet fringe media discovered the evidence quite clearly as they had boots on the ground and weren’t afraid to report it. This is yet another case of Alex Jones, the Texas conspiracy theorist in the report below providing news that everyone else missed—I would say, on purpose. In spite of his reputation as a reactionary, he didn’t put the communists on camera—they were already there. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and all the other news outlets could have, and likely did see the communist flags and members roaming the streets trying to provoke a mob into riots picking minority communities because they have a history of being impressionable. But the mainstreamers have been taught in the same public schools as the rest of us, and they want to turn away from the hard evidence. But they can’t—its coming out anyway.

The communist insurgency in America is a full-blown conspiracy that is more than right-winged speculation at this point. It’s a fact and emerged as the United States listened to swindling politicians like Dennis Hastert and other elected malcontents strive to be like big brother Europe. The United States has lost their way and plunged unwittingly into socialism. Big mistake, especially given that Europe is currently in the fight for its life trying to reject socialism and its gradual path to communism at this present moment. France for example has a socialist president. Greece is downing in socialism. In fact most of the EU is openly socialist. All of Scandinavia is socialist. Russia is essentially a socialist nation which is just a softened type of communism. Of course they don’t call it by name, just like communism is not called such a Cold War reference in the United States, but the Russian president is a former KGB agent. Does anybody think he has magically just given all that up? China is communist, the only reason that their economy has expanded during the last 14 years is due to them reluctantly adapting some of Hong Kong’s economic free market capitalism. And the biggest brother of them all has been England who has struggled back and forth for years between capitalism and socialism. The socialists are in the Labour Party and the capitalists are in the Tory Party of which David Cameron was thankfully re-elected.image

When Great Britain turned Hong Kong back over to China they gave the communist country a money-making machine. Hong Kong was a free capitalist zone far away from the debates in London where socialism and capitalism were slugging it out. Karl Marx is after all buried in a London cemetery near a plot where Red Ed desires to rest on his journey to eternity. Red Ed is of course Ed Milliband who lost the recent election to David Cameron—and is called that because at least in Europe they know what the Labour Party is. Ed presented an anti-austerity plan similar to Greece which essentially means that the government defaults on its debts and swings full communist as a nation. The people of Great Britain had a May election for which they dramatically turned away from socialism by electing Cameron. The liberal press wanted to believe the polls were closer than they were, but Cameron easily won which can be seen in the pictures presented.image

The pictures shown in this article come from a newspaper scooped off the streets of London. They are not online articles by some fringe website, this is a paper sold in the airports and streets of London representing the views and conflict of the English people. What they are facing today is what is coming to America—since we foolishly followed them into the abyss—recklessly, and arrogantly. Most dramatically in the paper was a little chart that shows essentially the same demographic political make-up in Great Britain as we see in America. In England they show their conservative areas in blue, in America it is of course red. Just as the English drive on the opposite side of the road in England, America does the opposite to maintain their independence—but the function of their government evolved over time into a mirror reflection—which is how all this communist business so easily emerged into American culture. Just like in the United States it is easy to see that the urban areas are overwhelmingly supportive of the communist movement—displayed by those who voted for the Labour Party member Ed Milliband. Whereas the more rural areas of England voted for Cameron conservativism.

imageOf a particular interest is the extreme area of red around Newcastle which has been floored by socialism over the years driving away much of their industry leaving the youth essentially jobless. The areas in yellow are essentially open communists for which Scotland is pushing for extensively. During the election the Scottish National Party swept looking toward Scandinavian socialism as their model. The SNP believes in progressive personal taxation, the eradication of poverty, building of affordable social housing, same-sex marriage and subsidized higher education—otherwise known as social programming—does any of this sound familiar dear reader? As is clear on the map the coastal areas of Wales is overwhelmingly in support of the same brand of communism which of course migrates across the channel into Dublin, Ireland in the same manner. Places where there are large concentrations of people who have to give up individual space tend to lean toward socialism. Where people get a little elbow room and can think about their individual sanctity they revert to conservativism by default. Even with all the social experiments through public education, when times get tough, as they have in England for some time, people revert back to conservative concepts driven by capitalism. When a nation realizes that their industry isn’t coming back and there is no hope otherwise, they turn toward nationalism—like Scotland has.

