What’s the Difference of Bill Gates Terrorism and that of the Killer Ted Kaczynski: Is it only money?

It’s not quite enough to compare Ted Kaczynski to the terrorism of Bill Gates, we have to also look at the injustice of the body counts.  In the video above, these are the kinds of questions we should be asking.  Should Bill Gates get away with literally killing people just because he gives a lot of money to government and isn’t thought of as a terrorist—even though many more people have died as a result?  Ted Kaczynski in comparison only killed a few people and physically maimed a handful more by blowing off their hands with mail bombs he made to bring attention to an industrial society and the problems of technology. Both terrorists get away with their crimes to some extint because both stand for liberal causes.  Socialists and communists love Kaczynski because those types of societies can’t compete in a capitalist world anyway and its good for them to reset economies to the kind that don’t require much imagination.  Bill Gates wants something very similar by forcing people to live in a zero-emission world where the carbon footprint of everyone is controlled by a remarkably strong central government that is poised to stifle human activity to the point where people won’t have the option to perpetuate a technological society.  Both have used terrorism to make their points, and both have indirectly killed people.  Ted by making his bombs in his shed in Montana, Gates by grabbing hold of the political powers of the world and using governments to do the deed.  But both have blood on their hands, yet in Gates’ case, he’s thought of as a hero rather than a murderous villain.  Why is that?

I’m of course coming from the position that Covid-19 is a completely made-up response to the communist need to slow down human behavior in the world so that a great reset of economic activity could be possible.  And of course, there are now many people involved and its on such a scale that many millions of people are complicit.  But when it comes to building the story, just as Ted Kaczynski with his manifesto, Bill Gates used his money in the way that the Unabomber used violence to leverage opinion toward his political causes.  In the whole history of the world, mankind has never tried to muzzle itself the way we did with Covid-19 and all that activity started essentially with Bill and his wife funding Covid-19 with events like Event 201 in New York during October of 2019 just a few months ahead of the congressional attempt yet again to host a coup against President Trump with the first impeachment during an election year.  It was at Davos that the tech billionaires and other hedge funders decided that they needed to tamper with the election of 2020 and Bill Gates had set the stage with Covid-19, not just with the money he put in Event 201, but in grabbing hold of Doctor Doom himself and letting Trump know that if he didn’t take action on Covid-19 by implementing the biggest lockdown in the history of humanity—all to save the earth from environmental impact, then millions and millions of people would die as a result.  So Trump shut down the American economy and gave Democrats the key to the plan they had all along, to tamper with the election of 2020 with mail-in ballots that would allow them to cheat and install Beijing Biden.  China was in on it too, but bringing them all together was Bill Gates, the geek from Washington state who used to be the richest person in the world due to his Microsoft fortune. 

The deaths came if you believe the government numbers, which I don’t, but that’s what we have to measure.  We have Covid-19 deaths replacing common cold deaths, and deaths by all kinds of other diseases that have mysteriously disappeared during this last year.  The total deaths in America really haven’t changed with Covid as opposed to years where Covid wasn’t even a thought, but if you take the government accounting at the CDC and World Health Organization we have many hundreds of thousands of people who have died of Covid-19, which is the responsibility of everyone who created it, countries like China, financiers like Bill Gates and many others obviously using the virus for a political strategy toward communism that has long been talked about.  When cures for the virus were proposed such as hydroxychloroquine and the use of UV-C light to kill the virus on surfaces so that a real stop the spread could be utilized the information was essentially banned from the internet in order to continue the spread, so that the political machine could continue to justify the lockdowns and drive public opinion into accepting a suspension of Constitutional law giving government more power to deal with the fake crises.

Then there is the misery factor in continuing the illusion of a problem with Covid-19 when it clearly isn’t the menace of death that they wanted it to be.  Most of the people who we know who did die of Covid-19 were in nursing homes, and it looks like governors like the one in New York purposely put people in danger in order to drive up the death counts so that people would believe in the public menace.  That’s not just mismanagement, its murder by any measure.  Yet government acted on behalf of terrorism in order to achieve political control for itself which Bill Gates was directly involved in.  Both he and Ted Kaczynski still have public platforms to speak from.  Ted is in jail for life yet he still can get his information out to the public communicating with people on the dangers an overly industrialized society that can ruin us unless we all go back to the primitive life of hunters and gatherers, which government of course acting as the village chiefs they so much want to be.  When it comes to Gates and Kaczynski, their information gets to the public like hungry little birds waiting for a worm.  Kaczynski still has his manifesto on a website which left-leaning anarchists can pull it up on their phones and read it while they plot the overthrow of the United States as members of Antifa.  And when it comes to Bill Gates, just turn on the television, he’s everywhere.  News outlets want some of Gates’ money to fall their way so they accept at face value the terrorism of Covid-19 without media investigation.  They just take what he says at face value and leave it that way by sticking to the story.  Question nothing when it comes to Gates because of the big picture of climate change activism—even if it all is complete and utter nonsense.  But the problem still remains, if all these people truly have died of Covid-19 and not to mention the massive costs to the economies of the world, how is Bill Gates not thought of as the greatest terrorist mastermind in the history of humanity? Is it because we think of him as the great creator of Microsoft, a company most of us use every day, and the reality of what he is, is just too awful?  Hmmmmm.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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