UV-C Light Was Always the Answer: But government was too dumb and too malicious to listen

It has never been about saving lives, its always been about controlling lives with fear.  Covid-19 is the biggest hoax contemplated over the history of the world, except for perhaps the election fraud of 2020 in America.  But Covid was used to help cheat that election, so the bigger problem is certainly the government’s use of phony data, government doctors, and outright terrorism to drive social policy toward more centralized control.  The proof comes now from statistics such as the measure of the flu from one year to the next.  Now that we are a year at this point into Covid-19 we have comparisons to prove our point, such as an article from the Gateway Pundit from the end of January stating the obvious, that in 2020 at the same time period, there were 14,657 cases of the flu reported.  On month and a year later in 2021 there have only been 23, meaning that many more cases were recorded as Covid infections as opposed to the flu.  And you can see the same results in just about every category of illness, what used to be called something else is now Covid everything.  There is a lot of money to be made off Covid and the testing of it, so it is being exploited for all its worth.  The relationship between pharmaceuticals and government is as corrupt as anything ever seen, and now the results are becoming known with these year-to-year measures. 

Now, after watching this nonsense for over a year and listening to governors continue to listen to a witless CDC about how to stop the spread of Covid-19, then to listen to the complete lunacy of the Biden administration and their voodoo doctors lecture us on wearing masks, social distancing, and following the “science” I must point out that I provided the solution to all this a year ago when I wrote my article on UV-C light.  We never had to shut down one business, we never needed to have a lockdown to slow the spread in any way, and we sure as hell don’t need to wear masks.  People could have had an orgy in the middle of a shopping mall slobbering all over each other and it wouldn’t have made one bit of difference if only people had listened to the real science of UV-C light to not just stop the spread, but to kill the virus completely.  As I said back then, and now again, the use of ultraviolent light to manage the virus spread is the key.  As I said in the video above, that is the real science in dealing with viral outbreaks, and I also said that the reason science hasn’t been used was because Covid was always intended to be a political weapon.  It was never something we couldn’t control.  The lack of control was on purpose, to inspire political change.  Not to actually solve the problem, so government avoided the solution because they wanted to make your life miserable, so that you would vote for change. 

The way UV-C light is used is that there are wands and scanner type of devices that can kill all the virus residue on just about any surface, such as buses, airplanes, the entry point to stores, anywhere that people go.  By passing through the UV-C scanners the ultraviolent light would kill the virus on exposure, much the way the sun kills the virus when people are exposed to the outside.  This whole notion social distancing and staying inside is insanely stupid, yet that has been the policy of government.  And when we question them, losers like lying hiding Joe Biden just say, “follow the science.”  And they say that even if the result is that you follow them right over a cliff, or into destroying your entire civilization because they gave you bad advice, either by accident or on purpose.  I can understand in the beginning of the Covid cycle that many people needed to see more information about how deadly the virus really was going to turn out to be.  But as we see from the Gateway Pundit article, the numbers are largely phony, Covid isn’t very deadly, and we could easily eliminate it from our thoughts with the use of UV-C light. 

I was planning to take my family Disney World this past winter but we called it off due to all their stupid rules on Covid spread.  I understand that Disney as a company is very liberal, so they are following their progressive/communist talking points for the social agenda they are after.  I’m not going to spend many thousands of dollars at Disney World not to have a great time with my family.  Wearing masks, and not being able to get away from social distancing mandates while riding half full rides just isn’t fun.  We tried it at Kings Island over the past summer.  My family went to ride the new Orion roller coaster one time during our Gold Pass season but never went back because it was so miserable to wear the stupid masks.  While there I kept thinking how archaic it was for Kings Island Amusement Park to have to check temperatures at the door and enforce all the mask policies when all they needed to do was put UV-C scanners at the security check points.  People could have walked through, held up their arms and let the light kill any traces of the virus on your body.  Forget about the washing the hands every five seconds like the CDC recommends like an overly panicked parent of a first-born child, UV-C light was the real solution that we needed to utilize to manage the virus.  After such stupidity, we just cancelled any other public amusements until the government got out of the medical industry and went back to flipping pencils into the ceiling to see if they could make them stick.  There are real scientific solutions to the Covid problem, but government wasn’t interested in utilizing them because they wanted to have the problem.

The CDC has reported that nearly 450,000 people have died so far of Covid-19, but we now understand that they are counting also all the poisonings, shootings, homicides, and hospice deaths as well.  The government has been trying to manipulate all of us by trying to make Covid-19 look more deadly than it really is so that government can come by with a bunch of fake science made up by intellectual children to convince people to give more power to government to solve it.  But the real numbers of deaths and colds are pretty much on par with numbers from last year and the year prior.  The only thing that changed is in what we call the problem by name.  We still had the problem of deaths and disease.  Yet 2021 wasn’t more of a deadly year than 2020 because of Covid, meaning we have done all these stupid things and costs to the economy over nothing but self-imposed pain.  The technology of UV-C has sat around pretty much unused when we really should be using it everywhere human beings interact. Its relatively cheap, as opposed to all the restaurants that have gone out of business, and is a real science to deal with viral problems opposed to the voodoo activism that the government has imposed on us.  And for their lack of solutions, prosecutions are the only answer. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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