imageThis has always been the plan in the United States by communist insurgents who are in every branch of our education system emphatically. I first learned about these people when I was having a fine little dinner overlooking the city of Cincinnati a number of years ago. It was a college professor from the University of Cincinnati, a theater director at the Taft Theater and an engineer who worked at City Hall along with myself. All three of those people openly advocated twenty years ago communism to me as they sipped wine and looked down into the city below from their backyard perch. I knew it then, but I was a young man and figured I needed to learn a lot more about the world before I opened my mouth—so I just listened. These fine diners vacationed in Paris and London often which was reflected in their global outlook. I was raised in a conservative area by conservative parents and I went to a conservative church. I was open to other people’s points of view and figured I needed more evidence before placing an argument in favor of capitalism. So I listened to them talk in their heady manner and contemplated that those people had no business near young people. They could think what they wanted, but they had no right to teach anybody anything. I had a similar experience years later while on the set for a project I was working on, the director showed up with his wife dressed in a hijab complete with no makeup on her face which I accidentally saw while she was adjusting it. She was as American as the rest of us, he was a college professor who wanted to direct a film and I was a bullwhip artist. We wouldn’t have been together except for a common artistic cause. But our political differences were so dramatic that we couldn’t complete the project together. The college where they worked was so liberal that they couldn’t even function in the world outside of campus life. It was a really big problem and that was over a decade ago. It’s far worse and more obvious now.image

The evidence is extensive and all around you dear reader. The freedoms of your daily life are under attack by global communists and they enter into your region through the nearest urban area. They are seeking to make America into a nationalist nation, and because they control the public education process, they have an entire generation trained and ready for the type of socialism that has destroyed Newcastle, England. That same socialism has destroyed Detroit in the United States and is presently destroying Chicago—which of course nobody wants to discuss in the American media either. It’s just too embarrassing for the liberal media to accept. So they ignore it, just as they ignored the communists behind the recent race riots—which was clearly evident in Cleveland.

imageIt’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Communists are likely in your neighborhood and they are teaching in your public schools. They call themselves by different names, but they are at the heart of their philosophy Marxists. Their strategic goal is an end to American capitalism and the traditional Constitution. They are openly seeking an insurgency and the media is assisting them in their task. I have a lot of experience in this as I have touched many cultural pockets over the years, and I tend to have exposure to other regions of the world—not just those in my backyard, and I can say with 100% confidence that the communists have always been there. It’s just been recently that they have made their moves in a bolder, more public fashion. But what’s shocking is that the media didn’t cover it at all. Yet Alex Jones, the fringe reporter viewed by the world as a conspiracy theorists was the only one I was able to find who had boots on the ground in Cleveland and actually reported the communist influence for what it really was. And that is all the evidence you need dear reader as to the movement that’s afoot. For further verification all one needs to do is pick up a newspaper from Europe and see what is going on there. They don’t hide the communists and socialists from the public the way they do in the United States because they are already well into the argument as to the cause and effects. But in the United States those trying to advance communism change the names and try not to rattle the cage until the radicalized youth are so strong that the red county Republicans can no longer stop the insurgency. That’s the plan anyway, and if you had half a brain dear reader—you’d listen. It’s one thing to be a Bible thumping, gun wielding conservative from the rural landscape. It’s quite another to be a cultured, academic from the urban regions contemplating philosophy and the future of mankind. I’ve had extensive exposure to both. I’ll take the guns, and let Europe choke on the socialism. And when it comes to the American versions of Red Ed, I suggest you fight them right now, and voraciously dear reader—or suffer a fate you can’t even imagine. Because communism is on your doorstep as we speak.

