Colleges Paved the Way for Communism in our Corporate Culture: The quest for a better life has put chains on the hearts and minds of innocent students

There is a lot of discussion now about how and why corporate cultures have gone so Woke and are no longer opportunities for jobs and product development, but are drivers of communism in our culture in America.  As I’ve pointed out before, college is not how you achieve success in life; those sentiments were given to us from Europe and the early American sensibilities that they were the gateway to aristocracy.  To this day, parents who want good things for their children are convinced that a college degree will give their offspring an entry point into aristocratic society, which is how the game is designed.  The genuinely successful usually find that to develop an idea independently, college gets in their way.  But to serve someone who is doing all the risk-taking, college can help them get a job working with those people.  It all depends on what you want out of life.  However, communists have infiltrated that education process, and they did so early on. With everyone learning the same kind of communist garbage in college, it’s no wonder many students find they spend the rest of their lives deprogramming themselves from what they learned. And it is through that method, the communist dog whistles work when China plans some passive-aggressive attack on our culture, and we find ourselves defenseless to take a stand, as explained in the video below. 

Colleges Teach Wokeness

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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