The Crimes Government is trying to Hide: Trump’s greatest achievement so far

The riddle behind the impeachment attempt of President Trump equates directly to the desire to tamper with evidence, and is a criminal act, just another to the long list that this present government has committed against the American people.  They are terrified that Trump will keep his base and will defeat them again in 2024, so they are trying to discredit him before he can move back into campaign mode to destroy the vestiges of a Beijing Biden administration before it ever gets started.  Because the act of putting Biden in place was to contain the massive crimes that the government has committed to implement Chinese communism into the American way of life.  In the video above, I cover all the issues in some context that is different from what they have been talking about in mass media.  Trump had a great four years in office and showed how easy things could be fixed, but the government itself has found this repulsive.  Because their goal was always to create problems that concealed the crimes they have been committing.  War with North Korea was meant to allow the Chinese to be the broker of peace, and to slide communism under the door into American corporations for protection.  Propping up Iran was to keep the Middle East fighting and to keep gas prices high so that the world would be saved from carbon imprints.  Fears of bust economies were meant to direct people’s attention to government appeasement to keep campaign donations flowing so that politicians might show kindness in not destroying people’s businesses with overregulation.  Trump took all that away and fixed many problems which has terrified the political class and they hope they can get rid of him forever.

I think most people get that on a conceptual level, but the amount of crime that government has committed and is seeking to hide is nearly unfathomable.  If not for a President Trump I don’t think we’d ever find just how deep the swamp really was, or even grappled with the definition of a Deep State.  I’ll say this, I read once again Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope as a result of the massive aggression against Donald Trump that we have seen since election day.  When I first read it many years ago, I was skeptical about all the Trilateral Commission stuff and all the conspiracy theories of the Rockefellers, the Jekyll Island meetings at the turn of the century or the creation of progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve in 1913.  I know they have the Bilderberg meetings every year, and I know that at the Devos Economic Forum last year that Soros and the gang of billionaires looking to topple the governments of the world to communism as part of their Open Boarders work hatched the plan to destroy Trump in the 2020 election with the Covid-19 scam.  When that didn’t work and Trump won anyway, they conspired with government and their puppets in big tech to steal the results so they could put their guy Biden in place to hide all the crimes they have committed over the last century because President Trump was revealing them and making them look bad.  But reading Quigley’s book now knowing what I do has been very revealing.  I think I brushed off Quigley as a pompous ass, a typical Harvard taught professor who worked in Georgetown and learned a bunch of useless facts to get laid at liberal Washington D.C. parties once too much wine had been consumed.  Reading it a second time, I could hear the kind of people that modern day George Soros has become, along with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and with many other fellow billionaires who use government to commit crimes on their behalf for the goals of their intellectual circles, in spite of what the rest of us want, or believe. 

Trump exposed them all, all their crimes, all the suspicions we have had about them—he defined the Deep State for us and brought to life the arrogance that was displayed in Quigley’s book.  I read it the first time to understand Bill Clinton because he was a big believer in Quigley and loved his book Tragedy and Hope.  As I said, I was suspicious of it, but time has proven much of the conspiracy theory correct.  The money controlled by the wealthy elite simply want to maintain an aristocracy that is international and is beyond the reach of governments.  Rather, they have governments eating out of their hand which they control through campaign donations.  It really is as simple as that.  Its sad really, and very disappointing to see such feeble-minded people controlling everything, and to watch losers like Nancy Pelosi do their bidding just so that she can get money to congress for reelection and ad buys toward the networks that just flow right back into the pockets of the billionaire class.  We elected Trump to defeat this system by bringing in a fellow billionaire to bust up the cartel.  Of course, the other billionaires considered this repulsive, so they want to punish Trump into his grave for even attempting to ruin their syndicate.  The billionaire class who has designated themselves as their own kind of government considers themselves to be above the rules of America.  They are poising the world toward international communism ruled by their politicians in the United Nations, and anybody who gets in the way of that is to be destroyed, including Donald Trump.  They have no problem breaking any American laws, especially those against the Constitution because to them those laws will soon be irrelevant.  And the crimes committed fully justified based on their communist view of the world. 

But never fear, what they want they can’t have.  They demand the hearts and minds of all Americans and even if they could get rid of Trump, the tides that caused Trump are still very much alive.  More than enough people know, and understand what a Beijing Biden administration means, it is simply a mask for massive crimes committed against America by a billionaire class of international scandalizers who have used the governments of the world as their personal piggy bank.  They are criminals too in the laws of human nature and it is there that we must turn our attention.  We see them clearly now; their actions are no longer secret and that is the best thing to come out of four years of Trump.  The hatred from that class and their puppets in our congress and senate reveals all we needed to know.  After all, they haven’t exactly hidden their intentions.  People like Quigley wrote about it in the light of day, but they snickered to themselves that we were all too stupid to understand what they were saying, because they were part of an elite group who had all the secrets, and nobody was invited to that club unless they were an international billionaire.  And the truth behind the big tech monopolies of rich billionaires who have went to war with Trump, it isn’t so much about ideology with them, but as new money, its their hazing rituals for the big international club, which has unfolded to reveal the truth grotesquely to us all in 2020 and into 2021.  But to our credit, we aren’t deceived.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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