Why I Still Fly My “Trump Won” Flag: The Dow Jones is headed for 25,000 and below, thanks to a stolen presidency

Just as a reminder, I still fly in front of my house a flag that says, “Trump Won” for everyone who needs to know. 2020 was only one of the biggest crimes in history. We allowed an intelligence agency using America as a front for their organization, but connected to globalists everywhere, to steal our vote and give us this piece of garbage Joe Biden as a puppet president. The Dow had just broken 30,000 during Trump’s term. After he was removed from office not by a vote, but by a tampered election, with evidence coming from every direction, the economy started heading in the wrong direction. There is plenty of evidence of election fraud in 2020, but nobody wants to look at it. Nobody wants to admit to it. So I have flown that flag every day for over two years to remind everyone how complicit they are in destroying the world. And that I was not a part of it. I voted for Trump again, and when the current U.S. government made its move to get rid of him, which we can still see the evidence of that with the hostile FBI that has been revealed in its wake, I worked to defend our vote by acknowledging what happened, while everyone else followed their leaders like sheep to their own destruction. After Trump left office, the Dow, through its own momentum, went up a few more thousand points, but the socialist policies of the globalists and the destructive behavior of the American Fed destroyed our thriving economy, and the momentum stopped about a year into the Biden presidency. And now, after a clear recession, which nobody wants to admit to, the Dow is under 30,000 and is headed much lower. And everyone can watch as their 401K plans lose all their value because they did not defend their vote when they needed to, and they allowed this mess to happen by not standing up for what was right when it mattered most. 

Looking at our public education system for its terrible mess, one of the clear takeaways that people seem to have learned was to put up with bad behavior, turn away from the bullies, and if someone steals something from you, to let them have it. I have never accepted that concept when I was in school, and I certainly don’t accept it now. But most people have no backbone. They have no personal courage. And when they get pushed around, they take it. That’s why election fraud on a massive scale occurred in 2020 and cost us President Trump, who was doing a very good job. People who thought Biden could be inserted and everything would just continue as usual were smoking crack. It only took a few months for the inserted Biden administration to start implementing the United Nations goals for destroying America, the stolen wealth, and redistribution they had always planned to implement. Now we are seeing the results. And they try to lie about what those results are. A recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. We are going on a year of it now. We are in a depression that has been propped up by ignorance and happy talk. The true condition of our economy is as phony as the Biden presidency itself. It wasn’t elected by popular vote; it was taken by force and given its own reality by bad people who were doing the deed. And they thought people were so stupid that they would just take it and shut up, even as they still lie about whether or not we are in a recession. They don’t tell the truth about anything, and the ship is sinking fast. 

I was having dinner with some people along the river in Cincinnati, where the bike path that crosses through the city runs, and they felt right at home because they were from New England. I always remind people, especially regarding zoning laws, that they were created by people trained to think like Europeans. So that is why we have all the roundabouts that are going in everywhere because people studied in college all the European jealousies from what they call the “motherland” and want to implement them all over the United States. I hate slowing down for a ridiculous roundabout. In intersections where you could just fly through at 50 to 60 miles an hour, now you have to slow down to 30 to drive around a stupid circle. They say that studies indicate that traffic flows better with roundabouts, but I hate them. And how did they get into our zoning, the same way that election fraud occurred, through laws and legislation made on the back of a napkin where a bunch of mindless fools just blindly followed the person in front of them? That’s how many of these things happen, and I found it embarrassing to see people from New England talking about how happy they were to see that Cincinnati was such a “progressive” city. They had a silly little bike path that let people ride their bikes without those mean gas-powered cars making so much noise. They liked that it was so quiet on that bike path, so they could listen to mother nature complain about her latest menstrual cycle from planetary bombardment with life-killing space junk that comes our way every 20,000 years. The same forces that gave us roundabouts in America and bike paths are who stole our election in 2020 so that they could make us even more into that garbage pit of Europe.

By flying my flag, I make sure that everyone knows that I’m not one of the dumb people who allowed it to happen, like fools who just believe what someone tells them. People who learned in their public education to follow orders but not to think allowed themselves to be suckered, and you can now see the danger of that behavior. The market economy in America is crashing, and it was done on purpose. And the same fools who played along with the Biden presidency now realize just how stupid that was. These aggressive, jealous European forces who have always wanted to destroy America have been doing it for years by corrupting our rules and regulations behind the scenes. And they lie to our faces when caught, just as they did over the definition of recession. And just as they did over election fraud. You can trace that election fraud to the American intelligence agencies and their desire to preserve the Washington D.C. Swamp for their own reasons. But the Swamp is a creation of Europe, just like roundabouts and the culture of the aristocracy they have always been so in love with. And those who let it happen can watch their 401K plans evaporate before their eyes. The Dow Jones is headed for 25,000 soon. Remember, when Trump took office in 2017, the Dow was at 18,000.   All those trillions of dollars of value may be completely wiped away during the Biden presidency. And who will there be to blame? Well, the idiots who allowed election fraud to happen and did not say anything as Covid was used to destroy American life from the minds of the mindless bureaucrats. The losers who brought us roundabouts have also created a terrible economy because of a stolen election. And the people who just put up and shut up about it are those most guilty. And it’s important to remember who those people were as we continue to watch the economy tank because it was a decision, not a natural occurrence. 

Rich Hoffman

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