The Story of the Cicadas: How governments and other malicious characters control us

Thinking deeply about these new cicadas that have been coming out of the ground for this latest 17-year cycle in May has given me reflection on the nature of life in general and the ways that governments seek to control us.   I like these cicadas, they are beautiful little creatures, and it almost seems tragic that their life is so short for all the hoopla they embark on to arrive over such a long gestation period.  But here they are, they climb out of their shells after so long burrowed in the ground only to almost immediately begin their mating rituals followed by death days or weeks later.  It reminds me in a cosmic way of the human lifespan and why we have the kinds of anxieties that we do about things.  I would also offer that by developing our intellects, we can step away from the lifecycles that the cicadas are stuck on.  But one major impediment that we must overcome is how governments use our natural struggle with lifecycles to keep us under control, as explained in the video below.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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