Government Behind Governments: The secret plans of the super-rich to unleash communism across the world

Its another one of those things that everyone has talked about for years, the conspiracy theory that there is an elite class of wealthy people who essentially want to run their own government over all the nations of the world and that they have been operating in secret for the last century.  But all that speculation came to an end in 2020 once the political animal of their creations could not defeat President Trump, so they had to come out in the open and show their cards.  That is what Michael Bloomberg did, George Soros, Tom Styer, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, The Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch and many, many other billionaires did in just America to overthrow an American presidential election using the media companies they owned, and the government they fund to commit the crimes.  The answer to Carroll Quigley’s old book Tragedy and Hope is, yes, there is another government out there that has been for quite some time running all other governments and it is one that we don’t vote for.  They treat our federal government in America like a state government of the world, and when the rubber hits the road, they have final say on matters.  They have zero reverence for the American Constitution and their goal is to have global communism to make it easier for them to manage all those global governments.  They’ve remained hidden for a long time by giving us the illusion of freedom, but in 2020 they simply had to rob us of the election process so that they could bring order to their global plans at the expense of the American people.  Because Trump was so popular, they had to come out in the open and show us what they have always been doing, all along.

In the video above I talk about the key to understanding all this aside from the usual conspiracy books who always get it just a little bit wrong.  I take the emotion out of what might otherwise be an Alex Jones episode.  Usually when it comes to this topic there is great fear in the people listening or reading, a helpless gasp that forces groups of people together predictably, and the super-rich communists count on that just as a cowboy might expect cattle to do the same on a cattle drive toward market.  But nothing about them scares me, I know their mind.  Carrol Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope was written by one of them, or at least he considered himself one of them.  And the purpose of his book is to justify their version of history as to why they chose communism as their means of controlling all the world governments for what they think is the benefit of all.  They represent the kind of New England liberal who often mimics their behavior.  You can hear their same voice in Jim Comey talking about wine as he left Washington D.C. after being fired by President Trump.  Carrol Quigley after all was a great influence to Bill Clinton who taught him at Georgetown University before the former president pursued his Rhodes Scholarship.  That character is also covered in the book, in fact most of the twentieth century history was explored in great detail and Quigley used that century to justify all the collapse of civilizations going back to Mesopotamia six thousand years prior.  He talks in his opening remarks about the kinds of things I mention to you all the time dear reader, the Vico Cycle, and the purpose of his 1300 page history book is to sell the concept of communism as a fix to it all to pad the landing for his friends in the super-rich category.  The book was a favor to them and a guidebook for those who might admit to themselves that the noose was already around the neck of mankind so it would be better not to fight, but to sacrifice yourselves to the plight of the wise and wealthy because it was they who had the vision to fix the world, from their perspective.

I personally think Carroll Quigley is one of the most pompous asses I’ve ever read.  When I first read the book in my 20s it made me sick the way that the Communist Manifesto did, or Mein Kampf, Das Kapital, or Mao’s Little Red Book and I did not keep it in my home.  It made me sick.  But due to the actions of an invisible force against our pick for president, Donald Trump, I had to get it again and read it again thirty years later.  I’ve learned a lot since the first time I read it and I’ve kept the book for reference due to its answers to that puzzle, who really runs things.  There’s always a book that these crazy lunatics of communism and socialism write to justify themselves.  For Quigley, he was given access to the ideas of the very rich because it was his job to pad society for the calamity as a college professor of great influence and to train the future to do their part in making the great global communist revolution happen.  For the very rich, like Bill Gates who almost by himself launched Covid-19 as a means to save the earth from global warming and to divorce Americans from their constitutions through emergency medical powers granted to governments.  But when you add up all the efforts and the billions spent trying to defeat President Trump in both hard and soft money, their intentions for the world is no longer a secret.  For instance, did Amy Acton, the health director in Ohio working for Governor DeWine know about Quigley’s book?  I would say yes, she’s a reader.  Did she undertake the task, probably not, because its just too big and scary for most people.  But she greatly admires those who have read it.  And I would bet that most people who flew on the Lolita Express all did read it.  It’s a kind of game among the people who want to call themselves “elite” to separate the halves from the have nots. 

To me they are all just people.  They are not better than us, they are not smarter than us, and they sure as hell aren’t tougher than us.  We did not elect these people to run our lives through a shadow government or from a Deep State.  They have no right to any power over any of us and whatever government cabal they have formed through secret meetings like the Bilderberg gatherings or those economic forums of Davos, are irrelevant to my life or your life other than they are trying through the cover of darkness to rob us of our rights by hiding behind a two-party system in America.  That has kept our anger toward them at bay as we focus our fights on the pawns and not the players.  But I would recommend reading this book to all those wondering what the hell has been happening and to not get wrapped up in the pawns in the game, the Mitch the Bitches, the Nancy the Alien Autopsy Pelosi types, but to look at Gates, Soros, and Bloomberg and unleash your opinions toward them where they hide, and to expose them to the light of day.  After all, like their communist movement, they require secrecy to do their work.  The way to beat them is to take away the cloak they use to hide from the world, and then and only then can we think about the kind of freedom we have always strove for in America.  Now that we see them, its time to expose them once and for all.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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