Ohio Has ‘Stand Your Ground,’ Finally: The best defense against an out of control government is a good legislature

As the smoke clears at the federal level in the world of politics I must point to some good news and a direct result of how federalism is superior and a proper deterrent toward government overthrows as we have witnessed over the beginning of 2020.  Through great and hard work in Ohio we have worked to have a very good government in my local community of West Chester, Ohio and the incoming House and Senate in Columbus.  In our republic we do not have a top down government where the Feds control everything.  As we learned through the Trump administration, many states showed just how little impact the federal government really has in enforcing anything.  That curtain was certainly pulled back in resistance of liberals to Trump, and the same will apply in the future to any grabs for power that may occur in Washington.  So as scary as it seems on the nightly news, good government in your hometown is the best shield from tyranny.  Then of course the second is the preservation of the Bill of Rights, specifically free speech and the right to arms which are critical to any free people.  And to that aim, this past week as all the mayhem was unleashing itself at the federal level of America, Governor Dummy DeWine signed the long needed Stand Your Ground legislation for Ohio as a compromise to the aggressive GOP that wants his head for the destruction in the state over dictatorial powers abused over Covid-19. 

As we have seen over the course of 2020, whether the threat is from rioters in the streets, or an insurgent government drunk on power trying to steal away constitutional rights, the only thing that stands between communism and constitutional freedom in a functioning republic is the 2nd Amendment.  In Ohio with many progressive governors leading the way the law said that gun owners in a conflict, well anybody for that matter, had a duty to retreat, not a right to stand your ground.  That meant that if an attacker came after you even armed, that your first obligation was to leave the scene of danger.  Drawing and shooting the attacker put the complete burden on the attacker—if the bad guy didn’t kill you, then the legal system would pick you apart later, so even if you lived, you might have wished to have died by the time it was all said and done.  That was legislation that was not functional to the intent of the Ohio Constitution nor the federal Constitution.  It was meant to erode the protections of private property including a person’s well being in favor of a social blanket leaning toward the goals of communism and comes from those minds, like Ted Strickland, John Kasich and now the very progressive Mike DeWine.   

Now DeWine has gotten himself into a whole lot of trouble in 2020 by cutting the legislature out of the management of Covid and went complete dictator under emergency powers which he grossly abused.  Now that Covid is pretty much over with the Trump vaccine distribution DeWine knows he needs to stave off a revolt from a new Republican led congress and senate who are hungry to primary DeWine out of office in a few years.  DeWine has been around politics for a long time and knows he needs to repair his brand to hold power in that time, so he’s getting off to a start in 2021 by throwing a bone to Republicans with this Stand Your Ground law.  DeWine is an anti-gunner, but he knows this is the kind of red meat that will pull the party back together which is the only reason he signed it.  Of course the new Republicans get the game and are still looking to primary DeWine for what he did over Covid.  So we’ll see how it goes. 

With things being as crazy as they are, I think this is a good example of how a functioning government can work.  You must play chess with these people, not Candyland.  Don’t go into politics playing kid games, you have to play high stakes poker or chess with an eye on several moves ahead to win and that is what the Ohio GOP did with DeWine.  Because of the way DeWine played the game, he painted himself into a corner which forced his hand on Stand Your Ground.  And thank God he did because Ohio needs Stand Your Ground.  It just might save our state from terrible things to come.  I hope nobody gets hurt as the communists hit the streets in race riots and other progressive causes under the new radical White House insurrection that is happening at the national level.  Perhaps this law will steer away some of that potential trouble.  But if it does come to our doorsteps, we at least have a legal, “constitutional” means to defend ourselves without having our lives ruined by government in the process. 

Its also a reminder of how state rights always check federal power controls. The best protection we have against federal activism is a strong legislative body who is directly accountable to us.  We don’t have to be victims to a communist Biden administration.  In the case of Ohio, attacks by the federal government through legislative overreach can be stopped at the legislature, as it should always be.  We don’t need to grab our guns just yet.  We don’t need to panic.  But we can show in kind resistance as the communists did against Trump.  We can give it to Biden and Harris 20 times worse, and we have a right to do so.  We don’t need to be victims to circumstance but can rest assured that some things do work in government if you play the game right.  Stand Your Ground in Ohio is a good example of good governance not by DeWine, but in the legislature sticking together to play the circumstances of the governor’s mistakes against him to get him to commit to a bill he actually hates, just so he might have a chance to stay in power.

There is no way Dummy DeWine would have signed Stand Your Ground a year ago.  He was too busy planning with his girlfriend Amy Acton a take over of Ohio’s entire government with Covid as the platform for emergency powers given under the pretense of “safety.”  I’d find it hard to believe that an old man like him would have developed a relationship like that into a sexual one, but when you are as old as he is, he might have just been satisfied smelling her hair.  Do I think she knew what she was doing to his mind, well of course.  She’s an abortion supporter in one of the most anti-abortion administrations in America, so she knew DeWine was in love with her.  She was a progressive, a communist at heart and what she wanted to do to Ohio was for the “greater good” from her point of view, so a little flirting with DeWine to get power was perfectly acceptable.  But now that all that is coming to an end, DeWine has the dirt to deal with, so he’s in a deal making mood and that’s how we managed to get Stand Your Ground.  And that’s how you play good politics, watch what happens with others, know their weaknesses so you can exploit them to your advantage, and keep yourself clean as a whistle in the process, and if you do those things, you can literally save the world.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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