The Art of the Comeback: Trump has been there before, and he can do it again

This is for the many Trump campaign people who read here; I have noticed something useful that should be utilized. It’s not just a campaign of unfairness what the FBI and Biden Democrats are doing by abusing their relationship with the Department of Justice to prosecute President Trump and keep him off the ballot in 2024. We all understand that, and yes, it’s grossly unfair. But their continued use of that pressure is more than just an abuse of authority; it’s a strategy. The raid on the President’s home was a stamp on him that there was an authority bigger than him. By calling into question Trump’s right to evoke executive privilege, the enemies on the other side want to deny that Trump was ever President and could never evoke such a thing. That is the game we are playing here. It’s more like football than anything, where the Biden cheaters’ defensive line intends to create so much pressure that our quarterback, Trump, can’t make his reads and complete his throws. Even though it’s evident that Trump earned more than 75 million votes in the last election and likely will again, the strategy going into a 2024 election cycle can’t be what it is today, where the message is victimhood.   Even though it has been unfair, Trump must stop saying it and appeal to people’s sympathy. He needs to show that he is bigger than the system, which is how he became elected in 2016. The system miscalculated him and figured he would never beat Hillary Clinton anyway, so they didn’t attack him enough. They won’t make that mistake in 2024.

Likely, the Democrats will put up Gavin Newsom to replace Joe Biden. Once Biden gets through the midterms, they will retire him off into the sunset, and he’ll play along, stating his age. That will all be to make way for Newsom, who is much younger and will pressure Republicans to give more support to DeSantis and lower the age of the candidates into something more favorable to Democrats. And they’ll hope to split Republican support between Trump and DeSantis and cause a rift between MAGA supporters since most of the Republican Party has already turned against Never Trumper types and RINOs. The constant pressure of investigation and court action are all designed to keep Trump off his game and reacting, rather than setting the stage for what the next election will be about. That is where Trump would benefit significantly from changing his strategy to more offense than trying to appeal to people’s sense of unfairness. Everyone knows the system is rigged. Everyone sees how corrupt everything is. What they want to know is what Trump would do about it. The first time around, in 2015, it was The Art of the Deal presidency. People wanted a real deal maker, and Trump had his books and television shows that showed he was a master at it. They voted for him to do what he would eventually do, run circles around the politicians of the rest of the world and make fools of them, and put America back into the winning column. And it worked, it worked too well, in fact, and the globalist types hit the panic button and pulled every string at their disposal to get rid of Trump so that the threats to their Liberal World Order would stop, which is where we are today. 

But Trump has another best seller, it’s hard to get these days, but it’s still out there, The Art of the Comeback, which I think is much more appropriate for this next campaign run. 2024 is much different than things were in 2016. Before Trump’s first presidency, we only suspected certain things, and so did he. After we have confirmation on many of those things, a different approach will be needed, and the ground rules for the next election must be set by him, just as he did in 2016. He made that election about deal-making and took it out of the realm of the professional advisors who wanted it to all be about taxes, abortion, women’s rights, and climate change. Democrats in 2024 will try to sell California socialism to the rest of the nation, which will be the platform. Usually, Republicans get caught reacting to that platform instead of setting it themselves, with inflation out of control. With respect around the world, that is so terribly bad. With the crush of the electric car market that is grossly underpowered and saturating American car makers by force of government intrusion, people won’t just want to Make America Great Again. Still, they will want to do so with a big fat exclamation point.   They will want a president that has shown them the roadmap to victory before and can handle the extreme odds stacked against us with poise and grace. Obviously, the enemies of America worldwide have set things in motion that many people don’t think could be recovered. They think it’s too late for America and that nothing we do can stop the country’s destruction at this point. And that is the primary issue going into 2024. It’s one thing to win seats and gain majorities in 2022. But how do you keep people focused on task for another two years once we’ve stopped the bleeding?

I’ve always liked Trump because of his books on business. And I thought The Art of the Comeback was one of Trump’s better books because it tells the story of how a big-time investment player lost everything, to become billions of dollars poorer than a homeless person, and picked himself up to become once again and permanently, one of the world’s wealthiest people. And in the aftermath of all that success, and running the hit show on NBC, The Apprentice, Trump married Melania and then set the stage for a run for President, which he won, of course. That is a story that everyone can appreciate, and it’s the story that Americans want to hear about in 2024. They don’t want to hear about the FBI and the election fraud, although that is the biggest story in the human race. If election fraud continues, then Republicans will never win, so we have to deal with it with tighter controls. But people don’t want to hear about how Trump is a victim. They want to see that he’s bigger than the system and that he is untouchable by the enemies of America. They want to see The Art of the Comeback. They want confidence, bravado, and an America First platform. Voters want to know that Trump made a comeback for himself; now they want to see it done for them, to save their country from the obviously bad people around the world who hate America and us and are salivating our destruction. When I went to campaign events for Trump in 2015 and 2016, I saw many people carrying around copies of The Art of the Deal, hoping they could get Trump to sign it for them. They would hold it up at rallies, and Trump would positively point them out to the audience. In a lot of ways, that was the campaign slogan of 2016. But few people know about his Art of the Comeback, and it’s time to educate them on its success. It’s the perfect way to start this new campaign and the ideal way to take the momentum away from the government antagonizers who are terrified that Trump will win in 2024. And the way to keep everyone focused on the right things would be to make The Art of the Comeback the foundation for the 2024 run. It’s part of Trump’s brand, and it certainly would set in motion great things to come, politically and socially. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Police Report: Zero tolerance for liars and bullies

As I said in the video, the two things I have zero tolerance for are liars and bullies, whether individually or through institutions. And this whole case with Matt Miller, the superintendent of Lakota schools, is the result of both. And since trouble was first announced in August of 2022, the worst in people and those traits has only escalated the problem to the result of this police report, which is available through a public record request with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. And given the pressure and emotion of a situation like this, I am impressed with the investigation and report. I wanted Matt Miller to be innocent; I didn’t want to believe what kind of information that a small army of friends connected to his ex-wife was reporting about his behavior during his marriage to her. They had all been triggered by watching how Matt was treating the school board member Darbi Boddy and what came from them to a friend of mine, Vennessa Wells, a former Lakota school board candidate, which I explain in detail in the video, were things that nobody wants to think about. When I saw it, because of the seriousness of it, I instantly recommended sending it to the police because this wasn’t tabloid stuff about who was sleeping with whom and for what salacious reason. This is an admission that sent their marriage into counseling and eventual termination because of its audaciousness. And when it comes to public employees, like Matt Miller is, who is the spokesperson for Lakota schools as a public figure, and everything is paid for with public money, the behavior in a bedroom when it deviates from standard husband/wife activities becomes everyone’s business, especially when it involves the kind of behavior that the officers interviewing both his ex-wife and Matt Miller himself revealed. 