Rich Hoffman


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In the clip below Alex Jones speaks with Floyd Mori about how history does repeat itself when it was recently discovered that FEMA camps have already been built to arrest American citizens in conjunction with the bill passed by the house and senate known as NDAA. Floyd discusses how the Japanese were taken during World War II under a similar premise so perspective can be given to just how devastating the NDAA Bill is for American freedom. For a review of what NDAA is please refer to this link:

An update from that linked article about that NDAA Act where it was believed that The White House was threatening to veto the Act, arguing that “the authorities granted by the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists, including the detention authority, are essential to our ability to protect the American people…because the authorities codified in this section already exist, the Administration does not believe codification is necessary and poses some risk.”

On December 11th, 2011 it was learned that it was President Obama who required the NDAA bill have the language of ‘U.S. CItizens being held without rights’ included in the bill.  The bill will pass if it goes in front of the President for his signature, which will be a catastrophe of epic tyranny and will lead to everything you will see below.  So make sure to take your time and watch all these videos.  It’s very important.  This is no conspiracy theory.  What you will read and see are facts that require EXTENSIVE explanations by our government in every branch and both political parties. 

The targets of the next sweep of Americans will of course be people like Alex Jones, myself, and virtually anybody who stands in the way of the governments intended strategy. I can report honestly that there will never be a FEMA officer who will come to my front door and arrest me and take my whole family away to be thrown into a camp. I remember well what happy to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge so I am aware of what the government will do when they decide to act, and I will not be naive in thinking that I will be reunited with my family if I go peacefully to a FEMA camp. More on this in a bit, but for now, make sure to watch this video.

And what is this mindset that we have to fear from the government? Well, Glenn Beck shows it in great abundance as he picks apart a recent speech by President Obama. Yes, Glenn Beck is certainly one of the first targets that will be arrested, so while he still can, he is speaking more freely than ever on what is wrong with our current government and why they should in no way be given ANY power over our individual lives and liberties. Government simply is not qualified to make decisions about our lives.

Obama says things in this next clip that surprise even me. It is very evident that now the government of both republicans and democrats is aware that most of the American population is sufficiently distracted by numerous elements and do not care, or do not have the intellectual capacity to understand what is happening. But Obama shows what his vision for America truly is by declaring that all jobs should be unionized more or less, and that technology should not be allowed to destroy jobs. The America that Obama wants is a frozen technological existence where job creation and preservation take utmost priority. The belief system of this president is utterly preposterous.

You can easily see by that speech Obama would have no problem arresting anyone who stands in the way of his political aims which are to move America to open socialism. That is why the NDAA is such a dangerous proposal, and is considered to be open warfare upon the entire idea of what an American is.

When my wife and I were first married I ran a gunsmithing shop in a small shed behind my house. I had a Federal Firearms License and was starting what I thought might be a long career as a gunsmith. I envisioned for myself and family a life similar to what is shown on the TV show Sons of Guns where I’d have the ability to build and fire a whole multitude of firearms. And business was good there was a lot of money to be made. I saw quite a demand for gunsmithing and I took a two your course where I graduated from Modern Schools of America out of Arizona with a degree in gunsmithing. But one thing greatly disturbed me about that business, and it was the paperwork I had to keep up with and submit for every transaction with the ATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Because of my beliefs in small government I anticipated trouble on the horizon if my name was all over documents always going to the government, George Bush Senior was president at the time right on the heels of Ronald Reagan and guns were not such stigma as they are today, so I had no reason to worry. But there was something sinister in the reach of authority that the ATF had that made being a gunsmith unattractive, even tyrannical to me. So I quit because I honestly didn’t feel like keeping up with all the ATF regulations and I was worried that an informant of some type might try to set me up by not knowing if I was violating one of the many regulations. About a year later, George Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton, a progressive gun grabbing globalists and the tragedy of Ruby Ridge occurred. As I watched that trial I realized that Randy Weaver had been a victim to the very scam I was worried that I might become victim to. He performed a gunsmithing task by sawing off the barrel of a shotgun, which was against the law. The FBI used that violation as an attempt to extort Weaver into becoming an informant to the Aryan Nation compound which Weaver refused. The results of that refusal of extortion were the Ruby Ridge Massacre. Watch this next video in its entirety. You might have forgotten the Ruby Ridge Massacre but before we move any further you need to remember it.

