“The Bald Guy With The Bullwhip”: Master manipulators who think they are in charge

After reading the transcript of the police interview many times, it is quite clear what happened toward the end of the document, which is available to the public upon request at the Sheriff’s department of Butler County. And again, this is the reason for public disclosure. Not enough people utilize it to keep runaway public employees in check, everything from scandalous school superintendents to cops drunk with power so they can have leverage in a political party and destroy all rivals with paper clips and social backstabbing. Without question, the intention at the end of the interview for the police report that showed what kind of sexual lifestyle the Lakota school superintendent has, the public employees were out of control. They had forgotten that they work for the taxpayers. At one point in the interview, Matt Miller refers to Darbi Boddy as a source of trouble, provoking the investigation as “my school board member” as if he was in charge of everything, and not that he reported to her as a superior in the chain of command. And when he felt compelled to refer to me as the “bald guy with a bullwhip” and remind the interviewing officers that in politics, my guys (Rich Hoffman) have beat Sheriff Jones’s guys, knowing full well that the Sheriff was going to have the final say on whether the investigation into the Lakota superintendent continued, or was stalled with the rationalization that everything that was investigated and deemed “pillow talk” between consensual adults. It couldn’t be more clear that the intention was to influence the direction of the investigation with the kind of manipulation that creates dangerous people in the world. There was no reason to bring up that the guy I supported for the 46th Representative seat in Ohio, Thomas Hall, had just beat the guy that Sheriff Jones supported, Matt King, but to provoke anger in the Sheriff, the ultimate boss of all the employees conducting the interview. I would recommend people read the whole document for context, but it’s clear to me that was what was going on. 

Really, since August 2022, I have heard from so many people of bad quality who were firmly in the Matt Miller support camp, and I found them disgusting. I can often avoid people like that, who I would say are way behind the curb of learning. They are essentially grown-up 15-year-olds in 40-year-old bodies who are over-sexed, not very smart about the ways of the world, and very selfish.   They are often a long way away from knowing how the world works and are the kind of people you don’t want to speak to while in a crowded movie theater. Or when you are running behind to a home Bengals game in the B Lot, and you have a parking pass, they won’t get out of the way because they are too drunk to move and are tailgating, taking up three or four parking spaces as if they own the place. They act that way about Lakota schools too, and the police arrangement to entangle themselves with the labor union element. They all forget that the taxpayers are the boss, they are the employees, and they are not in charge. I was generally happy with the police report by itself. I had no desire to read the whole transcript. But once I heard I was in it, I had to check it out. And leading up to the publication of the police report itself, which I wanted it not to say what it did about the sex practices of Matt Miller, I had a parade of Matt Miller labor union radicals from the far-left who thought they were in charge and had a right to harass me over the stacks and stacks of “dirt” I had on Matt Miller. As I saw their ridiculous comments and emails, I’d look at all that material and wonder what they were thinking. They reminded me of those drunk losers at Bengal games in the B Lot who just wouldn’t get out of the way even though you had a parking pass to the lot that was rather valuable. But their drunk antics took precedence in their minds, and they had to forcibly be removed from a parking spot so that you could park before the game started. 

When Matt Miller brought up to the police that I was a bald bullwhip guy from the far-right and that my guy had beat Sheriff Jones’ guy in the last election, he was hoping to tick off Jones, which is easy to do, and hide the terrible things Miller had done in his personal life behind the politics of Butler County.   I think the police investigators did a good job of interviewing Matt Miller, even though it was one of them who was clearly leading the questioning at the end to shape the report that would eventually come out into one that would stop with “adult consensual sex” rather than “school superintendent who plots drugging, molesting and videotaping children in the school for sexual fantasies.” After all, as Matt Miller admitted, it was just that “one time.” I wanted all those stacks of emails, text messages, craigslist advertisements for sex, and many other things to be political shenanigans. Before I mentioned them in public, I recommended sending them to the police for an investigation, and I’m now very glad that the police did what they did. Even if there was a wink and a nod from all the public employees into believing they are in charge, not the taxpayers. To them, anyone with any expectations about anything is far right, and they rebel like children against their bosses at every opportunity. And those public employees were clearly winking and nodding to each other to evoke the wrath of Sheriff Jones into making the case political instead of one that might be dangerous to children in the school district and their parents. 

What special talents do they have, getting divorced, sex addiction, pandering to their superiors? Here is the Right-Winged Bald Guy with the Whip.
Bullwhips are very useful. Not for sexual reasons of any kind, but many other things

All the employees and their apologists from Lakota schools and Butler County, in general, showed very ugly sides of themselves in defending Matt Miller before they knew the whole story, which is the typical labor union mentality of all the public employees, from the cops to the teachers and administrators. And that same level of manipulation by the school superintendent who thinks he’s some kind of celebrity because he and his friends live in the vacuum of a progressive think tank of public education that is far removed from the outside world where real people live. You can see that same level of activism coming from the apologists he utilized in that police report, reminding Jones that he had lost in that last election.   And that my guy had beaten his guy. And that they thought nobody would notice what they were up to. As far as I’m concerned, the police got the most important parts in the transcript. If the school system itself isn’t alarmed, and if the police aren’t, they think all this behavior is among consensual adults, that’s a burden they will have to carry. They want to believe everyone does these things; that responsibility is on them. I still have my stacks of material. They were warned. Their hypocrisy and behavior, in general, have only confirmed what many conservative community members have been most concerned about. I was sad to find out that Matt Miller is actually as bad as everyone was saying he was, and as I had on occasion to wonder about myself when dealing with him. The transcript of the police investigation makes it clear just how bad the situation really is, and the important things did get revealed. But if that’s not enough for the school board or the community, then no wonder people are so worried about sexual grooming in schools and the lack of safety behind the police security that keeps people from investigating too closely what goes on behind the labor union veil. The inmates are running the asylum, and they think they are entitled to do so with all the arrogance of spoiled brats who don’t know otherwise. You get this when you let public sector labor unions put most of their energy into covering up bad behavior. You get a lot more of it, such as certainly the case with the superintendent of Lakota schools.  And just for clarification, we are just talking about his version of the story. The ex-wife’s version is also available as a public record and its much, much, worse.

Rich Hoffman

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