The whole report is bad for the way I see things. It shows a history of a reckless sexual lifestyle that culminated in the point of the entire report, which the Lakota school board chose not to discuss with the public. They received this report on September 9th and have been reporting to the public that it cleared Matt Miller of any wrongdoing. When referring to the activities reported during an interview with the Lakota superintendent, initially, he said to the investigators that the activities he participated in did not involve minors but that they, as a couple, did participate in sexual encounters, as alluded to elsewhere in the report. Then, as the investigation continued, he admitted that they had “pillow talk” about role-playing, drugging, molesting, and recording on video sex acts with three juveniles. The police report also references the possession of images of underage nude children that could easily be obtained by correlating his phone at the time or through the carrier. This part of the report was odd because Matt Miller admitted to talking about sex with underage children with his wife as if “pillow talk” gave him the excuse of any liability. But as all child pornography tends to assume, the downloading of it, the planning of it, or the act of it tends to inspire very severe penalties. Yet under pressure from the investigators, he rationalized this behavior as acceptable social conduct, behavior we wouldn’t have known if his ex-wife and her friends had not come forward with information that they were inspired to through the treatment of the board of current school board member Darbi Boddy. It’s not like people were looking for dirt on Matt Miller’s lifestyle. It came forward through his social interactions and the power of his position.

When I first read all the Craigslist information and the many text messages between Miller and his wife, as she was feeling bad about everything, and he was not denying that anything she was saying had happened, I saw it immediately as a case for the authorities. They needed a chance to do the right thing and provide a proper investigation. I wanted this case to be about a messy divorce where an ex-spouse wanted to bring down her husband out of further vengeance for a marriage gone wrong. With the mention of children and their own child involved in “pillow talk,” I was hoping it all just to be salacious nonsense. But during the interview, Matt Miller admitted that they had talked about it as part of their fantasy talk in the bedroom, and that was it for me. All this occurred in 2019, and as of this writing, this is 2022. The only reason we know any of this is because of his ex-wife and her many friends who feel she was an abused person and wanted to defend her publicly. The superintendent’s actions against Darbi Boddy were their trigger mechanism to do so. But now we have to question what don’t we know. I would certainly hope that sexual fantasies with underage children are not common. A mind that allows itself to think such things are broken and needs help. They certainly don’t need to be in charge of 17,000 students behind locked security from the outside world that the superintendent controls exclusively. That doesn’t sound like a very “safe” environment. If little kids are the subject of “pillow talk,” Matt Miller probably shouldn’t have eyes on children under his care. 

Even worse is the school board’s reaction to this report. They read the same thing, yet they punted everything to a third-party investigation, just as they have for CRT. And from the teacher’s union at Lakota came a steady stream of denials that there was any evidence, even as everyone had this police report in their hands. They claimed that anything said against Matt Miller was unsubstantiated before they even knew that there was a police report. I received lots of hate mail from community activists who attacked Venessa and me and continued to spread all kinds of misinformation on various social media platforms trying to do damage control without knowing anything about the facts. I was bewildered as I saw some of these while holding pages and pages of evidence in my hand. I considered much of that evidence hearsay until the police did their investigation. I expected Matt Miller, when interviewed, to say something to the effect, even if he was lying, “no, no, I would never think of doing anything sexual to children.” I may not care much for the guy, but on a level of basic human decency, I would hope that he would at least not cross that line. But instead, he said it was “pillow talk.” For the police, is pillow talk illegal when it involves children? Possession of nude photos of children certainly is, and that would seem easy enough to get. We just saw that the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office had a family member sent to prison for the rest of his life because of child pornography, so we can only speculate why the words “at this time” concluded this report. I would agree with Lindsey Sheehan on the evidence; so far, it was a one-sided conversation that would need cross-referencing with carrier data, an inspection of Matt Miller’s computer, and further interviews with more witnesses. And who has the stomach for all that, especially on such a large and public case? And who needs all that when you have the superintendent himself admitting to what he did to the officers? That was bad enough. But worse, so many adults supposed to care anything for children were more concerned about protecting Matt Miller than what might be best for children. That certainly wasn’t their first priority, as shown by their actions.

Rich Hoffman

Liberals are Too Stupid to Hurt You: But they are also too stupid to know better

It’s time to admit something to ourselves that might sound harsh initially, but if you want to solve the problem, you have to identify the root cause. And that is that liberals, all liberals, are pretty stupid and that the rights they are fighting for are to make the rest of the world as dumb as they are, which of course, is detrimental to the causes of the human race. Liberals are dumb people, and what is worse than any of that, they are too dumb not to know how dumb they really are. Because they lack the ability to think, reason, and build their lives constructively, they always think they are the smartest people in the room. And through the disguises of collectivism, where they hide their stupidity behind a wall of mass opinion and popular sentiment, they complete a ruse that is mostly designed for themselves to provide the illusion that they have intelligence. Yet, the essence of their movement, of all that they stand for, is that they are fighting for the right to be stupid and to make the rest of the world that way, so they aren’t exposed as insufficient for a proper existence. When you have to talk to them, liberals are about as stupid as a typical animal, barely able to find food for themselves while they are awake as they plot and scheme the world around them to have more time to sleep. They aren’t about living life; they stand for turning the mind off with drugs, mindless entertainment, and overly sexualized lifestyles that an average horny dog might partake in while humping the leg of everyone who steps into their home. Liberals are gross, barbaric, and have nothing to offer the intellect of a long history of human endeavor and are not only detriments to themselves but to all, they come in contact with.

The Biden speech in Philadelphia is just one example of this stupidity. Someone in the White House and representative of the Democrat Party thought it would be a good idea to put a senile old man in front of a building draped in red, with military figures in the background, and that the optics would be beneficial to them in some way. These are the same idiots who have hampered California with insufficient electrical power because they are worshiping the god of Climate Change these days and are imposing their solar panels and wind turbans that barely work on the people. Then they want further to impose electric cars on that much-reduced power grid only to tell people to turn off their air conditioners during 100-degree days to save energy that they artificially imposed on themselves as a sacrifice to their stupid religion. Or the optics of storming Mike Lindell in a Hardee’s drive-thru to attempt to scare Trump supporters with the terror of the administrative state because he is an “election skeptic.” Only a dumb person would look at the 2020 election and not see the obvious election fraud that Democrats and globalists worldwide pushed to implement with Covid restrictions and the strategy of their Great Reset. You’d have to be really stupid to say there was no election fraud. But to insist that people like Mike Lindell accept the liberal premise that 2+2 is five or some other absurdity, the harassment by the FBI against their rival political party continues to escalate as we get closer to the midterms. Who thinks that is a good idea except for very dumb people who obviously don’t know better? Well, the same idiots who signed off on that Biden speech, knowing full well how it would look, how it would sound, but they did it anyway, thinking they were going to get an A on their paper as judged by the media, which is about as dumb as they are. 