I learned watching the Ruby Ridge Trial, then the Waco tragedy, how the Walter Lippmann college trained media focused on certain aspects of these cases and how the whole scam worked, which has been covered in great detail at this site. I will not put myself, or my family in a position where the same will happen to me as what happened to Randy. I have been armed everywhere I go now since I was 14 years old and for good reason. There are enemies who wish to control us, they wish to own us, and they wish to make us their slaves. They will use the rules “THEY” create to justify their tyranny. If you watched that video you can see how the FBI attempted to use Randy as an informant. In my experience 99 out of 100 would have taken the job. Randy was the 1 who said no. So how much of this kind of thing is going on today?

Well, it’s more alive today than ever. The recent passage of NDAA is just the tip of the iceberg that the government has utilized to move toward a life that Obama outlined clearly in the Beck video. Obama wishes for a nice, compliant middle-class that does what they are told to do and will accept as their rulers those in the political class to oversee their needs.

And they are coming after our guns, and they are willing to kill to do it. After all, if the government plans to go around arresting dissidents in the future, like we know they plan to otherwise they wouldn’t have passed the NDAA Act and started building FEMA camps to hold all those new prisoners, they certainly learned their lesson in the case of the Randy Weaver incident. They need to disarm our population so such arrests won’t be so risky in the future. To attack further the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution ATF agents constructed an elaborate plan to use its Fast and Furious gun-running operation to facilitate violence by Mexican drug lords in the interest of pursuing the Obama administration gun-control agenda.

This wasn’t reported by Alex Jones, Glenn Beck or any of the “radical” government types. This was reported by CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson. The story is so complicated that it does require some explanation, which Alex Jones again did a great job of amplification.

I know that many of you just returned from shopping at Macy’s, or JC Penny or some other wonderful economic paradise, and these types of subjects are disturbing, and not much fun to ponder. But they are a fact, and they happen because the population has been trained in public education to follow direction, not to think.

For those who need to be brought up to speed with the things some of us have been thinking about and watching for decades, movies are a great way to start opening your mind to the difficult realities we are finding necessary to come to grips with. And one such film that I would highly recommend which will sum up everything you have seen and heard here today and provide a foundation of understanding to build upon is the great Terry Gilliam film called Brazil.

Brazil is the modern remake of the classic motion picture and book 1984, and it is a fabulous film. However, Terry Giliam is known as one of the Monty Python guys so the movie is a bit obscure in its abstractness at times. It’s a serious film that has many moments of humor in it, which is difficult for some people to accept at the same time, but such filmmaking is Gilliam’s style. Essentially the movie is about a society that is socialist in political affiliation. The State uses television to keep society occupied and trained while anti-terrorism efforts are at such a level that all suspects are detained quickly and efficiently.

I have below the first 8 minutes of that film which sets up the premise for the entire story. A fly falls mistakenly into a printer that is sent out to the anti-terror team whose job it is to detain terror suspects. When the fly falls into the printer, a mistake is made and the government apprehends the wrong person, an innocent man sitting quietly in his home with his family waiting for Christmas to arrive. When the anti-terrorist team comes for the arrest they make the wife sign away her husband and she gets a receipt for him in exchange. Notice how she signs the paper even though her entire existence has just been turned upside down.

What would you do if such a thing happened? Would you sign the paper like she did? Would you revert back to the mean teacher in the third grade who yelled at you for not standing quietly in the cafeteria lunch line, or waiting in line to get a drink of water, or marching down the hall in line to go to recess? Didn’t it ever occur to you that there is a lot of standing in line going on in public school, a lot of learning how to do what you are told, even if your instinct says otherwise.

To your public education trained mind does Randy Weaver sound like a crazy person? How about his daughter? What about Glenn Beck? Or Alex Jones? Or me? Do you think we’re all crazy and that we are simply the minority who are seeing conspiracies instead of a government who seeks to care for its people so they can go Christmas shopping in peace? Oh, wait a minute; we can’t call it Christmas shopping anymore because the same groups that Obama wants to feed with more members, the unions, and other progressive organizations want you to call Christmas shopping, “HOLIDAY” shopping.

