What is a Right-Winged Radical: If I’m one of them I am very proud to be, and I’m not changing

I don’t know how you defend anybody who thinks about sex with little kids or even jokes about it. But because of the Matt Miller mess at Lakota schools, and my opinions about it, and leading up to it, I have been referred to as a “right-winged radical” more recently than normal. Part of the reason is that Democrats are poised to lose big on November 8th of 2022, and anybody on the side of MAGA (Make America Great Again) is being called derogatory names. The term “NAZI” is even being applied to anybody who is right-winged, as opposed to those on the “left wing,” which is most of the media, the political class, and all public schools to their core. But once again, the people doing the name-calling have a warped view of the world and clearly don’t understand how things work in the world. The projected bad election results are coming up because people are rejecting the Liberal World Order and its many failures.   The bottom line, which has apparently been their strategy all along, was to cheat in elections and gain power they didn’t deserve. If you keep liberals from cheating and disputing illegal votes so they aren’t counted, and that kind of thing, then Democrats can never win. There just aren’t that many liberals out there to have even the balanced power they appear to have now. Democrats and the Liberal World Order behind them stole the 2020 election with all kinds of mechanisms, electronic voting machines that could change votes and Covid to make mail-in ballots much easier to cheat, which they did in both cases. The proof is abundant, and we’ll talk about how they did it for the next hundred years. Americans will never forget what happened in 2020. And the cheaters will pay for what they did during several elections to come, starting with this one in 2022. 

But regarding right winged radicals, I have never moved my political position from the one I recognized from my grandparent’s generation. I have asked the right questions as to whether I needed to adjust what I was taught or modify it based on the projections of modern education. In cases where I might not have thought they were right, I asked those questions. But I quickly learned that it was the world that was wrong. The traditional America of my grandparents and beyond was the one I wanted to defend, and I have been that kind of Republican my entire life. I grew up with television shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Eddies Father, Little House on the Prarie, and many others, which showed a kind of America that was successful and brought many hopes and dreams to the world. The screwups, such as fighting World Wars and America being the police of the United Nations in places like Iran, Vietnam, Korea, and all other places of socialist, communist, and far-left instability, are the fault of the new political left that reinvented itself as progressives after their failures during the Civil War in America. The liberals were represented by the South, who wanted to maintain a European aristocracy. The Industrial North wanted a complete divorce from Europe and the rest of the world in general and to become an example to the world of how things should be. Not a follower. The America of Buffalo Bill, of American Expansion, and the great westerns of John Wayne, the Lone Ranger, Zorro, and Disney’s Davy Crockett is my America. The big difference is that I have stayed right with that America while many felt the pressure to move further to the left because they didn’t want to be called names by radicals from the left and were forced through taunts to adopt Karl Marx’s ideas to keep the peace. I have viewed this procedure as an invasion, not political discourse. I am where I have always been. It’s the rest of almost everyone else who moved to the left and expected that to become the new political center. 

Since the Matt Miller thing broke, I have heard the tactics of many of these far-left lunatics, people who obviously don’t know me very well. They are learning many hard lessons. I’m never going to move from my spot, and I’ll fight anybody anywhere, anytime, over it, in any fashion, they want to fight. That is kind of my standard policy. But I’m never moving to the left of where I am. Nazis, as I’ve said many times are inventions of the pollical left. They are a problem of European thought. Fascism, such as Musullini projected, is another leftist concept. They are all far to the left of where I am and not even close to the gun-slinging gunfighters of America with a whole new Biblical take on morality in a nation not run by an aristocracy but by hard work, innovation, empowered risk takers, and a desire to win as opposed to make a master happy with licked boots and professional titles. Anybody suggesting that is wrong for the kind of America that we have always been is out of their minds. But some of those Matt Miller fans have sent me lots of nasty messages, such as one I received making fun of my cowboy hat and referring to my right-winged view of the world with the famous Jim Carrey video he did called Cold Dead Hands. One of the shows that I always did like when I went to my grandparents’ house on a Saturday night at 7:30 PM was Hee Haw, and in the Jim Carrey video, he was recreating a Hee Haw episode to make fun of the kind of America that used to like it. Well, I still like it, and I reminded that person that Jim Carrey’s career never recovered from when he did that video. He and the Hollywood left thought it was cute, but America rejected Carrey thereafter, and his career has tanked ever since. 

What they call the “hard political right” is really where America has always been. I think the father in Little House on the Prairie, Charles Ingles was what every man should strive to be. I think the father in Eddie’s Father is the kind of dad every kid wants in their life; of course, they want a mom too. The wise old gunslingers from Bonanza who always had the right answer when a young person asked a question is what America has always strived to be. And what the political left has offered to America is a destruction of that. And to kiss the feet of an Administrative State run by Europe and the United Nations. I grew up wanting to be like those people, and I am. And I’m never going to move off that spot. I’ll hand out bottled waters to the wore out people who gave lefty ideas a chance and want to return to sanity in the new MAGA Republican Party. But there is nothing in the world that will move me off my position. The attempts recently have been humourous, but more than a laugh at them, it has illustrated where all the political divisions have sourced themselves. It’s in the push by politics, the media, corporate culture, and globalism in general to adopt the methods of Karl Marx, and America is about rejecting everything about Karl Marx. Anything that moves in that left-leaning European direction is garbage that must be fought, and fight it we will. The process has already started. But after this upcoming election on November 8th, things will start moving America back to the kind of America I have talked about here. Because to me, that is the only America, and I’m not going to leave it no matter how many losers scream that I should.

Rich Hoffman

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