The truth of that Biden speech in Philly, where so much election fraud did occur during the 2020 election and is at the center of many investigations as to how nearly a million votes were dumped into the system after election day, taking a massive Trump lead and shaving it away until the brain dead Biden and his corrupt, criminal family was put into the White House by people obviously not part of the American voting system, you’d have to be a complete idiot not to see the problem. And there just aren’t enough dumb people who are willing to buy the stupidity to allow the Democrat Party to seize power in the way they have and not to question it. But because people generally play by the rules, they accepted Biden as the president and looked to the next election for an opportunity to fix things. But the dumb people of liberalism sought to implement all their insane ideas within just a few months of gaining that power. You see, this is why we have the kind of Republic form of government that we do have. Our government isn’t designed to go fast. It is designed to put on the brakes so that government can’t grow too big too fast and destroy free enterprise, which is the real miracle of all economic growth, unleashing the imagination of free people for the benefit of all life on planet earth. Liberals want to micromanage everything so that they aren’t exposed to the genuine stupidity of their lifestyles, and their lack of intellect can be hidden behind the mirage of mass society. In their minds, if everyone is dumb, they will never be exposed for their lack of knowledge. And life would go on happily ever after. 

But that is why everything they do presents a Hellish existence, much like the optics of the Biden speech in Philly came across. The truth is that they thought the Biden speech was going to be a hit, and they were perplexed afterward that it wasn’t. Just as they are in everything they do, from energy policy to currency evaluation. I think Biden started the war in Ukraine because of the United Nations’ goals to defeat nationalism worldwide, but it has only strengthened populist movements everywhere. Russia has the upper hand over Europe and is most poised to crush the Desecrators of Davos, who are a much more significant threat in the world than the Russians are by a lot. Speaking of Russians, we just learned that the FBI had a Russian spy on their payroll, and they used him to advance their phony Russia story to attempt a coup against Trump. Only stupid people would look at all these actions and their involvement on January 6th to try to create bad optics for Trump in the wake of a stolen election, which they helped to steal to put their guy Biden in the White House and think that they’d get away with it because they thought the rest of the world was as dumb as they were. They thought the fear of force would take even smart minds and force them to turn off their intelligence long enough to complete their ruse to the world. Instead, we ended up seeing a bunch of losers who children would laugh at as ridiculous on an old Flintstones rerun. They are dumb as rocks, which might insult the rocks. The goal of all liberalism is to hide their natural stupidity because only dumb people would even associate with such a cast of characters. And to do that, they must maintain the illusion that they are the smartest people in the room but attempt to dumb down the rest of the world literally. But, it hasn’t worked, and most people, voters particularly, see what’s going on, and they aren’t going along with it, which is why there is much panic and a show of force by liberals now. Their Liberal World Order is falling apart. Smart people knew it always would. The dumb people are perplexed now as to why. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lakota School Board Has Always Been Political: So why do they want peace now?

Wait a minute, why was Julie Shaffer crying at the Lakota school board meeting on September 12th? After all, she has been one of the most vicious political activists on the school board over the years. She has come after me before, quite viciously. In 2012, after Lakota had suffered its third levy defeat and figured that the only way they would ever win a tax increase from the community was to get rid of me, they came after me in a very public way, not in a softball manner. So since they couldn’t beat me in debate, Julie worked with several school board members and the Cincinnati media to destroy me viciously, which has been well chronicled. For most people, what she and the Lakota school board did to me would have destroyed them, and they didn’t care what it did to my family, life, or reputation in the community. They just wanted me gone, and they took the kill shot, and so did the Cincinnati media, which was hooked in lockstep with them, just as they are today. I have recently watched them do the same thing to Darbi Boddy. After voters elected her, the Lakota school board decided they didn’t want her, so they conspired to get rid of her viciously, with fangs out, and ruthlessly, blowing on the fires of liberal activism throughout the community. They didn’t care one bit what it might do to Darbi, her family, or her reputation. They simply wanted to destroy her in any way possible. 

But then, at the school board meeting’s closing comments, it came time for Julie to provide her’s; fighting back the tears, she said, “that I wish that people could remember that this is more than political theater and that these are people’s lives and future and what they worked for their entire career, and there are more people involved and that these are more than people’s points on a score card.” Well, isn’t that an astonishing statement? Who would have figured that she would say such a thing, given her track record? But then that opens up a whole new can of worms. Suppose she has such a public double standard depending on the political situation. How much bad behavior has she been willing to explain away in the past, knowing what this information tells us about her? I already know the answer, but for you, dear reader, let’s just have a little fun with it. For many years, I have heard of many cover-up stories that the Lakota school board has whitewashed. My hope was that with the current school board candidates that maybe that would change. But as soon as Darbi was elected, the knives came out, and surprisingly, Lynda did not come to her defense like I expected that she would and should. I have not been a fan of public education for many years now. I think teaching kids a progressive, liberal education is a huge waste of money. But I have worked with school board members like Lynda over the years to try and save the system. I have come to the defense of many who found themselves without a voice where the media did not want to tell their stories of bad conduct inflicted upon them to improve the school. I didn’t let my feelings toward people like Julie Shaffer inspire a campaign of complete destruction of the public school system in my district. I’ve held back a lot to make the thing work because I knew there were people like Lynda there trying to make it better. 

But then I heard at that same meeting Lynda gave a strange interpretation of the police report, which is available from the Sheriff’s Department as a public record’s request. Anybody can see it and read it, yet Lynda had a strange interpretation of it. She said, “there are no credible allegations against Mr. Miller. The Sheriff’s Office completed its investigation and found there was ‘no probable cause to initiate criminal charges.'” Well, actually, what the police report says at the end of a description of really extraordinary allegations and a police investigation that seems unreal is that the prosecutor said, “at this time,” as in to mean there wasn’t enough evidence at that point to further criminal charges. It does not “clear” Matt Miller as the media and Lynda said it did. Rather, it eludes to much more, suggesting that there may be more to come. What is implied, knowing some of the inside information from the various witnesses, is that it is hoped that this police report will shut down the investigation unless the public demands more. If the public does, then the prosecutor’s behind would be covered to further the investigation. What is astonishing is that Lynda establishes herself as the judge as to whether or not witnesses are credible or not. So what does that say about the school board that she leads? If someone comes forward with information that the school board doesn’t like, does that mean that the school board doesn’t take it seriously? If the Board is anti-Darbi, anti-Tea Party, anti-Republican, does that mean they will disregard the information if it comes from those sources? I have known Lynda O’Conner for a fifth of my life and think of her as a smart woman. A well-intentioned woman. These statements by her seem strange, not her. But then again, maybe the only reason I’ve ever had a relationship with her was for her to keep her enemies close. Nothing would surprise me. Like I say, always judge people based on what they do, not what they say. 

The hypocrisy of it all is that, on the one hand, the school board is all about politics so long as they are destroying the people they don’t want around. But, they will rally to their own people even if those people are guilty as can be, which everyone should find alarming. This isn’t some conspiracy theory; we see this publicly at school board meetings. Compare the police report with what the Board said at the meeting, and everything becomes very clear. Matt Miller created his own problems. Yes, people have a problem with his behavior and are making their opposition known. But people like Julie Shaffer and her school board accomplices set the ground rules for bloodthirsty politics long ago. They take public money to function, and I wouldn’t say I like paying it for the garbage we get from each graduating class. Lynda knows how I felt, but we still worked together to assemble a nice school board that represented the public more than we had. I am surprised that she turned on Darbi as she did. I was also surprised to hear her say the things she did at the latest school board meeting. But then again, maybe not. You never really find out about people until you go through the pressure cooker with them. If Matt hadn’t done what he did to Darbi with the help of the Board led by Lynda and people like Julie to destroy her completely, then the witnesses against Matt Miller would have probably never had the strength to speak out for themselves and go public with the information that has the Lakota superintendent in so much trouble now. He did it to himself. People are only willing to take so much, and because of what those antagonists did at Lakota toward conservatives in the community, over a long period of time, they have asked for what is happening now. And if Lynda doesn’t think the person who was married to Matt, and her many friends wasn’t a credible witness even after the police did their interviews, maybe she is having trouble with definitions these days, just as she obviously has with the police report.

