What We Can Learn from Chinese Super Soldiers: The tech is here now, and could be used to bring down health care costs

Of course, you noticed the New Year pictures from China showing their city streets crowded with people celebrating without a space for an ant to crawl through between their heads.  All the while, our streets especially in New York were empty due to Covid quarantine and stupid politicians who took what China said and applied it to the further destruction of our country.  China is making moves to collect on their debts and exert themselves as the new top economy and world leader in all affairs, and that means crushing the United States with our own imaginations and duty do to our crushing debts.  Politicians are listening to China, the media is listening to China, everyone is listening to China because they want China money.  What was it that an enemy of mine said to me, that was so very true, “he who has the gold, rules.”  China has the gold, and they are ruling, and our dumb politicians are listening to their new masters and “social distancing” while China ignores all the Covid crap that they created as a menace and laughs at us like children.  However, through all the smoke of Chinese fireworks, and the terrified millennial reporters of America, there was some interesting elements of discussion that proved to be very good, and useful.  The concept of the Chinese super soldier built through DNA gene editing. 

I view a lot of the super soldier talk from China as misdirection meant to scare us and chase our tails, but it clearly had John Radcliffe’s attention as Trump’s director of national intelligence.  If he was reporting it, as many countries were discussing throughout 2020, but culminated into a fine point in December, there was some truth to it.  As the news stories persisted, China was building 2 million super soldiers who could be move faster, handle more extreme conditions in veritable weather conditions, and could have naturally enhanced night vision.  As listed the new Chinese super soldiers would have brains boosted with microchips which would allow for telepathic communication, they’d have bionic eyes with built in cameras that could augment reality through vision.  They’d have super hearing and could tune into frequencies no human can naturally hear.  And they’d have a chip to monitor their health in real time which could be beamed back to HQ.  Now as I said, most of that information leaked out of China was meant to do just as Covid has done, to scare us into thinking about superior Chinese technology, likely tech they stole from America to begin with, but that they can use because they have no ethical standards to live up to, and can essentially do as a communist country whatever they want to their citizens.  It is unlikely that any modern warfare will involve 2 million troops ever, because future fights won’t be like that.  They will be purely economic and political.  Such troops might be used in law enforcement, but they won’t drop into our country like in Red Dawn forcing us to fight them in hand to hand combat.  There are too many guns in America for that, China would never attack us directly, only passively and through economics, using our crushing debt as the ultimate leverage.   

But none of this is bad news, its great.  Because as I have said on many occasions the ultimate goal of our health care is to lower the costs and to be more effective.  With the kind of technology available now as described by the Chinese super soldiers, it is no longer the future to consider that we can fix anything in the human body through gene editing so that we could cure old age and hereditary diseases such as heart ailments and all forms of cancer with the simple flick of a few DNA switches.  If we can give people better sight, better hearing, and the ability to grow taller, faster, we can also make them impervious to disease and other health ailments.  When Trump was asked in 2016 what he was going to do to lower health care costs the question was poised to him as a means of protecting and subsidizing a dying industry, one where medicine and doctors rule and manage people into slow declines toward death.  The old health care system which is just too expensive is complicated and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry with the double asps wrapped around each other as an ancient dedication to the aristocracy of doctorhood.  Trump tried to explain Adam Smith free market approaches which he has implemented during his presidency to great effect.  But ultimately the goal of health care should not be to subsidize the broken old system that serves a very few with sustainable jobs at the expense of the dead and dying.  The goal should be to get better and to stay better, and now we know the technology is there to do so. 

The way to bring down health care costs is simply not to get sick.  Now currently the same dumb doctors who have followed China’s lead on the Covid protocols are using them to keep power, which is what the whole game has been about.  Whether by using Covid to scare everyone in the world to give up their freedoms to the state or to scare the world into the thought of Chinese super soldiers kicking down our doors to buckle under compliance of a new “daddy” in the world, the release of information where behind the weaponized health care discussions is actual technology which could change the industry forever and build massive amounts of new market wealth while dispensing of the old crotchety system that costs way too much and just manages a slow death to people anyway.  What we are talking about is longer, more productive lives for all people through gene editing that could truly benefit the human race and help the United States pay down their debts with new industry that doesn’t toss money into the fire of an industry that only serves the big pharma.  Ahhhhhh, now you are started to see dear reader why there are so many forces looking to get rid of Trump, because the goal of health care now is to scare everyone and to control them with nonsense like the Covid crap and the super soldiers.  But to turn the tables on the entire health care industry and give people independence from fear of sickness, death, and perpetual debt, there are opportunities for a truly great tomorrow on our doorstep now.

