The 45 Goals of Communism: How to beat Beijing Biden and his Chinese bosses

Before the government stole the election from us and instilled lying hiding Beijing Biden into a fake presidency and expected everyone to just go along with it, I would have been hesitant to call all the Democrats involved communists.  Communism is a very dirty word, especially for me as a person who grew up in the 80s and remember when the Soviet Union was very much a terrifying prospect due to the inflammatory nature of nuclear war.  But I’m an avid reader, and a person who thinks a great deal about many, many things and there simply isn’t any other explanation for what the Democrat Party is in America, especially these days.  Many years ago on my blog site I worked with a radio friend of mine to expose his audience at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan to Cleon Skousen’s great work on communism, The Naked Communist.  We discussed the 45 goals of communism and paralleled them to the Obama administration.  Many people were surprised to learn how closely the goals of communists were to the Democrat Party at the time, which was around 2014.  But if there was any doubt, six years later and after four years of President Trump showing how great America could be as a pure capitalist country divorcing itself from the detriment of the rest of the world falling to socialism and communism the Democrat Party and their overlords in China and among the billionaire class who had invested large sums into the demise of America panicked and pulled off their masks in an ugly way to give us the landscape of politics that we see today.  And to understand what that landscape is, I sit down in the video above and read to you dear reader, and everyone else what is in The Naked Communist so that we can understand what the Democrats are truly all about, so that a strategy can be employed to deal with their insurgency properly.

Now personally, I’m not worried about the communists as they try to take over the world.  I know how to beat them and I am offering to anybody interested free classes on just how to do so.  Communists aren’t very smart.  For instance, they are following these precise rules even though they have changed from a Soviet threat to one from China.  All communists from Lenin to Mao believe in complete control of everything we see and hear and that forcing free people into communism must come from the point of the gun, through force.  And in the early days of the Biden administration, we can see that is their intention clearly.  The sheer anger at the social media platform Parler for being an option for conservatives leaving Twitter is just one obvious example.  The communists in the Democrat Party have not figured it out yet that it will be impossible to eliminate all other options for Americans.  Their communist insurrection was advanced too quickly in 2020 because they had to do whatever they could to destroy President Trump due to the success of his policies.  America was doing too well, so the communists had to move for a takeover in the United States faster than their timeline desired.  This time its not Russia, but China and once the trade deal from Trump hit them hard in their pocketbook, they had to launch this all out assault which we are now seeing.  They do not have control of everything the way that The Naked Communist establishes that they must.  They have fallen short, and from here, they will be easy to beat.

Yet it is scary to consider that what we are fighting in America is communism, outright red communism full on and without a soft “C.”  Using coronavirus as a means to suspend the American Constitution with mask mandates, lockdowns and trying to get people to accept centralized government power, the plan was to do much more of that over every little crises in the coming years.  But as we saw, Trump won that 2020 election leaving the communists open to criticism.  Their overt control of both political parties and the media showed grotesquely leaving us literally with Naked Communism from Skousen’s book exposed to all of us.  It was no longer a conspiracy theory, a thing to think about in the recesses of our minds and among friends at a golf outing.  The communists were here and they were running our governments and our corporations and they dared us to drag them out into the open.  But now they have done it to themselves, exposed themselves in ways they never planned for.  Such an event was not in their 45 goals of communism.  They intended to stay hidden until it was too late.    

Many will think that it is too late, that Beijing Biden was put into the White House anyway.  Our votes didn’t matter, and all the good work that Trump has done will be erased in the blink of an eye.  Well, I wouldn’t give up on the matter so easily.  History has other things to say about insurrections like this.  Its one thing to take the White House, its another thing to hold it.  Trump did a very good job, it will be nearly impossible to suppress the fact that a majority of people in America voted for Trump and will demand the same positive results.  Instilling a long planned communist government in America will not have public support.  We already know that many of the governors who are calling for emergency actions around the state capitals on inauguration day are worried that many of the National Guardsman and police officers support Trump and are likely to defy orders against MAGA members.  For communism to work, they would have to control the military and the law enforcement and just a reminder, the police supported Trump in the election.  The threats against police wearing MAGA hats from the established political order are falling on deaf ears.  Stealing an election does not mean that you can also steal the hearts and minds of free people.  And that is the problem that these communists have as they instill Biden into a White House and both political parties try to stick to the plan and get life back to normal for them. 

Truly the way to beat the communists is to uncover them by name.  They have after all achieved most all their gains not by merit, but by deceit.  Their weakness is that they have been trying to hide their communist intentions.  So exposed to the light of day, they will dry up like vampires at dawn.  I would suggest that the most effective weapon against them is to read Skousen’s book and understand the 45 goals of communism so you can call it out in your local school boards, trustee meetings, among your own state representatives and even the reporters in your town and put them on their heels in defense.  Don’t sit around being a victim to these losers.  And you don’t need to grab your guns to fight them, at least not yet.  They have gained all their power through lying and cheating.  They do not have a majority in reality and their government will be judged off the success of Trump which they will find crushingly difficult.  And as they fail, make sure to hold their feet to the fire and call them what they are, communist insurgents who have violated the Constitution of the United States.  Be bold when you say it and know that calling them such a thing is not a conspiracy, it’s a documented fact of reality. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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