Rich Hoffman

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It’s All About Intent: Throwing stones is important to a civil society, so is living without sin as much as possible

After years of covering these public education issues, I arrived at my saturation point long ago. I like to think about positive things, and government schools do very little that is good in the world. If you are a person who still thinks there is some benefit to them, you likely need to redefine what you consider good. And that has certainly been my thought about this latest issue in Lakota schools, the district where I live, where the superintendent has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble due to a failed marriage that has certainly leaked out of the bedroom and into his very public position as a school superintendent. I have wanted to be wrong about him and the case in general. There are lots of people who are concerned about the case, who have kids going to the school, and due to the nature of the accusations that were mentioned against Matt Miller, the person who identified himself as a public figure on his Facebook page, he has brought the taxpayers quite a list of problems that he could have easily have avoided if only he took more caution in his personal affairs. The result has been a disgusting exhibition of bad judgment and reckless disregard for basic decency. Unfortunately, the police report is in, and it didn’t say that the evidence that told this horrible story wasn’t discredited. The sexual deviancy was true. But at this time, they didn’t have enough evidence to move forward with the criminal part of the story, which is what has concerned me the most.

The trouble I have with it all is that if the evidence hasn’t been discredited from its source, in this case, an ex-wife, then that means it could be corresponded with cell phone data that the cell phone carrier could provide, and at this point, there is very little will to perform that task. Based on what I know of the case after talking to lawyers, police officials, and several politicians, the reason is that this has major political ramifications that would be too much for everyone involved. Nobody wants to subject themselves to that level of pain. I would add that all this evidence is available upon a document request, including the text messages. At this time, to get that evidence, I would refer you to inquire about it through the official channels of the Lakota school board. There is a meeting on 9.12.22 where these questions could be asked, and I’d suggest that be the place to get answers to your questions. The media knows all about this story and have been sitting on it for many of the same reasons described. The school board has been waiting for this police report, and now they have it. So using the official channels of communication is the way to perform these inquiries. 

What bothers me most about this case is the behavior of the surrounding cast of characters. I always think more information is better than not having enough. But I asked a school board member three years ago specifically about Matt Miller’s sexual relationships because I had noticed a change in him over time. He had looked a lot more disheveled in recent years, to the point where when I shook his hand in public events, he was noticeably different. So I asked about it because there was a lot about him to be suspicious about regarding his personal behavior, outside of the role he performed for the school as a superintendent. And yes, it’s the public business when taxpayers pay him $200K per year. A public role expects that he will maintain a positive public profile, and he clearly was showing signs of something going wrong in his life. I thought it might be sexual in nature or maybe substance abuse. Things happen to people, but I remember specifically asking about it because it was a noticeable change. Now that I have seen the contents of the divorce records, the Craigslist ads, and the revelations of pillow talk between him and his wife at the time, it all makes sense. And I hate to say it, but I was very right about it. 

Knowing all this about himself, it is bewildering why he went after the new school board member Darbi Boddy the way he did because the hypocrisy of it is what provoked his ex-wife to go public with the contents of their divorce. She saw a pattern of behavior that reminded her of their marriage, and she thought it was unfair treatment toward Darbi. Darbi didn’t seek out the information; the information came out as a result of Matt Miller going after Darbi Boddy over the trespass charge he leveled against her. It bothered the ex-wife, so she sought out people who would tell her story. When I saw the contents of this information, I thought it was on the serious side and that the police needed to be involved, and that is how things have arrived where they are now. Now that the police have done their work, up to the current status, my hopes of all this being just political or inflammatory have been abandoned. So for all those who wanted to believe that it’s all hearsay, out of convenience for what the school system does for the community, or to protect whatever perceived value there was in it, the facts are the facts. They are available as public documents, and you can see them for yourself. There has already been a lot talked about it on social media. Much of the worst of it has been discussed on Facebook. It bothers me so much that I am simply telling people to get that information from the school board. The superintendent is their employee, and he’s their problem. They had an opportunity to get rid of him a few years ago when they obviously knew a lot of this bad behavior but determined that he could still perform his job in a public capacity. Yet that turned out not to be the case because if these kinds of things are out there, it limits his ability to manage anything because the ghosts come out of the closet when provoked. 

The behavior of so many people has been disappointing; in many cases, people I know and have known well. This problem occurs when compromised people have to pass moral judgments. I would say that this is why it’s good to live a clean life. Because morally, you may be called upon to make decisions that either make society better or worse. And if you get caught trying to explain away bad behavior because you are also guilty of the same kind of stuff, then you will not be able to call balls and strikes when it’s required of you. Even if you want to participate in “adult” behavior, you probably shouldn’t because when the time comes like this and moral opinions are essential to protecting children and taxpayer dollars; you won’t be so equipped. And that is obviously part of the anger at new school board members like Darbi Boddy and others who the ex-wife sought out to tell her story due to the public spectacle the superintendent blew out of proportion for purely political reasons. The political opponents to the board, the Tea Party conservatives, and the Holy Rollers of evangelical sentiment are throwing stones because they are not sinning. When the assumption is that nobody should pass judgment if they are not without sin, well, not everyone is doing the kinds of things that Matt Miller and his wife were up to sexually. And when it comes to sexual addiction or lifestyles that have an unhealthy relationship to sex, it’s a bottomless pit where fantasies migrate over into the intent to do something terrible outside the bedroom. And in many legal circumstances, not those as politically charged as this case, “intent” is all that is required. 

Rich Hoffman

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Government Schools are All About the Employees: The kids are used as a means to expand easy jobs and administrative nonsense

Everyone wants to know what’s going on with Lakota schools and why there has not been any mainstream news regarding the very serious allegation against the public school administration. Given the nature of the offense, as indicated in the official police report from the Butler County Sheriff’s Department, many were expecting at least an arrest or a leave of absence. But there has been nothing but an acknowledgment of documents, one from the police indicating that on August 8th, 2022, the complainant responded to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office to report that she had received and compiled information from a third party of potential criminal wrongdoing by the suspect regarding juveniles. Then there is a short email from the president of the Lakota School Board speaking on behalf of the entire Board, saying, ” Ms. (former candidate for Lakota school board), The Board has reviewed your email and attachments. The safety and security of the district’s students is the Board’s highest priority. As noted in your email, this issue has already been escalated to law enforcement and is now in the capable hands of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. When the Sheriff’s Office concludes its investigation, the Board will review its findings and determine if any further action is warranted. On behalf of the Board. ”  I thought all that pretty interesting, especially after the press conference Sheriff Jones held recently stating that he was investigating wrongdoing in the direction of Ohio Representative Thomas Hall, because years ago, when he was a trustee for Madison Township, there were questions as to whether or not he recused himself on Fire Department matters since his father was the Fire Chief. As discussed before, Thomas sought legal advice on when to recuse himself and when not to, so he was clean. But, with a Sheriff talking tough like that, you would think that a Lakota school administrator with an ex-wife putting in writing some really charged content would inspire more action on behalf of the “safety” of all. But after a month of tranquil activity on the matter from the administrative perspective, there hasn’t been anything to satisfy people’s fears.

