Democracy is a Dirty Word: How socialists have infiltrated academia by just changing a definition

Democracy is a dirty word, a terrible word.  It means ultimately the end of advancement and civilization as we know it.  Democracy is the very next step until ultimate anarchy as Giambattista Vico knew from his great work, New Science published in 1744.  Democracy is the tool for Marxists to overtake populations and reset the clock of power to where the dumb, the overly emotional, the corrupt can rule through a simple majority the fate of a nation only to fail time and time again into an oblivion which ultimately forces all civilizations to be born again onto themselves as rock chucking religious fanatics, and overly dressed aristocrats to play the whole game again thousands and thousands and thousands of years over again and again.  Democracy is a terrible thing, yet every politician and political pundit proclaims that the goal of us all is to preserve it, to protect it and to fight for it.  And for saying such a dumb thing, every last one of them is wrong, wrong, wrong!  Accepting the word was a trick, a coup set up over a century ago to bring down America and the world with it to a political system that everyone knew would destroy itself.  And in that destruction came opportunities for the weak to climb to power, and for the strong, the wise, and the resolute to have their voices diminished into chaos and overruled by a mob.  That is what “democracy” is.

As we watch the results of the various elections of 2020 continue to spew the obvious lack of education that most Americans possess, exposing the weaknesses many of us knew were there, but now its obvious to all who have eyes to look.  The crises of the presidential election where so many forces participated in cheating in the vote counts by proclaiming Beijing Biden the winner and robbing it from Trump was calculated due to the current state of education in America, the criminals thought nobody would notice and that everyone was sleeping and thought we all forgot that America was a republic, not a slimy, stinky democracy.  And to analyze how we ended up in this mess it is a must to look at little things such as a simple word, that virtually everyone from the most educated to the most notable imbecilic thinks that America is now a democracy, and that we rule on events and law by a simple up and down measure of majority rule.  You can hear such a thing proclaimed every time a Democrat uttered during this 2020 election that every vote counted, when in reality only “legal” votes matter. 

It all started as indicated in the video above, when the ISS set up shop at various colleges across the country in 1905.  The Intercollegiate Socialist Society was only around 100 people who would meet in little groups all over the country and contemplate the dreams of socialism in America.  The people were to become influencers in society working as publishers, business leaders, and college professors and would grow with significance over the coming decades.  We are seeing the culmination of their work now, in the next century.  But when they first started, Americans didn’t like socialists, so they had to find a way to take the edge off what they were trying to do.  So, their effort which started slow brewing for the next 5 decades was to get Americans to accept that socialism would be changed to “democracy.”  It sounded good and people thought it sounded American enough, but little did they know that a kind of card trick had been played on their minds, and now the enemy was teaching the next generations that our government was a democracy instead for the republic for which we are all supposed to stand.  And from there, an erosion of sentiment began to boil, and it was too late.  Socialism had been slid under the door in academia and placed in the light of day to slowly destroy our country.  And even those who were poised to defend it most were out there declaring that the goal of our task, of what we fought and died for was to protect our “democracy.” 

I’ve always wondered how far some of these falsehoods and misdirections of literary definition could be pushed under the protective umbrella of rule of law.  In America, we’ve taken it for granted that it would always be there, and that groups like the Communist Party USA or the ISS could function out in the open and our country could sustain itself.  Its really quite a miracle that we have lasted this long, given the forces that have been against us.  It has been like testing a racing engine by revving up the tachometer to the point where it blows, to see just how well built it is.  That’s how this experiment with socialism and communism in America has felt, and by enduring the ridiculous notion of “democracy” as a part of our daily, educated dialogue as a country.  At what point is it too much, when do people grab their guns and overthrow the government?  How many RPMs can we take as a country?  I think we have found it out in 2020 and the engine blew, the pieces have flown everywhere, and we’ll spend most of 2021 cleaning up the mess.  Now it would seem that the most critical thing to do is to teach people the proper name for things and the function and to reconnect at a minimum the idiocy of the word democracy and to re-institute as things were prior to 1905 that we as a nation worked well because we were and still are a republic. 

But that is no small task because it means that virtually everyone is wrong, especially Republicans who utter with the same conviction as socialist Democrats “that we must protect our democracy!”  Every school in the country and most every college are just as guilty of such lunacy.  Democracy is one of the dumbest concepts ever conceived by mankind because to maintain a republic there at the very least needs to be an intelligent group of representatives.  If the loons, goons and buffoons of democracy want to destroy their lives with drugs, sex and stupidity, they should not have an equal vote in the fate of our country.  We need representatives who won’t act like fools, or become corrupt, or desire to trade their freedom for the comforts of a government pension.  A republic demands intelligence, and if you look at what’s wrong today in our country, its that we have penalized intelligence and those not ruined by corruption with the scandals of the worst of us who hide their sins in the seductress arms of a mob driven democracy, to hide in the masses their sheer guilt and ill intentions.  Then to make matters worse, the chaos of democracy has occupied our minds on the sentiments of the stupid, topics like racism, climate change, and equality at the expense of productivity.  Rather than the best and smartest working on our behalf as a republic on the budget deficit, on concerns of philosophy in our public schools, and the quality of each and every person’s existence, we instead are debating lunacy proposed by crime ridden losers intent to hide their own self destruction behind the destruction of our very country.  And for that, we can’t forgive the idea set that a democracy is our way of government.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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