Fighting Government Terrorism: Defending yourself from the bullies attacking us all

You must understand that the fear you feel right now dear reader is designed to impair you toward logic.  It is intentional, that is why they call it “terrorism.”  Facebook is guilty of it, so is Twitter and Google.  So is Mitch McConnell, the Republican loser who has lost his power now because he played Beijing ball with lying hiding Joe Biden and his Chinese partners who want to infect the world this time not with Soviet Union communism, but from China—the Neville Chamberlain of our time.  The communist never went away, they just moved into Washington D.C. disguised as patriots, do-gooders, and altruistic charity foundations.  But of course, they mean to show their power over you with censorship, lack of representation in our republic, and downright force of will.  They mean for you to be terrified so that you will buckle and cave into the pressure, to just get back to a normal life and beg for the blue pill once again.  The “red” pill is just too much for most people and they mean for you never to ask the questions again.  They want you to watch your internet porn, your Netflix movies and go to Disney World with the dumb masks praying to the new demon god of Covid-19 as a killer of civilization and to make sacrifices of freedom to appease it.  The terror you feel now was designed to control you back into the herd so that they can harvest you to the slaughterhouse of their design for payment only they understand. 

However, I offer these articles and videos as a way out.  On my new Rumble account, however long that lasts I talk to the audience in the way that dozens if not hundreds of people each day seek my attention for some guide through the mess.  I have found that by talking directly to people through video that I can reach many hundreds if not thousands at the same time which is far more effective than in lunches, and meetings all over town to answer questions individually to so many people needing a shot in the arm toward the terrifying reality we now find ourselves in.  Its not so scary, not if you are experienced in fighting and understand that most of it is bluster without substance. The governments of the world are bullies, communists are bullies.  Its all they know.  We’ve always assumed that by being an America that we were protected by the Constitution and our nation’s military so we were free to roam about unmolested by terrible international figures who have ill intent.  We thought the FBI was protecting us, that the CIA was working on our behalf.  Even under an Eric Holder Justice Department under an Obama presidency, we had trust that the laws of our nation were being followed.  We didn’t suspect that we were all being sold out to China and their communist system.  We thought Facebook was our friend, and that Twitter was a legitimate news feed.  We trusted that Google was a great American company that made great maps and had fast internet search engines for our convenience.  Then we found out they were all lying to us, and that they actually hated us and wanted to destroy us all, and that abandonment has just been too much for most people.

We’ve all had times in our lives when a grade school bully wanted to fight us somewhere, whether on the playground or in a hallway by our lockers, so most of us have a reference point for these feelings of anxiety that we feel now.  And most people either cave to the bully in their lives or they stand up for themselves only to get beat up and fail.  Very few people learn to fight and conquer the bullies in their lives.  But I would advise that it’s a lot easier than you might think.  I’ve had a lot of experience in this kind of thing so I offer some advice to anybody looking to beat the bullies in their lives.  I personally think it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.  Because if you have people out there who want to bully you whether it’s a next-door neighbor, a co-worker, or a government, you are never truly free.  Only by learning first to defend yourself against anything, then to take the fight to the bully and win, can you really be free in your life.  If you have a bully looming over you in some capacity, you aren’t free.  And since most people never deal with the bullies in their lives it makes them easy victims to communist governments who infiltrate our society meaning to make us all slaves to their imposition.  So, its important to take actions so that you can shake off the bullies in your life so you can value true freedom and vote accordingly. 

The first thing you must do which every self defense course teaches first is how to defend yourself, such as blocking a punch.  I learned this at a very young age and once you are confident that you can keep a bully from punching you in the face, you can then always know that at least one result of any conflict is that you can defend against it.  You may not win, but you can make it so you cannot lose.  Once you can promise yourself that in a conflict you can then focus on offense, on winning.  In relation to this current circumstance as I pointed out in the video above is that there are several things you can do today to help the world around you by protecting yourself from this government aggression.  My examples are in joining the NRA, a lobby group that works on your behalf toward constitutional preservation.  You can get a CCW, and to carry a gun everywhere so that you represent law and order in the world.  We should all be able to carry guns anywhere anytime, but within some level of respect for the laws as they are now, a CCW is a good step to take.  Thirdly, if you are going to carry a gun, you should get some insurance against shooting incidents like the group I represent, Second Call Defense.  If you find yourself in a shooting, you simply call them and let their attorneys do the talking on the incident report and handle the case to keep you out of liberal court activism as much as possible.

A fourth thing that you can do to feel more proactive and safer in your life that can give you personal defense anywhere that you are, even on an airplane and in other gun free zones is to buy yourself some Premier Body Armor.  I use it every day, they make panels that can stop most handgun bullets and some rifle shots.  You can also get armor panels that can stop larger hunting rifle rounds.  If you have a kid that carries a backpack to school you can get a body panel for that backpack.  Just visit them at and find some body armor for your backpacks, jackets, undershirts, wherever.  It is a legal and multipurpose way to defend yourself from victimhood with something very few people utilize, because most people don’t know that these things are available for the everyday civilian market.  If you are sending your kid to school without one of these armor panels in their backpack, really, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Its not a question as to whether we should live in a society where we must do these things.  But as long as there are bullies in the world, which we know there are, there will always be aggression against your personal freedom and those who you care about.  Taking proactive measures such as these can go a long way to easing your mind so that you can think of real solutions, which is what we all need currently.  So by protecting yourself in these methods, you can then be part of the solution as to what comes next.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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