I was wondering myself, knowing all the characters involved. When I first saw the material, I could have published it and beat the rest of the media to a really salacious story. But I was more concerned about the criminal side of the story and wanted to know how much some of the people in charge cared about what was happening in the school. Unfortunately, we have our answer, and it’s one I thought we would have from the beginning. Over the years, I have witnessed too many of these stories to think anything else. But I thought it was worth a try. We trusted the system and hoped for a reasonable outcome. With a case like this, it would be expected to have at least a note from the Board to the parents, much like they have on other things in the past. I remember when someone left a threatening note in a bathroom during a levy campaign, and a lot of drama was made about it. Lakota always seems to send home notes to the parents, letting them know when something is wrong and that the administration is all over the issue so they won’t have to worry. But on this issue, they have been oddly silent. They might say that it’s purely political, the entire escapade. But then again, what hasn’t been political? The moment that new school board member Darbi Boddy was voted in as a new school board member, many board members and the administration have been trying to remove her in any technical way they could, using every excuse possible to make a media story out of her, to put pressure on her to resign. So why wouldn’t there be political opposition flowing in the opposite direction? They should expect it; they created that atmosphere. 

The truth is that all public schools, Lakota being just one of them, are all about filling the needs of the employees. They could care less about the kids involved. This is the case today, and it has been the case over the many decades that I have been involved in these public school issues. Government schools like Lakota use children as a playground for the adults, making these schools some of the largest employers in the region. Yet they expect to never get in trouble for bad behavior. If what was happening at Lakota were happening at any large corporation, there would be, at a bare minimum, paid administrative leave while everyone sorted out the matter. There would be press conferences updating the taxpayers on what was being done to investigate the matter and assuring the public that good people were doing good work. I wanted to think differently of Lakota, knowing some people the way I do. I really didn’t think they would be willing to put up with bad behavior when they saw it and knew about it. Even if it was just the remnants of a bad marriage, when a personal life starts to impact the public life of someone, that is a factor in work performance that can be very negative. But there was just a case the other night where a person was caught regionally just downloading child porn, and the police were all over them with arrests and significant news coverage. Why, with this case, did everyone suddenly want to show a benefit of the doubt toward the evidence presented, even as crazy as much of that evidence has been? 

A Message from Lakota Local Schools May 5, 2022

Dear Lakota Staff, Parents and Guardians, The end of the school year is a time to celebrate our students and staff and all that we have achieved since August. This year, we have even more to celebrate as we have been able to lift our COVID protocols and return to a much more normal school experience for our students. It is unfortunate that, over recent weeks, instead of this being our focus, district leaders have been forced to respond to baseless allegations and escalating threatening behavior by an elected member of our school board.As a result of a school board member’s blatant disregard for policy and procedures that are in place to help ensure the safety of our students and staff and a productive learning environment, this morning, Lakota Local Schools was forced to issue a notice of trespassing to Mrs. Darbi Boddy. As such, Mrs. Boddy will no longer be allowed on district property without prior authorization and unless invited for official Board business.Yesterday morning, Mrs. Boddy violated Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines 9150 by visiting two schools without first notifying the building principal – a requirement of all visitors to our schools. Entering through the main offices, she then proceeded to ignore staff requests to remain there until the principals met her. Instead, she left the offices and proceeded to walk the hallways, violating safety protocols and causing a disruption in learning at both Lakota East High School and Liberty Early Childhood School. While some may question why such a seemingly steep action was taken against Mrs. Boddy, let me explain. We welcome our parents into our schools; we welcome our community into our schools; and we certainly welcome our school board members into our schools – as long as they follow safety procedures and policy. These are not difficult. They involve alerting building administrators of the interest in visiting and setting up a time that is convenient for all involved. Yesterday, this did not happen. This is also not the first time that Mrs. Boddy has ignored board policy, nor is it the first time she has disrupted learning in our schools. Our decision was not made lightly and was done in consultation with law enforcement. It is my hope that by sharing this information with you, I am able to stop rumors from circulating and reassure you of our commitment to safety. The safety of our students and staff is always my first priority and a responsibility I take very seriously. I will do everything I can to ensure that our students and staff feel safe, welcome and included when they walk through our doors.


Matthew J. Miller

Of course, we all know the answer, which is the painful part. Many people knew the answer from the beginning but didn’t want to believe it. I was very skeptical about everything. As things have transpired over the last month, it became an apparent human resource problem without consistent standards, which is a tremendous management problem. I didn’t care much about Lakota at the start of this process. My hope was that by electing better school board members, the proper management of the district’s largest government school might improve. I have seen complaints about her since Darbi Boddy was elected and sworn in because she’s a conservative. It has become grossly apparent that the only thing the teachers and administrators care about at Lakota is not the kids but their easy jobs with high pay rates. As bad as the accusations are in the police report, I know that there is far worse going on behind the scenes that nobody is even talking about because they are either scared or don’t trust anybody to say anything. Not even the police. With the kind of threats that have been tossed at this whistleblower occurs, the message is clear, don’t mess with the breadbasket and playground of the adults who work at the school. The community and the children of the community are there to serve them and them only. That’s not what they say, of course. But that’s the message they convey. To say I’m disappointed would be a misplaced description. I had optimistic hope that I might be wrong. Government schools are all about politics, liberal politics at that, and they waste money on a garbage product while they treat the place like their personal Tinder app. And the way the public employees behave is reprehensible. But why wouldn’t they be when management allows them to behave that way? 

Rich Hoffman

The Masons Are Responsible for Most of the World’s Problems: Their attempt to create a centrally planned utopia has only created Hell on earth

I hate to be “that guy,” but you must expand your scope to accommodate more evidence when you run out of obvious answers to the problems we see. And to that point, it’s quite clear that most people in America these days don’t know who is really in charge of our political order. After that ridiculous Biden speech and the way the Administrative State has shown its teeth against President Trump and MAGA in general, we have to accept that there is more going on than what we are shown and the reasons why. And the thing we never discuss legitimately, and when we do, it becomes Lucifer worshipping conspiratorial, is Masons’ effect on our politics and civil government. After all, and I’ll admit this all day long, if it weren’t for Masons, there would be no America or a Bill of Rights. They came to America to establish their New Atlantis and pursue the ideal society of utopian understanding far away from the tyrannies of Europe at the time. But like all organizations, and like even school boards, Masons don’t agree on everything, and after a few years of the American experiment and the massive failure of the French Revolution, they invented Marxism to topple the royal families of Europe and many of them considered that a better idea for their plans of global order back to an Egyptian style societies where they,  the “Plato’s philosopher kings” would rule the masses for their own good from the shadows like a parent teaching children to walk. If people stumbled, they’d come along with their collective wisdom, set things right again, and then retreat to the shadows to conduct civil society. One thing you never really see on a campaign ad is “so and so candidate, Master Mason of the 33rd degree from the Lodge of St. Ignace, and a conservative.” All you really get is “fiscal conservative” and maybe “high school coach.” I mention St. Ignace because I was just there in upper Michigan and while walking through town saw that right on the lakefront, there was a Mason Lodge, a very large one. But like them all, every town, large and small, looked empty and abandoned. Only you never see them go up for sale to become the next Dollar Store. Why do you think that is? That’s a lot of real estate floating around out there in both America and Europe that nobody seems interested in buying for as little use as they seem to have in society.

