How the Few Always Beat the Many: America was founded on piracy, and it continues to be the key to freedom

Few people understand how America was formed, or the idea of it.  It did start with some smart contemplation about the nature of free will and what we learned from the republic of Rome and of Greek society.  But for those who think they are going to bring Chinese communism into the mix and overtake America with some tired old books on Marx, they have another thing coming.  People who think that, which appears to be most of our government and anybody who voted for Democrats legally or illegally simply do not understand the flow of our times to make plans as to what is happening and how the future will continue to evolve toward the freedom movement.  No matter how much they lie, no matter how much they cheat, they will never be able to evade one simple fact about the nature of all life, which is at the heart of why Karl Marx was so dreadfully wrong, and even stupid, is that the masses do not make life successful, only individuals do.  In the schemes of history, it is not the mob who wins, it’s the great leaders and heroes of any particular time who do, and that is what led to the pirates who first practiced democracy and defined for the Founding Fathers how an American Republic could operate. 

John Locke was publishing his Two Treatises on Government around the time that Henry Morgan was getting very wealthy in Jamaica as a privateer for England.  They shared a bond with the King of England and these observations of human behavior were becoming evident around that time and ended up in the works of Locke and other writers a few years later like Thomas Paine and Adam Smith.  They of course were all founders of the American Revolution.  For a hundred years following the Golden Age of Piracy until the American Revolution, mankind broke from European Vico Cycle style politics and changed the course of history.  And they did it by learning that the few can easily beat the many in most any conflict for all the reasons that were elusive to Karl Marx and his tireless research in the British Museum library on the unified theory of all philosophy that he stove to uncover as a lazy bastard who let his family starve to death as he hid in the library there.  Once the various European governments no longer had use for privateering, they made piracy illegal, but that didn’t stop the practice.  Instead, the movement grew which is much like the way that Twitter banned Trump from its platform.  They used Trump to grow.  Then they wanted control again, so they turned his behavior into illegal activity overnight and suddenly the celebrated became the hunted.  That’s how the Golden Age of Piracy was launched. 

Piracy built the towns of Charleston and New York City, along with Boston and their antics became much of the thoughts that would shape the revolution against England.  Once that revolution started it was amazing what George Washington was able to do on the battlefield.  But not nearly as impressive as what John Paul Jones, the pirate of the revolution was able to do to harass the greatest navy in the history of the world at that time into ineptness.  If not for the pirate John Paul Jones, or the pirate Jean Lafitte at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 a few years later, American forces would not have won their revolution in either case.  John Paul Jones working closely with Ben Franklin in France actually attacked the homeland of England terrifying the King and having a great effect on his resolve to continue with the war.  War is not about following directions, its about winning and usually the victor in the end is the free person, not the subject of a regime.  That’s why communism never holds and why no matter how many times they have tried to tame free people, they come up short, such as this current time in America.  In a lot of ways, President Trump was our pirate of the MAGA movement to overthrow the establishment.  The establishment has fought back hard to hold onto power, but the strains on them are showing as we speak if you know what to look for in the context of history.

Of course, from there the battle for personal freedom evolved into the age of cowboys and gunslingers during westward expansion.  The desire to fight back against tyrannical regimes started with the Golden Age of Pirates as I described in the video above.  It then became the American Revolution as a natural outgrowth of that piracy, in showing people that throwing off the shackles of overlords was possible through defiance.  Then we had the gunslingers who put the new Constitution to practice under Natural Law and we became the greatest country in the history of the world.  Yes, there are other nations that are very jealous of us and using deceit of every kind they have attempted to take us back to their lords and kings for control.  But since then each time we elected a Ronald Reagan, or broke off into a third party to give Ross Perot a try.  Then we elected Donald Trump.  And we’ll either vote for him again or perhaps someone even wilder, such as a modern version of Black Beard who won’t be afraid to attack the city of Charleston and hold them hostage for three days until the governor there could give them medicine to relieve them of their venereal diseases contracted as wild pirates on the high and free seas. 

For all the academics who have studied Marx since they were in college while listening to Pearl Jam and the Beatles crying to John Lennon’s “Imagine” history is closing in on your long-laid plans.  The people who live in America who are descendants of the 400 years of evolution that created the history described here, the pirates, the revolutionaries and the gunslingers are not going to submit to communism.  They are not going to go in that direction, I’m just telling you now.  And when it comes to fighting intellectually, or physically, as these rowdy characters of Americana have taught us, it is not the many who rule over the few.  It is the few with courage and intelligence who always rule the many.  Karl Marx never figured that out even though he spent his life contemplating it.  Yet history passed him by even as he wrote his books and died penniless and a family falling apart to a lowly grave in London, England where Europe wanted to use him to quell the ambitions of the young American country that was growing out of control relative to the rest of the world.  But it didn’t work ever and even after a century of preparation and scheming, free people picked President Trump anyway, and they’ll do it again if given the opportunity.  Or even more so, perhaps someone not so nice as Trump has been.  Because the reality of the matter is this, Americans want to be free, and if they need to kick the bad guys around a bit, they’ll do it for the chance.  They are risk takers and are rather dangerous when given the leeway, so being controlled is not a natural form for them, and it is the natural progression of the future, much to the terror of the world’s communists, especially in China.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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