Why 2020 Sucked: It was because of government, particularly Andy Beshear

It has been a joke to listen to Andy Beshear, the loser governor from Kentucky give updates on the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.  After listening to his antics for months now, especially when he felt he needed to provide commentary on a freezer problem at a Walgreens.  The former governor, Matt Bevin was much better than Beshear is.  The little young punk was such a pain in the ass as the Attorney General of Kentucky  then he challenged Bevin for governor in 2019 which Beshear won by just 0.37 percentage points, getting 49.20% of the vote to Bevin’s 48.83%.  Looking back on what we know now, the Democrats likely cheated just enough in Louisville to push Beshear over the top.  Bevin was a good guy and went quietly into the night and now a progressive, communist stooge is running the state terribly and many people are suffering.  And after getting to know this loser a bit I am certain he couldn’t run a McDonald’s, let alone an entire state.  At the young age of 43 he obviously doesn’t know what he is doing.  Before ever getting a responsible job, he should have had to do something to prove that he understands supply chain management and general business enterprise, because Covid has shown us all what vast ignorance he has.  He is the poster boy for precisely why government should never be involved in these kinds of things, vaccine distribution to the public.  Even though I believe the “pandemic,” the “plandemic, the “scamdemic” is pure nonsense and fake in most every way, the Trump administration pushed for a vaccine by the end of the year and got it.  But government should have never been in charge of getting it to the public.  For that, only private enterprise is competent enough for the job. 

Most fast-food restaurants are better at just getting food to all their stores than the government has been getting vaccines out to the people who want it.  Government has stuck its fat ass in the middle of the highway and forced the world to work at their slow speed, and to live with it, because they are operating as a monopoly. They have no pressure of competition; they have nobody leaning on them as a boss to push them in the needed ways.  They suck and they micromanage the world around them because they eliminate competition by their very nature, because they are drunk on power and abuse their authority regularly.  It is the nature of government to do so.  Government is never efficient, the employees are mostly overpaid for what they do, and their results are never performance driven, so what you get out of them is crap.  The smaller the government, the better the society.  Many people have debated that philosophical premise for years, but never has there been a better year on record that demonstrates just how much government sucks than when they used Covid-19 to spread communism to the world and steal the election from President Trump.  To accomplish their desires, they intentionally made all our lives suck, so much that many people look back on 2020 as the worst year of their lives.  And as I said in the video above, 2020 sucked because government stuck itself in all our lives so voraciously that they literally ruined just about everything. 

Now I’m the kind of person who can find joy in just about anything.  I will find the sunny side of a nuclear holocaust, so don’t ever come to me looking for a friend in misery.  My perspective is one that can then easily admit when something sucks so bad that it is purposely trying to ruin the world around us, because I truly resent anybody who tries to rob me of happiness.  Government has proven every negative thing anybody has said about it over the course of 2020.  Here are vaccines pushed by the non-government president in Trump which advanced Operation Warp Speed way beyond the lead time of most of the pharmaceuticals and the FDA.  Of course, they resented the President for making them work so hard for results.  If it wasn’t for Trump there wouldn’t have been a vaccine for at least another 5 years, because that’s how things move in government, slow and terrible.  Just consider the average sea food restaurant anywhere in the country.  If you are in Iowa you can sit down at any time they are open and order fresh fish from the ocean caught within a few hours because of the free market.  Government could never do that, not in a million years.  When you take self-interest out of the delivery process, what you end up with is crap, every single time.  Yet private industry figures these kinds of logistical problems all the time, and the world’s economy has been built off that understanding.  That is, until government stepped into 2020 with made-up emergency powers so they could take control of all industry, and thus, showed how terrible they managed everything, especially that stupid kid, Andy Beshear.  With all the yacking he did against the former governor, you’d think he would have had something to back it up.  Instead, he just showed that at heart he was a communist.  He was the whole time.  They call themselves progressives of course, but it looks like they stole the election to put him in power, then when there was a crises, which was always planned with Covid, the communists in our government wanted a guy like Andy to ruin the economy and play his part in the script, so to save the fish in the ocean from being eaten in restaurants shut down by Covid protocols.  And by keeping people locked in their homes and not driving cars, saving the planet from CO2.  The whole thing has been a joke.

That is the worst thing about government.  Occasionally you get a Donald Trump who breaks through the system and is actually a good politician.  Our system of a republic was designed for just those types of people to be in government.  But when you get hacks, losers who could literally do no other job in society, people like Governor Beshear and Governor Dummy DeWine of Ohio, you get a sucky government which is the standard of all government everywhere.  And if you get to the real reason most in government hate President Trump, its because he made them all look so terribly bad.  Government doesn’t want a measure for their suckiness, just as the teacher’s unions are terrified of performance standards.  No government employee wants to be measured with performance standards.  And because they aren’t, that’s why Beshear was so lackluster in his status report for Covid, and has been.  Listening to Governor DeWine rattle off the priority groups for vaccine recipients is like listening to paint drying.  Imagine going to McDonald’s and having to get on a waiting list for a McRib.  Lately I have been getting two per day, all at different times of the day.  If government were in charge of the delivery of McRibs hardly anybody would get them because they couldn’t distribute them to the destination fast enough.  That’s what happens when you interrupt the free market and is why specifically 2020 sucked so bad, because government put itself in the way of what we want out of the market, and they and they alone made the result, suck!  And to make matters worse, I don’t believe Beshear even won the election.  It was stolen like the Trump election has been, so that communism could be instilled the way it has in places like Kentucky, Ohio, California, Illinois, New York and many other places for the goal of making the world suck the way communists always do.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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