I’ve read several Mason books and many other esoteric references published about them and by them and, for the most part, found them entertaining. Much of their history happened before I was born in the heyday of the progressive movement, at the turn of the last century, and you can see quickly if you take a long view of history that they have been hard at work in shaping the New World Order that George Bush started talking about. The only real organization besides political groups that are connected to the creation of the state of Isreal in 1948, the invention of Marxism to topple Russia in the middle 1800s, the start of both World Wars, and especially the flow of communism into China were patient and purposeful and the only handoff of these things from one generation to another for continuity of completion that occurs like the hands of a clock, too slow for each generation to notice, just as the Mason halls always seem to be empty, but fast enough to see a lot of activity from century to century as each generation does their part in the Master Plan. FDR was a 32nd Degree Mason, and Truman was a 33rd. Many presidents, including Washington, were Masons or associated to a large degree with them. And to the present, the face-melting that goes on with Trump is that he and the MAGA movement are not part of the plan. For the Masons, it’s the French Revolution all over again, where their schemes have flown out of control beyond their ability to reel them back in. But you can see their evidence everywhere if you know what to look for. 

They get away with it because they aren’t covered on the news, they aren’t talked about in politics, and they do most everything outside the patterns of our everyday lives. That’s why they call them a “secret society.” I don’t think of them as being scary or super smart. They wouldn’t do their stuff in secret if they were so great. I’ve been in many Masonic lodges and understand what they are after. They wanted a global utopia as they envisioned it, about the resurrection of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and the structure and technology of Egyptian society as it was likely inspired by the prehistoric sophistication of Atlantis, which taught the Egyptians all they knew. This first became obvious to me by reading the excellent book by Claire Lee Chennault, the leader of the famous Flying Tigers of World War II against the Japanese, that larger plots were occurring when General Stilwell simply wouldn’t let Chennault defeat the Japanese, only to wear them out. To wear out the Chinese nationalists in the fight and grind down the Japanese attackers. By the time the nuclear bomb, ordered by Truman, was dropped on Japan, there wasn’t much left from either side after the fight. And that allowed communist forces to move in from the North and, by 1949, to take over China. Chennault begged Stillwell for the opportunity to defeat the communists before they could take hold, but the U.S. military was following a plan, a different strategy than what was talked about on the news. By the time Chennault wrote his great book, The Way of a Fighter, to warn of future wars in Korea and Vietnam, the military was done with Chennault and pushed him off into the sunset, ignored. 

It’s not a coincidence that the nation of Israel was created within a few years of the start of communist control of China. And the United Nations was created at that same time as well. Looking back on history now, it makes sense as we watch the same forces at work today, with Covid, the Ukraine war, and the massive transfer of wealth through trade from America to China. Egyptian society was always oriental, and the guiding stars of eastern religion like Sirius and others from astrology always point to the dominance of the East over the West, including the three wise men who came to the birth of Jesus Christ. You might remember when Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon reached out to help Mao Zedong get his country off the ground from the destroyed wreck it was after the war and become one of the world’s last superpowers. Without Nixon, China would have never had a seat at the table of world power, but if you look at the trade map from the year 2000 to the present, it is clear how trade has been transferred to China from the United States. Clearly, the Masonic order had abandoned their ideas of utopia in the New World and put their efforts into a New World Order centralized in the East under the parental care of communism. But Trump threatened all that with his trade tariffs, and we all remember the panic even from House and Senate Republicans over Trump’s trade war with China. Well, now you can see why everyone was so upset. The Masons had been involved in nation-building and realigning the entire world of global politics for several hundred years, strategies communicated through the many Mason lodges over many generations of stable, hidden control. So they had to get rid of Trump as they had started wars in the past, but this time we caught them painting themselves in the corner and trying to tiptoe out of it. They were caught with Covid. They were caught with election fraud. And now, their control over intelligence agencies like the FBI is so obvious that it’s no longer hidden. Their desperation has shown their fingerprints on just about everything that is wrong with the world, and the plan is falling apart in their hidden hands. But like I say all the time, don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do. And when you do that, you can see by the trade map over just twenty years what has been going on, and then conclude the rest of the puzzle pieces. And it’s not so mysterious any longer. Trump is not part of that Masonic plan. Just like the mob wasn’t supposed to chop off the heads of King Louis of France and his innocent wife, Marie Antoinette. The mob got out of control then, and it’s getting out of control now with MAGA, and it terrifies all these hidden manipulators intensely. Which is exactly what everyone needs to understand is the fundamental importance of the politics of our modern times.

Rich Hoffman

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Without the First Amendment, Government Schools Would Have Nothing to Fear: The problem with a liberal education is it’s full of “liberals”

The problem with government schools, specifically liberal education, is that it is full of liberals, and until very recently, conservatives just dropped off their kids and wondered why later their children wanted to attend gay rights parades suddenly. More conservatives, real conservatives, are starting to get involved in school boards, and there is some hope out there that Republican values will guide public schools away from the runaway train that always follows Democrats. And when I say Republicans, I’m not talking about softies like Charlie Crist, formally a Republican, now a Democrat, or Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney types of RINOs. To be Republican and considered conservative, in the way we are talking, you need to be resolute in your values and not willing to yield to the whims of Democrats. In politics, you might not always get what you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. You can push back and fight for what’s right, even when you are outvoted in a government body. The conflict has a value all its own. But too often, conflict is avoided in public education, starting on school boards. They hide hard decisions behind lawyers, who are progressive disasters of an occupation all their own, and a whole topic for many other days. And they hire radically progressive superintendents who can make the teacher unions happy and create a façade of management by giving them the keys to the car and then wondering why they don’t come home at midnight as promised. Then to hide all the bad behavior that evolves when the rooster running the henhouse starts showing signs of corruption, the school boards go on lockdown on virtually everything because it’s their only move. On the one hand, they look permissively incompetent; on the other, they look publically ineffective. 