The tech for gene editing has been out there for a long time, and the concept of super soldiers comes right out of American movies, such as Terminator.  I’m not worried about some egg role eating son-of-a bitch patrolling my neighborhood and coming to my door to enforce a new communist regime.  A .500 magnum through a augmented reality enhanced head covered in Kevlar will erase the threat in a fraction of a second ruining hundreds of thousands of dollars in bionic investment into the creature.  It won’t change my life one bit. But it could change all our lives if we made good use of the technology to bring down health care costs and improve the lives of everyone, so they don’t have to live with sickness and degrading conditions for the rest of their lives.  By acting in a way to use medical fears to control us, China has let out the solution to our health care problems, and actually showed us a way to get out from under their massive debt.  And in so doing, they have unleashed the unintended consequences of a brighter future that we could all have with just a little effort and a change in mindset. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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6 thoughts on “What We Can Learn from Chinese Super Soldiers: The tech is here now, and could be used to bring down health care costs

  1. Crazy! And Wayyy above my pay grade.
    Can’t I just stick with some 762.54’s (with tracer) for fun or trusty 50 cali for just calling it a day??


      1. Well, Hell. That’s not the answer I was looking for. I was thinking more along the lines of tall trees, short ropes, meat hooks…etc.
        Bloodshed vs. an intellectual war. Both? It’s gnarly either way.
        There is nothing as dangerous as a man or WOMAN, without a country.

        If you don’t mind, I’d like to make this post productive. If your posse is reading and thinking what can I do to make a difference, Bannon’s War Room has your marching orders.
        Especially today!!

        This link has the commercials removed so instead of the full 2 hour commitment..it’s a info packed 1.37 minute vid.


        Today’s episode is hands down the most important and informative I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all. Bannon touches on everything including the spiritual battle, political, Ian talks about the loss of “our men” and what to do about it. Most of all, John talks about what you at home can do.
        John Eastman, Trumps Constitutional lawyer is 2nd up. About 10 minutes in. What a hammer!
        He really spells out what must happen next week and how to achieve it.

        If after watching, your readers contact you with how to do what they are asking..I have it all. Copy and paste addy’s and letters in a blanket email in less that a minute. The phone calls are the time takers, but since they have robbed us of the right to assemble, free speech and the right to business, everyone should put that time to fighting for The Republic for which it stands. For now.


      2. I’ll have to check out his show. But I’m not much of a marching orders kind of person. I don’t see “us” as losing anything. We have all the cards, its not as bad as they make it seem. I don’t feel we have lost our country, just that we discovered a lot of bad crap stuffed under the carpet. Caution is healthy, but its that other side who are wrong and on notice. This should be a good week.


  2. Bannon is pretty Alpha. You probably wouldn’t last long! LOL!

    Make no mistake, the reason why it was only Mo Brooks last Monday and now 130 is because of the deplorables sticking their finger in the chest of the cowards. They (we) are relentless.
    And if we do prevail, Americans are going to have to learn how to carry the torch of a representative republic.That alone will be a feat.


    1. That is a good show, I don’t catch it everyday, but get it when I can. It takes a lot of those types of things to make the freedom stew. The difference between us and everyone else who has fallen to communism is that we can talk like that and use free speech to criticize. The scare of a monopoly in Facebook and other places is serious. But it doesn’t stop a show like that from being produced. They would like to, but they can’t. Which is ultimately why they won’t be successful in this coup. There are too many people who won’t say yes to total authority. 2020 was all about shock, 2021 will be about, fool me once, try it again. People are on to it. Enough to stop it.


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