It’s all part of the government openly attempting to reprogram the American people and what the Randy Weaver’s of decades ago were warning about and is absolutely true to this day. Laws against The Constitution are being passed right out in the open because the government no longer fears the people they wish to rule. They have the power and we gave it to them with a smile on our faces because we allowed ourselves to be swindled. It happened while you were shopping ladies, and men, it happened while you were watching the sports. It happened during primetime television shows like Two and a Half Men and a host of other shows directing your mind to sex, while secretly the members of our government have made their moves against you in every way possible.

It is no longer fictional disillusion the conspiracy theories of the radical right-wing. The reality is true, truer than even the worst nightmares feared. And now that we are waking up from that nightmare we must decide what to do about it.

Well, I can speak for myself. Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers, because if the government sends them to my house to arrest me for pointing out what a bunch of scum bags the members of our current government are, they won’t be coming home for Christmas. The smart thing would be to let them become dishwashers, labors, computer programmers, or construction workers, to not take on any debts and they’ll grow up wealthy…..and alive. Hey, it’s a fair warning. If the government isn’t going to respect the law of The Constitution, then I do not recognize that government’s authority and consider them a domestic enemy the same as a thief who might attempt to break into my home or rob me in a back alley. The America I know is a republic built upon The United States Constitution. The mob of democracy or majority rule does not impress me, and does not warrant the loss of my freedoms. Just because the government used public education to make a majority of the American population stupid does not mean I am going along for the ride, and it sure doesn’t mean that I will consent to an arrest. It really is that simple. CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE:

And before we part this time dear reader I’d like to share with you an email I received recommending a new preamble to the Constitution put forth by State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GAI think it says a lot as to how a lot of people still feel, and how they intend to act in the trying times that are before us.


“We the  sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get  along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our  nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of  debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren,  hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense  guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other  liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that a  whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim  they require a Bill of NON-Rights.”

ARTICLE I:  You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form  of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one  is guaranteeing anything.

ARTICLE  II: You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is  based on freedom, and that means freedom for everyone — not just you!  You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion,  etc.; but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will  be.

ARTICLE  III: You do not have the right to be free from harm. If you stick a  screwdriver in your eye, learn to be more careful; do not expect the  tool manufacturer to make you and all your relatives independently  wealthy.

ARTICLE  IV: You do not  have the right to free food and housing. Americans are the most  charitable people to be found, and will gladly help anyone in need, but  we are quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation  of professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the  creation of another generation of professional couch potatoes . (This one  is my pet peeve…get an education and go to work….don’t expect  everyone else to take care of you!)

ARTICLE V:  You do not have the right to free health care. That would be nice, but  from the looks of public housing, we’re just not interested in public  health care.

ARTICLE  VI: You do not have the right to physically harm other people. If you  kidnap, rape, intentionally maim, or kill someone, don’t be surprised if  the rest of us want to see you fry in the electric  chair.

ARTICLE  VII: You do not have the right to the possessions of others. If you rob,  cheat, or coerce away the goods or services of other citizens, don’t be  surprised if the rest of us get together and lock you away in a place  where you still won’t have the right to a big screen color TV or a life  of leisure.

ARTICLE  VIII: You do not have the right to a job.. All of us sure want you to  have a job, and will gladly help you along in hard times, but we expect  you to take advantage of the opportunities of education and vocational  training laid before you to make yourself useful.  (AMEN!)

ARTICLE  IX: You do not have the right to happiness. Being an American means that  you have the right to PURSUE happiness, which by the way, is a lot  easier if you are unencumbered by an over abundance of idiotic laws  created by those of you who were confused by the Bill of  Rights.

ARTICLE  X: This is an  English-speaking country. We don’t care where you are from, English is  our language. Learn it or go back to wherever you came from!  (Lastly….)

ARTICLE  XI: You do not have the right to change our country’s history or  heritage. This country was founded on the belief in one true God. And  yet, you are given the freedom to believe in any religion, any faith, or  no faith at all; with no fear of persecution.
The phrase IN GOD WE  TRUST is part of our heritage and history, and if you are uncomfortable  with it, TOUGH!


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior