Real ‘Tragedy and Hope’: How the FBI let us down again and why

I decided as a combination of events following the massive cheating that went on as a result of the 2020 election and the complicity of the media then followed by an obvious attempt by the FBI to destroy evidence in Nashville Tennessee of that stolen election that I would go back and re-read Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley published in 1966 which is a big book about the rise and fall of western civilization that is over 1300 pages long.  A lot of people who read that book take a decade or so to get through it, for me it took a summer way back in 1993 a year into the Clinton administration.  At the time I was thinking of the Trilateral Commission and the idea of a New World order as being something of conspiracy, but after many years and many scandals that show the FBI and other law enforcement agencies always at the center of the latest mass shooting, terrorist attack such as 9/11, the attempted coup of President Trump, or most recently, the massive voter fraud effort by the Deep State to steal an election from Trump and give it to Beijing Biden, my opinion of the FBI has dwindled away into seeing them as hostile domestic enemies, certainly not the good guys in The Untouchables—which is what I wanted to believe.  My first thought as I watched the FBI press conference of the Nashville bombing in an RV on Christmas morning was, well here we go again, it’s a white guy, a loner, and an RV owner who lost his mind and became a terrorist, and we’ll likely never know why or how the event came to be.  All we do know, and this is how the case began and ended forever, is that we’ll never know why or how.  It’s like the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas a few years back, or the San Bernardino mass shooting at a Christmas party where the FBI openly destroyed evidence in many ways to keep the motives to the killers from being known, but always like setting the alarm on a clock, right on queue when the Deep State needs a distraction, the FBI comes up with the latest mass shooting, or bombing that gets everyone looking over in some other direction while the real culprits are conducting the crimes of the century over and over again.  All this has caused me to go back and read Tragedy and Hope with a fresh, older perspective knowing what I do now.  The first time was hard for me to accept such notions as failure of western civilization to support some “elite” view of the world meant to imprison everyone in it to just another age of aristocracy by today’s wealthy minority.

And that’s why I say in the video above that its sad that the FBI screwed up again because after what they did to Trump, or in the NASCAR case of finding a noose in the garage of Bubba Wallace and trying to bring racism front and center in the car racing world at the same time that people were deeply suspicious of the mass lockdowns caused by Covid 19, the FBI have shown themselves not to be friends of America, but enemies working at the whims of these globalist hacks and their attempts to run a borderless world at the expense of us all, particularly our freedoms.  When the FBI needs to, just as I gave the example of Martin Luther King when they tried to shove the civil rights leader into suicide at the height of his powers in the 1960s, the FBI has been using public relations to shape opinions rather than investigate crime.  Their goal is always to use fear to open the door for politicians to react to policy and that is how the game has gone for many years, and justified the many pages of explanation that went into that massive book Tragedy and Hope.  Gradually over the years I have hoped that the FBI and other members of the Deep State would be open to reform, especially if we had the right president, such as we have with Trump, but the goals of the Deep State truly are sinister, every bit as bad as conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones postulate.  The delivery of the warnings come across as crazy, which I have tried to take with a grain of salt, including when I first read Tragedy and Hope, but the facts over time just become so obvious, culminating into the end of 2020 with the bombing on Christmas, the way too fast wrap up of who the bomber was, how he did it, and the FBI had it all wrapped up as a case by Christmas evening, almost as if they were reading from a script prepared for them.  The true tragedy of the event is that so many people have lost faith at all in the FBI community.  Suckers who want to believe everything they say so they can go back to sleep of course listen to those press conferences and consider if guns should be made illegal, or even RVs because during lockdowns the government is disturbed that people have rushed out to buy guns and RVs to get away from all the stupid rules due to Covid and the Deep State wants control back of people’s behavior.  But more and more people are realizing that most of our current government have made themselves domestic enemies for all the reasons articulated in that book by Carroll Quigley.  He’s of course not the only one, but he certainly put some effort into making a solid point about the problems of modern western civilization.  The failures are not organic meaning they happen as a part of some Vico Cycle, but they are artificial by a jealous minority of powerful elite who do not respect the Constitution of the United States and spend their lives looking to destroy it through social pressures such as tragedy to provoke law changes that protect their power base and impose their will on the masses of civilization. 

When the FBI should have been considering the way people voted in 2020 instead of listening to the Trump supporters who were in the masses, the Deep State dug in deeper and showed the cards they have been playing for centuries.  We may have had a Revolution in 1776 but the old powers jealously had to concede due to the world at the time taking too long to manage from across an ocean.  Many people don’t think of how John Paul Jones, the revolutionary pirate disrupted the English navy to such an extent that it allowed Washington to have ground victories to win that war, then the British were back in the War of 1812 to get their territory back, which again resulted in an embarrassing defeat.  It took the Deep Staters another century to get their feet back under them again with new money being made during westward expansion once there was faster communication overseas and air travel the Deep State has given up on open invasions with military force and instead turned to psychological manipulation for the same effect which is what the FBI has become as a tool.  And it was sadly on full display in Nashville.  The FBI was lazily going through the motions wrapping up the case before the Christmas weekend was even over as the Durham Report has been stifled and hidden due to its incriminating nature. The effort at corruption and attack on the core values of American society has never been accepted by the Deep State and what they are doing today is just as obvious as the many wars that have been started and useless killing meant to maintain the power base of a slim foundation of elite.  And for their role in the effort, its just sad to consider that the FBI was never our friends, but have always been what the conspiracy theorists thought they were, and now will never be able to repair the trust the public once had in them, ever.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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