As more and more conservatives start entering the school board business, unlike how it has been in the past, especially in Florida, where under Ron DeSantis, we are seeing a real coalition of education reform occurring, school systems are actively looking to gain control of the media to control the narrative, which often isn’t good by default. The problem is you can’t put that many liberal people in one institution and then expect them to all behave. So many bad things start happening, leaving the school system, putting all their efforts into trying to keep those bad stories from the public. That’s why they want to get control of the media, then try to hide behind a façade of lawyers to protect them from public opinion. But that’s why there are so many laws in favor of transparency. Whenever a government body does the work of taxpayers, that is why precisely there are so many records kept meticulously on everything. Because traditionally, we can’t trust public officials to do the right thing without vast amounts of oversight. It drives liberals crazy because they want to operate with supreme authority and hide their bad behavior behind social status and professional titles. But history shows that it is precisely the seeds of corruption that we must always be cautious of. That conflict is why the Biden White House wants very much to have a disinformation board of some kind to regulate what people can say about government institutions and to limit free speech dramatically. Governments, by their nature, are prone to corruption without oversight, and liberals simply don’t like that much scrutiny because they know they can’t live up to the expectations. So now that more conservatives are getting on school boards across the country, governments increasingly want to limit free speech by any means necessary because they can see the writing on the wall, which means an end to their way of life. 

There is an assumption by liberals that if they capture an institution, such as journalism, just like in the game of chess, they win the game by gaining control of the pieces. But that’s not the reality; citizen journalism has proven to be much more effective than the mainstream sources, who aren’t part of the game. Those chess pieces aren’t even on the board of play to capture, so in the world of the liberal education view of things, they don’t know how to fight this whole First Amendment thing or the concept of a Second Amendment to defend the First. Or a Fourth Amendment that prevents government authorities from imposing themselves on a population by force to control what they think and what they say to others. This whole Bill of Rights is a disaster for the corrupt who seek jobs in public education to hide their bad behavior from the world and apply it to the safety of like-minded people who gravitate to the public education profession. I’ve been covering bad behavior in public schools for a few decades now, and I’ve seen and heard absolutely disgusting things, leaving contemplation to wonder if any of it is worth it. Public education, because most of the participants lean liberal politically, has a lot of bad characters in it who should not be teaching children anything. I don’t come close to reporting every story I know about because if I did, I’d have time literally for nothing else. Public schools are such negative places with so much bad conduct occurring that I personally find them revolting. But if not for citizen journalism, certainly not the lazy losers in the mainstream outlets, public schools would be so much worse than they are. If not for people poking around in meeting minutes and occasionally speaking at the school board meeting, mostly complaining, but for a good reason, public schools would be much worse than they even are now. 

I would recommend often calling the bluff on those pinheaded liberals who want to control the flow of information with threats that might end up in a courtroom. These people can’t afford such situations because there are public records. After all, there are witnesses, and there is usually lots of evidence. Public schools want more than anything to shut people up and keep things contained because so many laws force them into transparency.   One thing they can’t do is afford to have people talking in more public forums, like courtrooms or at Friday night football games. Because of free and open communications and the flow of information and people’s opinions on that information, it’s really the only check that keeps behavior under control in the public schools. Otherwise, there would be many more stories of sex with students, abuses of power, and sheer crime that is often present wherever community oversite isn’t present with the First Amendment. Liberals would like to have supreme control of social circumstances where expectations are never set to limit their bad behavior, but thankfully that is not the world we are living in. Instead, we are going in the opposite direction, as more conservatives get on school boards and start to bring those values to public education. Maybe then, and only then, will there be a chance for government schools to work. But less free speech, less oversite, more centralized control from a Biden White House of what can be said and how it’s defined is simply not an option and never will be. Because that causes deviant behavior, not enough oversite, and people are afraid to speak up when it’s required. The way to keep things honest is to say something when you see something and keep things from being shoved under the carpet, so innocent people are none the wiser.

Rich Hoffman

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President Trump Needs to Announce Now that He’s Running Again: The DOJ will indict him, so the best thing to do is beat them to the punch

All other legal matters aside now is the time for President Trump to announce that he is running for President in 2024.  As a direct answer to the FBI raid on his home, which was an entirely politically motivated and gross abuse of power, and the decisive victory over Liz Cheney in Wyoming, the time is ripe for his eventual announcement due to the behavior of the opposition forces and the only schemes they have left on the chessboard.  President Trump should make it formal and do his Trump Tower escalator speech part two now.  We all know that its an eventuality anyway, so because of what the Department of Justice is planning to do to Trump, the President needs to go on the offensive and capture the hill before the Biden White House has a chance to capture the news story and put the Trump team in yet another defensive position.  It is usually best to attack in these kinds of cases, to be in front of the story instead of a defensive recipient of other people’s aggressive actions.  And let’s face it, yes, the Biden Department of Justice has been weaponized.  They are operating a corrupt FBI who are clearly working to put Democrats in power and to keep them there by any means necessary.  And the phony trial about January 6th was designed from the beginning to indict Trump somehow to prevent him from running for President again.  So the best way to beat that story is to arrive at the destination first.  Make the announcement; then, when they do indict him, it will be clear to the public that it’s a political rival using the force of government to keep a challenger from running for office.  As it stands now, Trump isn’t technically running for office again, so any legal action against him can be considered procedural.  But once Trump announces, then it becomes purely political, and that is how people need to understand what is happening now.  Trump needs to change his status from a “former president” to a “potential one” now that he has all this political capital to his advantage, rub the opposition’s face in it, and keep it that way through the midterms and on through 2024. 

The Biden DOJ has no other option but to indict Trump and hope that it shifts public sentiment, so they will certainly try.  I would argue that an indictment of Trump would be great for the country because it would expose just how ridiculous the FBI and DOJ under abusive authoritarian rule can be.  Through the discovery process, Trump would be completely vindicated, and the strong-arm tactics of a corrupt government would be on full display for all to see, which would be a good thing.  Unlike the January 6th mess that Liz Cheney led, which was all one-sided, representing only a Democrat point of view with a few liberals who were calling themselves Republicans conducting the mock trial to the public, an indictment of Trump would allow Trump lawyers to cross-examine and present evidence and have all kinds of dialogue exchanges with the Biden opposing forces that the government simply isn’t prepared for.  They would have used it if they were prepared and had anything substantial against Trump.  There is no smoking gun in breaking open a Trump prosecution.  What we are dealing with now is a desperate government that is terrified that Trump will run again and that he will win again because they know what they all did to put Biden in the White House, and it won’t be so easy next time.  They know that Trump gained many millions of votes over Biden and that the only way they were able to cheat that 2020 election is with the Covid rules that were written on the back of a napkin at the last minute to allow for loose, mail-in ballots that were massively, illegally counted.  So they have only one move to make against Trump and his supporters: to keep him from running by abusing the legal weapons at their disposal in infinite amounts. 

With all that in mind, if Trump is planning to announce he’s running for President anyway, and his family is already prepared for it, then now is better than later to make the announcement.  Trump has quite a solid case to make about why he should be president again and why now.  As a natural sequel to his speech from 2015 when he came down the Trump Tower escalator, a lot has happened, but now we have open borders, criminals all over the streets, and a criminal cartel in the White House essentially who has control of our DOJ and FBI.  And it’s time to drain the swamp, especially now that we know where all the swamp monsters live.  Before we knew they were there, but they were concealed in the chaos of politics, just under the water and out of our view.  Over the last seven years, we have drained the water of the swamp, and now we see all the ugly creatures, and they are hungry for victims.  They are vicious and suddenly very aggressive because their concealment has been revealed to the world.  Liz Cheney and what happened to her blowout loss in Wyoming is a perfect example between the Karl Rove consultant class in D.C. politics and the normal voter in flyover country and how they see the world.  The sleeping giant of Republican America has been awakened, and they know Trump is their best option for a government they can believe in and a country they can be proud of.  And they are ready, despite anything the corrupt forces of Washington D.C. can throw at Trump.  Trump literally has nothing to lose in making his announcement now.  But he can gain a lot by getting in front of the DOJ before they make a formal indictment.  When they do, it would clearly be an action against a political rival, not just trying to keep a former president on his heels with legal pressure.  What the DOJ wants most is to scare Trump away from announcing.  Once he does, then the hopes of stopping him will go out the window. 

