How Long Can Biden Stay in Office: Opps, they’ve all been caught in election fraud

At this point, I understand it sounds crazy because history can’t conceive of Biden being removed from office.  But folks, the election fraud problem is real, it happened, and it occurred in a significant way.  A lot of people think Mike Lindell is way over the edge on this election issue.  Not even Roger Stone can see how Biden would be removed from office due to the discovery of massive influence into the Dominion machines by China, Facebook, and Google that it will certainly create a constitutional crisis for a correction.  I feel that it would be better to reveal the fraud and keep Biden in office to punish him and those who put him there for what they did.  Yet, the problem with that is Biden is signing bills and acting on behalf of the United States in an executive fashion, and by the looks of things, he shouldn’t be.  Mike Lindell has a big rally in New Richmond, Wisconsin, on June 12th from 11:30 AM to 4 PM, and he has some big hitters speaking there.

Even Trump is making a video appearance, and all the talk at that event is in 6 weeks. It’s going to hit the fan in a big way. The Supreme Court will review these audit findings from the various states and the legal analysis because it will make this Wuhan lab story look like a small thing when it breaks.  And we are going to have a situation where legal precedents will be forced upon us. The Biden presidency will have to be recalled. If he stays in office, everything he does over the next three years will have to be undone or ignored. He is functioning without any authority to do anything due to the election fraud being so bad and noticeable.  It’s going to be messy, very messy.  But the big question regardless is how long Joe Biden can stay in office with all this scrutiny?  How long can the media continue to push the narrative that this was a regular election in 2020 and that the results should be accepted even though we know they are wrong.  And what the hell are we going to do as a country with these facts given to us?  Stay tuned!

If you want to follow along, you can see the rally live on Frank  Or you can listen to the coverage on OANN from the iHeart Radio app. 

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