The Internet is Not Free: Governments watch porn sites, and they know what you try to hide

There is a big thing that we typically miss when we talk about how governments get the idea that they can abuse us by ignoring the Constitution.  And we give them the information to perform the task away so easily.  Remember everyone; the internet is not free.  And porn on the internet is not there to entertain you; it’s to trap you with bait, no different than how we catch fish at a pond.  There are lots of people watching everything you do with your mouse and keystrokes.  It may not always be a human watching; most of the time, it’s probably a form of artificial intelligence, but the people who want to rule the world get the information. They know how many people are sexually submissive out there.  They know how many people secretly want to be subjected to bondage, whipped, spanked, or insulted by a dominatrix because they can track your IP address and see what your innermost wishes are.  And if you are one of those who wants to be abused sexually, then you likely will put up with a domineering government that insults you constantly with things such as mask mandates, illegally issued.  In the mind of the sexual pervert, terms like “illegal” and “abusive” are desired, not an act of villainy.  That is how they thought they could get away with the communist treachery of Covid-19 because they looked at everyone’s sexual desires through porn tracking and could see statistically how people would behave if a government showed itself to be a dominatrix. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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