Wall Drug, South Dakota: Options for a free people

Of course, I enjoyed the speech by Trump in Ohio over the last weekend in June of 2021. It seems like a long time since we’ve seen such a speech, and many have found themselves caught in the snare of the media into believing that we would never see such a thing again, but there it was, and there are more events to come.  The fake Joe Biden presidency will have a hard time dealing with the competition, which is suitable for truth and justice.  Trump is willing to continue doing these rallies to apply that pressure that is needed.  But I can’t say that I was surprised by what I saw.  Before the event, I had many text messages from readers and other people who wanted to know what I thought the speech would be like.  Many were worried that Trump wouldn’t even draw a crowd in the middle of June with nothing political really on the horizon. However, as I have said, I just spent much of 2021 traveling around the country seeing things from people directly, and I can say that the world outside of the media illusion they present to us did not vote for Joe Biden.  They wanted Trump, and that evidence is abundant along the highways across the nation. I’ve traveled over 10,000 miles since Christmas of 2020, where the election results were disappointing on many levels, and I hit the road with my family to see what was going on.  And relative to this type of sentiment shown at the most recent Trump rally, I saw what I needed to see best at an unusual place I had wanted to visit for a very long time, Wall Drug in South Dakota, about an hour east of Rapid City. 

I arrived at Wall Drug on a late afternoon in June on a Sunday, and the place was packed.  Wall Drug is one of those roadside attractions that emerged en route to Mt. Rushmore as a tourist destination.  Their hook was in giving free ice water to the new breed of tourists who would brave the vast plains of South Dakota to see the unique sculptures of presidents that were displayed there.  Over time, Wall Drug has formed into a kind of Mecca of tourism which I had always heard about but didn’t have time to see for myself.  As I arrived just outside of the Badlands National Park, the remote area had been good for my thoughts on the state of our government and based on what I knew of the matter.  I was using those vast open areas to think deeply about what would happen next as the Biden people were caught tampering with the 2020 election, with China pulling the strings and considering what would happen as a result. According to the media outlets of convention out there, nobody had the stomach even to deal with such a problem.  But parking at Wall Drug, it became an apparent fact that most if not everyone were a Trump supporter, and these were people who did not vote for or support a Biden administration.  And the contents of the kind of souvenirs at Wall Drug were blatant proclamations to that evidence.

Wall Drug was much more organized than I had thought it would be.  I was very impressed with it; much of the shopping area was built as a shopping mall with storefronts resembling an old west town, only inside and nicely air-conditioned.  There were boot stores, hat stores, stores of every kind, and of course, they had one of the best kinds of stores that I love so much, book stores.  The book store at Wall Drug was called “The Hole in the Wall,” which was quite nice.  They had a wonderful collection of books that featured the Wild West.  I had read many of them, but there were others I hadn’t even known about, so my book collection expanded a lot that day.  But more importantly, as I was picking out stacks of new books to purchase there, I was looking out the window to the people moving about outside, and I had a moment of patriotism.  To perform the cheat and steal that our current government had attempted with Biden and a partnership with foreign, hostile agents such as China, people must be dumb.  That is why cultures that do have government overthrows ban books because they don’t want people thinking.   They want them dumb and easy to control. And here I was on the outskirts of the Badlands, in the middle of nowhere really, an hour away from a significant city buying books with many thousands of people doing similar things free to do and think what they want.  Such a bookstore existed, away from the social controls of Amazon or other progressive policies where brick and mortar stores are constantly being attacked financially.  Here was a book store that could exist because of the success of Wall Drug as a “tourist trap” along the highway.  So long as people like me and you can go to a store like that and buy books about history and know truth from falsehoods given by insurgent governments, America would continue to prosper. 

The people at Wall Drug for the two days I was there with my family were free and not concerned with what Joe Biden was doing lately.  To them, he was not their president.  Trump was, and they were waiting for him to be president again.  Or if not Trump, then someone else like him, like a Ron DeSantis or a Kristi Noem.  We went back for a second trip to Wall Drug after visiting the Badlands the next day because we enjoyed it so much, we wanted to get the grandkids some ice cream and more gift shop items.  I kept trying to imagine what the people at Davos would think of Wall Drug. I’m sure it’s beyond their comprehension that Americans like such places, that they make such places, and that people buy books and ice cream with such easy concern as people use the restroom.  These were not people so easily controlled.

In the middle of nowhere, there was so much wealth created and that there was no central control of the vast area that the appeal was that Wall Drug was so unregulated, and that made it fun to go to.  It was loose and vibrant and well beyond the comprehension of the typical corporate globalist.  So long as people could go to such a place and buy books, there was no way to control America or take it over and turn it into a globalist regime centralized by the United Nations to exist under the control of infantile minds far removed from South Dakota.  Wall Drug was a place in and of itself. It represented a people resilient and impatient toward government corruption. It was a reminder that when governments fail, people will pack up and take their concerns to the middle of nowhere to be away from the government.  And once government chases them to the ends of the earth to control them, and there is nowhere else to retreat to, those people will fight. They’ll vote for Trump or someone else.  And if that doesn’t work, they’ll turn to God and their guns.  They won’t be surrendering to foreign interests. 

Rich Hoffman

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