Covid-19 is a Friend of the Lazy and the Marxist: The loss of happiness in life was on purpose

Another way that Covid-19 has been an effective attack from China against our economy has been in essentially attacking the tenants of Adam Smith’s approach to economics with an overly managed economy instead of the invisible hand of self interest which so greatly sets it apart from other economic systems around the world.  I am personally one who believes that kids shouldn’t be able to graduate from high school unless they have studied and can prove they understand Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.  I read it a long time ago and honestly, I thought until recently that it was much further read than it has been.  And for many young people, they get heavy doses of Marx in college and Keynesian economics specifically, but they have not studied enough the economic systems that run America, nor have they been taught why the American system is so superior to all other economic systems which the results of lifestyles obviously show in competitive comparisons.  And that is why few people see the obvious, that Covid was an attack on American culture in many ways, but ultimately it has been a mad professor Marxist attack on the fundamental way of life that drives the American economy, through competition and the pursuit of customer fulfilment that drives dollars through happiness instead of raw necessity.

I don’t talk about it much because I think it was one of the most useless things I’ve ever done, going to college.  I remember well getting up every morning and having breakfast over in Coryville on the campus of the University of Cincinnati when the little restaurant opened there, well before classes started.  Most of the books that were assigned reading I had already gobbled up a week or two into the semester, so I was reading the big books that were only offered to graduate classes because I didn’t want to wait.  I was taking economics as the major and I absolutely hated all the classes by the extremely liberal professors.  They were so stupid and to wash myself of that filth they were teaching I was reading Adam Smith at 5 AM until about 8 while I had my breakfast of omelets and bacon at my usual booth in the corner, 7 days a week.  I’d read this great foundation book full of wisdom as I watched the other college kids come and go before class totally aloof to the great wisdom that was in The Wealth of Nations.  I found I looked forward to that little quiet time I gave myself each day on campus, but I detested the classes because they felt like mind control.  I found that to wash the filth off me I would give myself another 3 hours at the end of the day to continue reading and in that way, I managed through the college years intact.  I pretty much ignored what any teacher had to say because they were not equipped to understand the great classics like The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.  My pursuits, the morning meal, the end of the day meal, and my books stacked up on my booth table encouraged me to read a lot of big books that were way beyond the college experience and I had arrived there by the benefit of the invisible hand, the Natural Law of the universe, the pursuit of happiness—the key to the great joy and power of the American economy. 

My wife right before Christmas came home blistering with rage, ready to turn over a car and eat it, she was mad.  Because of Covid our bank was down to just a few tellers at the window, the lobby had been closed and the Butler County Health Department was in their business wanting to shut them down because of all the mandatory quarantines they were experiencing.  My wife was waiting for 20 minutes to get money for Christmas shopping since the lobby was shut down and the only way to interact with the bank that day was through the drive thru window.  Then as she finally arrived at the window the teller pulled down a shade and declared to all in line that it was lunch time for them.  Come back in an hour.  Well, my wife blew up.  She knows all the people and they did serve her when they saw how irate she had become.  But due to Covid, the experience at the bank had been altered into a chore instead of a nice experience where they send through suckers when she has the grandkids with her to make the exchange a pleasurable one.  But she needed more money so she went back the next day and the entire branch was closed because the last two tellers had tested positive for Covid so the bank just ran out of employees to keep the place open.  The fury continued. 

And that has been the main theme of Covid-19, not to mention the false positives, the stupid masks, the ridiculous and unscientific social distancing, all new terms for a free American society—now there are all these dumb and cumbersome rules that government has imposed to reduce happiness greatly in our day to day exchanges.  And we have had to come to accept that if we want to stay open as a business, or even have a job, that we must comply.  Well, that’s the theme of Covid-19 really, control, loss of happiness, and accepting massive government overreach that impacts us even at the bank, thus that is why my wife was so angry.  Its one thing to see a sporting event with no fans in the stands, its another to see the movie industry collapse, to lose the ability to go to a restaurant and talk through plexiglass windows like we are all living in an aquarium.  Covid-19 has been attempting to change the way we fundamentally do business, to turn our economy into that of Karl Marx and away from Adam Smith, and it has all been on purpose.

Covid-19 has empowered the lazy to stand up to the industrious and keep their jobs.  Covid has penalized the people who refuse to work from home and to not drive their cars down the road for the ultimate goal of the Marxist types of lowering their carbon footprint to save an earth that will just be hit by an asteroid killing everyone on it in a few thousand years anyway.  But it all sounds good if it changes the economy from a thriving one to one micromanaged by a central government.  It has made me think back to the college days where I saw with my own eyes how stupid the professors were and their students who were not reading every morning and night like I was.  They just wanted to get laid and spent most of their time thinking about those kinds of things.  If the college was teaching Marx, they didn’t care.  They did what they had to do to get a passing grade and they got out of school and onto a job.  Then later when a country like China sent in a Trojan Horse virus to ruin our economy they didn’t see it coming and didn’t care.  Just like in college, they did what the teacher told them to get a passing grade and they were too lazy to even ask the deeper questions—like, should we be doing any of this?  Well, not in my family.  As far as I’m concerned there is only one economic system, and its that one of Adam Smith.  Nothing else will be acceptable.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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