I agree with Alen Dershowitz when he says that even if the DOJ indicts Trump, there is nothing in the Constitution that says he can’t still run for President.  There is just an assumption that someone under criminal indictment wouldn’t be able to win an election.  But with Trump, people see through it, and a criminal indictment would only make Trump more popular.  We have seen this kind of thing going on for years in smaller elections that are regional in nature.   The assumption is that a criminal investigation makes a political candidate off limits for holding office.  But when the Constitution was written, this level of political sabotage wasn’t a new thing.  Criminal allegations from an abusive law enforcement entity are one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it won’t keep Trump out of the White House if the people pick him again.  And by all indications, they are poised to do so.  So the purpose of any criminal indictment would be to attempt to scare away voters and Trump from even announcing to run.  With Trump making that announcement now, it would take all the air out of the Department of Justice balloon and the Biden White House and put them on their heels for a change, with nothing left to do but look into the camera and have that blank stare they are becoming known for.  There is nothing for Trump to lose in making his announcement now.  But there is a lot to gain.

Rich Hoffman

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The Attack on Small Business by the Liberal World Order: Remember the fire of 1666 in London, the same forces are at work now behind Covid

It’s not at all uncommon when we are dealing with malicious global societies and the wrecks of people who fall into god worship of pagan deities who seek social change based on their fears and starvation for power to impose on others. It was undeniable after the fire of 1666 when central London was burnt to the ground for many miles of former wood-constructed buildings that caught fire by accident. Yet, some early versions of the Masonic order emerged with plans to rebuild with star alignments and goddess worship in mind, with central planners ready to dig immediately. Accidental or planned tragedies have been the mode of operation that many secret societies have used to impose their version of reality on the world. And those societies were secret for the primary reason that they wished to avoid complete destruction by those in religious power at the time. So, they would, in the case of Masons emerging in London and other places in Europe, put on the mask of Christianity publically while behind closed doors trying to bring back the ancient society of Egypt, an oriental-based religion, to challenge authority and impose on the world their own religion for magical reasons that might appease the gods profiting of whatever tragedy might present itself. The fire of 1666 in London, which displaced many tens of thousands of people in its aftermath, was just one example of the many times secret societies have used tragedy to impose on the world a religious view that wasn’t popular in the mainstream but operated in the background to the misery of those that were imposed upon. So when the same type of characters who now operate in the same way today as the Desecrators of Davos and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset created a virus from a Chinese lab called Covid-19, the global lockdowns and protocols were meant to inflict social change through the ruins of mass society for the goals of a hidden religion. This time it was still the goddess worship that is a part of many pagan religions, but this time it was mother earth and the attempted centralized control of every economy in the world, especially the destruction of those in the United States. 

One of the keys to the greatest economy in the world within the United States is the many small businesses that make it up. One thing that became obvious during the Covid lockdowns was that, like the fire in 1666, there were surprisingly many people who knew what to do. It didn’t take them long to use Covid as the trigger for massive social reforms that obviously had long been planned out. And while governors all over America who were involved in the secret societies who, tongue in cheek, operated out in the open of progressive thought, a clear pattern emerged that showed a hostile war against those small businesses and legislative patterns that dramatically favored the big corporate stores who have bent the knee to global control. When businesses were shut down, large corporate stores were allowed to stay open as many mom and pop shops closed up and were destroyed forever. I recently had to travel across Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland for a Fast Draw Championship competition and was thinking about this topic while noticing the enormous amount of small businesses that there were, which make up a large part of the Ohio economy and the economy of America. I have similarly traveled across North America and noticed how many decentralized businesses there are, especially compared to similar distances in Europe, where land use is much more restricted, forcing people to live near more metropolis areas and take their businesses with them.   It’s quite clear that many progressive activists worship the goddess earth as a new age religion who wanted to use Covid to destroy American small businesses. If not for the tenacity of the American people and the legal constraints on government from the American Constitution, they would have succeeded as planned. 

Like that fire in 1666 or even in the ashes of 9/11 where the World Trade Center Twin Towers and several other buildings in that sector of New York were suddenly gone as a result of FBI incompetence to allow terrorists to do their menace, there are always people there ready to exploit the tragedy, with plans already put to paper for all to see, who are prepared to make their move. And the biggest of the corporations was primarily controlled by Larry Fink money mostly, with liberal tentacles into their boards of directors who were already kneeling to the new gods of worship that were presented through globalism; we saw the intentions for a New World Order, liberal in nature, ancient in its intentions, that was asserting itself and willing to run over anybody who got in their way, especially the typical small business in America. And it was a crime on such a vast scale that nobody knew how to consider the sheer evil of it. But unlike that fire in London, Covid wasn’t an accident; it was a purposeful attack on the economies of the world which intended to destroy competition to the big corporations who were leveraging control of the global economy into a system that would allow for more centralized control. These new forces didn’t want thousands of individual companies in America to resist their ESG scores or the reach of their financial controls clearly established by BlackRock and many other activist money managers and banks run by droopy pot-bellied losers with bad golf games. It was much easier to control the very few and very large companies than the massive task of many decentralized economic forces that were way too independent. 

It was the same forces that were behind the many European Inquisitions and Crusades who sought to protect the emerging religion of earth worship and get revenge for the past where Egyptian dark arts were suppressed by Christianity, the creation of America and individual rights and the goals of materialism built by capitalism that was the real enemy of the pagan Earth Goddess worshipers. They didn’t care who died in the process so long as they imposed their will on the world by force, just as they always have. The same forces that created many of the old secret societies and fled Europe’s ominous Roman Catholic Church in hopes of being free to worship as they pleased and not be killed for it, the experiment had gone out of control. The desire to regain control of it was pressing those same European forces toward a Great Reset that would put them in control of the world in ways they had always wished. And the aim was to appease the same goddess; whether it was called Mother Earth, Isis, or the Virgin, they are all the same as the true terrorists behind the movement. The attack on small businesses in America and around the world was malicious and purposeful. It was long planned and maniacal. And we must never forget about it. As I said about my recent trip, many small businesses are still recovering from the destruction that Covid brought them. It was never fair. And they need someone to defend them. The plan had failed, and things did not go as they were conceived. And the bad guys got caught cheating on the chess board. The Trump administration had forced them to attempt such a thing out of fear that their long-established plans might never get off the ground. So they unleashed Covid and took a shot to control the world. And we are still seeing the effects of that destruction years later while many are still trying to figure out what to do about it now.

Rich Hoffman

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