Yes, Joe Biden Wants a Nuclear War: Covid hasn’t worked, the economy is terrible, and Democrats need a distraction no matter what it costs

It’s very predictable, Joe Biden, about the time that Russia was being pushed by the same forces that put this current president in the White House, telegraphed the entire invasion of Ukraine in the same manner that he is now advocating for nuclear war. The threat of an apocalypse put Democrats in power from the 50s until the late 70s, and they have been trying to get back to those good ol’ days ever since. And now, with polling looking ridiculously bad for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, they are pulling out all the usual problems to scare people into voting for them, only this time, it’s not working. People did not vote for Joe Biden; there were not 81 million real people who ran out and picked Joe Biden for president, which shows in the lack of support for this 2022 election. The economy is terrible. The American way of life has been dramatically compromised, and the sell-out of our country to the globalist forces of the world has been apparent. The same people that gave us Joe Biden also gave us the war with Ukraine. They are now behind the destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline that was sabotaged to keep natural gas from flowing into Europe from Russia. And with the push to get Russia to attack Ukraine stalled out of fears of signing a NATO commitment and expanding the powers of globalism to erode away the nationalism of Russia, nuclear war has been talked about a lot by Joe Biden and his pal Volodymyr Zelenskyy, you know, the comedian who used to make his living playing a piano with his penis now converted over into a world leader of significant impact. Putin has been baited into talking about nuclear war by those two characters because, for the Liberal World Order, it’s the last resort prior to these midterm elections. But people know better now, and the message is not sticking.

I respect Rebekah Koffler, the author of Putin’s Playbook, who has been making the media rounds talking about all the reasons why Putin would have blown up his own pipeline with the Nord Stream sabotage. Russia is not an innocent participant in these world affairs. But in this case, it’s clear that Russia didn’t blow up its own pipeline. Putin plays hardball in negotiations and would be more than content just to leave it shut off from Europe. Instead, environmental terrorists and their earth worship of clean energy are more than motivated, and the terrorist attack was performed by the same people who gave us Joe Biden in the White House. Hostile, globalist forces Hell bent on global domination. And that isn’t Putin. Putin wants national sovereignty and to restore his nation to something like what it used to be in the 1980s when he was a young KGB agent. But the people who have been pushing for a war with Ukraine to advance the goals of the Liberal World Order are used to hiding their efforts behind shiny objects and world events. And they are arrogant enough to think that Russia would get the blame if they blew up the Nord Stream pipeline. And when you see the corporate media structure run so quickly to blame it all on Russia, that is the dead giveaway that the bad guys are on the move. Just as they did during Trump’s first term in office, they tried to blame Russia for the election of Trump. And now they are trying to blame Russia for what they have done in the world, hoping that people will be dumb enough to believe them.

And yes, Biden and his globalist friends would be happy to have a nuclear war rather than give up power. Life will get very hard for them around the world after the American midterms. For many years they have hidden their mechanisms of power behind media sentiment and fears. But suddenly, that global saturation point was reached. At least half of people everywhere believe there was election fraud in the last election, and over the last two years, government forces have done nothing to repair that belief. Instead, there has been more evidence that massive election fraud did happen. As we say all the time, if Democrats can’t cheat in elections, as they have now for decades, using a cloud of racism and sexism to justify voter fraud in the chaos they create to perform the theft, then they can’t win. Americans are not generally liberal. Liberalism is a mental illness; there just aren’t that many people suffering from it. You often find forms of mental illness among sex addicts and city dwellers who have had to compromise their personal space due to dense population centers. But people in America generally have space; they have big cars, big stores to shop in, and big highways to drive on. And when they have space, they tend to vote Republican. When Democrats stir up riots in the streets to scare people into voting for them or else, it’s the same mentality of using nuclear war or sabotaged pipelines to control the public narrative and hope that it puts Democrats in office. From their point of view, it has worked before, so why wouldn’t they continue to do so? 

Indeed they do want nuclear weapons to go off, probably in some remote area of Ukraine, to capture the fears of the world with half of a century of climatic build-up. Democrats and their friends of globalism want wall-to-wall media coverage of the potential of nuclear war, with perhaps the images of a mushroom cloud playing over and over on a loop to distract people during the midterm elections. Democrats tried to keep Covid alive long enough for these elections but died out long ago. Remember, Covid was created in a lab in Wuhan, China, as a bioweapon. And it was released to the world to manipulate the elections of 2020. Never forget that there is plenty of evidence going right to the same doors as these losers who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and are trying to make Biden’s mouth move advocating for nuclear war. And the mechanisms to get the message out are the same that provoked Putin to attack Ukraine in the first place, the fear that Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in the world that Biden has been affiliated with for years, will join NATO and put military forces at the doorstep of Russia. It’s not Putin playing the world; it’s the other way around. The Liberal World Order has been playing Putin. And without question, Russia is not the friend of MAGA Republicans. But the vicious killers of the Liberal World Order are much more dangerous than Vladimir Putin by a lot. And what makes them dangerous isn’t just that they will do anything, including sparking a nuclear confrontation to get their way, but that they continue to do their terrorism from behind the shadows of a corporate media curtain that has been with us since the dawn of the television age. When these people realized the power of manipulation that television gave them, they went right to work to establish their Liberal World Order.   And once you accept how vicious these characters are, then the message of Joe Biden’s desire for an apocalypse makes perfect sense. 

Rich Hoffman

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