What the Unabomber and Bill Gates Have in Common: The scam for what it is

Here’s a paradox for you, as we speak the government is going through the social media of our military looking for Trump supporters they can deem are “right-winged extremists,” we are also told we must accept transgender politics, gay rights, the reduction in the value of manhood, and all kinds of other liberal political causes.  People like Mike Lindell are being de-platformed and attacked financially for not accepting that the election of 2020 was fair and that Beijing Biden is the President of the United States.  Yet as of the end of January 2021 the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was making updates on his webpage, Industrial Society and its Future continuing to advocate his 30,000 word essay on the evils of technology and why mankind needs to revert back to more primitive modes of living, ones that are easier for the global financiers to control.  Ironically if you read that essay which was originally published in the 1980s in The Washington Post you’ll find that Ted Kaczysnki and Bill Gates have remarkably similar viewpoints.  Ted wanted humans to not lose themselves in technology and wanted to take society back to a more primitive time, Bill wants to take humans back to a zero-emission society to save the planet.  Both want to stop the forward progress of society to essentially save the planet from mankind’s imprint.  So why are we allowing terrorists to rule over us, and why is Ted Kaczynski allowed to continue spewing forth nonsense while he serves life sentences for killing people due to his radicalism?

I was reminded of Kaczynski’s radicalism by a very good documentary about him that was on Netflix which I would recommend everyone watch for themselves. Kaczynski was bombing people for no real reason for a few decades by mail as he stayed in a no technology shed in the middle of Montana without even running water.  As I watched the documentary, I kept thinking of how similar he was to Bill Gates who is treated by the left in the same way.  Both Kaczynski and Gates are embraced by the greenie weenie communists who want to stop progress on the earth to save the planet from mankind.  Now what’s odd for Gates is that he is very much a part of advancing mankind by creating Microsoft.  But these days, he is much more interested in climate change than in technology. And his rationale for reducing earth’s population or controlling that population through more government control that he has a big part in shaping through his many billions of dollars donated to groups like the World Health Organization, is much like Ted Kaczynski’s justification for bombing innocent people to bring awareness to the crime of technological advancement and its impact on the human soul. 

Yet Mike Lindell is being raked over the coals and is being shoved off the internet anywhere that it can be done because he questions the real problem of election integrity in the 2020 voter cycle?  Do you see the problem?  I don’t think it takes much of a stretch of the imagination to point to the election fraud as a part of the bigger cover-up of Covid-19 where people like Gates acting as the Unabomber did, used terrorism to advance his cause.  For Gates and his accomplice Fauci and the Chinese communist government Covid-19 was all about crippling the United States politically and economically.  For China they want to take over the world as the most dominate financial player, for Gates and other billionaire radicals, all who hated Trump and were very jealous of him, it was about climate change.  If people were locked in their homes over fear of a virus, it could be demonstrated to the world that humanity could be connived to save the earth from their cars, airplanes and need to participate in useless consumerism.  Governors went along with the scam because they wanted some of Bill Gates donations for their next campaigns and everyone was happy, except the locked down and masked American people. 

If Ted Kaczynski could have had the ability to walk into the president’s office like Bill Gates did and declare that millions of people were going to die if we didn’t take measures against the escape of Covid-19 from China, you can bet he would have.  But Gates has money that politicians want so he had enough prestige to work through Dr. Fauci to convince Trump in an election year that any deaths from Covid would be on his head.  Isn’t that terrorism?  Because at the time nobody knew anything about Covid-19 or how it was any different than a common cold.  What we do know is that Gates and his wife sponsored the Event 201 in New York just a few months prior in October which war gamed a virus outbreak and how the governments of the world would react, which is something nobody has ever done in the history of the world.  Then by some miracle in early February of 2020 an act of terrorism was created to make Covid-19 into the first test case to convince people to move toward a zero-emission world with the same kind of justification of terrorism that Ted Kaczynski blew off people’s hands with bombs to get awareness of the dangers of an overly industrialized society.  Hmmmmmm.  Do you smell the rat dear reader?

The proof of the conspiracy is that Ted Kaczynski even from jail is still allowed to communicate his message under the banner of First Amendment Rights, even as current government insurgents are trying to censor anybody who might question the results of the 2020 election.  So a known terrorist in jail for the rest of his life can rattle on about the evils of technology.  Bill Gates can shut down the world through Covid-19 in order to war game how climate change activism might take the world back to the same place Kaczynski wants as announced in his 30,000-word Manifesto: Industrial Society and its Future.  But Mike Lindell or Donald Trump himself can’t question that there was election fraud.  Or that that election fraud was designed to put the right people in power who could contain the story of the Covid-19 fraud, which was global and an impediment to all global economies?

Hey, folks, I’ve been around a while.  I remember the Kaczynski case well and the media approach to it.  I have watched the rise of radical elements emerging in our government and media which have made much of this possible.  I remember what the world was like before a lot of these modern news media types were even born and processed like crushed bread through our public education systems which taught them not to think, but to accept whatever someone like Bill Gates tells them.  “Oh, Covid-19 is dangerous because the guy who might give millions of dollars to my foundation says so, Oh, that’s good enough for me.”  If only Ted Kaczynski would have had money instead of just living off his parents in a little cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Would he be different from Bill Gates who has the same global intentions, only he has the money to pay people off?  The global radicals love both of them and go out of their way to make sure Ted Kaczynski gets a platform to speak from.  But just because someone has money it doesn’t mean they aren’t technically a terrorist.  And it certainly doesn’t make Ted Kaczynski any different from Bill Gates.  Terrorism is terrorism no matter what the cause behind it is. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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