Return of the King: Trump escapes the Temple of Doom

I never liked the part from the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indiana Jones was poisoned with a black magic spell to the god Kali that turned him into an evil drone for the purposes of human sacrifice.  That in a lot of ways is how I saw the way Trump was forced to drink the bloody beverage of Covid-19, a global plot to rule the world in an election year where the enemies of America were using fear and maniacal intentions to destroy America and bring about a new age of pagan ritual and domination.  But the movie was fun after Indiana Jones was burnt by Short Round, his little side kick and with the spell now broken the two proceeded to beat up the bad guys and escape the dreadful temple against all odds, and every kind of danger that could be posed to a group of adventurers.  Temple of Doom is of course a fantastic movie and I have raised my kids and grandkids on it.  It remains one of the favorite films of my youngest 4-year-old grandson who loves to watch it over and over and over again.  Even though it’s a fantastic fiction of a movie, it has in it many interesting things to think about, including how to save people sometimes the hero must yield to darkness if only to be resurrected into something of a Gandalf the White!  Indiana Jones was certainly undergoing one of those epic hero journeys in that Temple of Doom movie and that was essentially how I saw Trump leaving Walter Reed and journey back to the White House only to pull off the mask and reveal a fearless leader just when the country and a pending election, needed one.

I’ve been waiting for Trump to give that speech since the lockdowns began in March of 2020, that America is a great country and shouldn’t hide from the coronavirus.  I knew from the beginning that its was all a trick, a communist attempt to take over America not with tanks and missiles, but through the medical community, a trick that really hasn’t been tried before with the intention of global domination.  Why didn’t Hitler try such a thing, or Stalin?  Well, with hindsight being 20/20 they obviously didn’t think it would work, but in these days of social media and the internet poised to be a propaganda machine for left-leaning thinking the attempt to use Covid-19 as a weapon to threaten people’s safety has been the centerpiece around the world in 2020.  As I’ve pointed out with many examples, the plot for Covid-19 was planned by communists working with China very early in the process, and likely the way Covid was spread through the White House was to expose a Secret Service who had never had to deal with using a virus to poison so many people in order to knock Trump out of the election, even if it killed him.  The ill intentions were voluminous, yet it was very good, and healthy for Trump to stand in the White House after watching all the dramatic events of him at Walter Reed declare that America should not let the virus control them, and that the solutions were within our culture already.

Having a free Trump so close to the election was not part of the plan, especially with him getting Covid and recovering from it, then using his platform to put people to ease all over the world.  Covid-19 was weaponized politically to ruin our society. Just think of the intentions of terrorists of 9/11 who thought that attacking the World Trade Center would destroy the American economy from their perspective, imagine what the terrorists of Covid-19 thought, even still New York City is a ghost town and movie theaters all over America are closing—perhaps for good.  Airlines are barely hanging on and perhaps 50% of all bars and restaurants will close as a direct result of the Covid-19 shutdowns.  And Joe Biden thinks that the shutdowns are popular with people, he’s promising to do more of them.  For a long time, it has looked as if evil would rule the day, that is until a Covid infected Donald J. Trump left Walter Reed hospital on Monday after dramatically being checked in on the previous Friday.  And his return was bold and triumphant.  Even as NBC and CNN were broadcasting their phony polling of “likely voters” (800 or so likely voters) Trump’s supporters had been gathering all weekend to show support for the President in numbers much greater than those polling samples, and its unlikely that many or any of those people were captured in the polling statistics.  The political left have set themselves up for a very disappointing day after the election and that was obvious as people watched Marine One crawl into the sky headed to the White House as the media literally melted down on air.

The plan was always to tie the President’s hands behind his back and force him to live within the rules of a bunch of unelected bureaucrats—the medical community which had suddenly, and quite unexpectedly become politicized.   And it was meant to derail his presidency to lose office by the next election.  If nothing had worked up to this point, the Russian hoax, the FBI conspiracies, the torture of many close and personal friends through a corrupt legal system, an impeachment attempt, sex scandal accusations, Supreme Court harassment, tax harassment, phony investigations, spying from one Presidential administration on the next in order to sabotage it before it ever got started—the ruining of many, many lives, Covid-19 was always planned to bomb Trump into submission if only he would be forced to bend the knee to the mask and remove hope from the entire world that there would be anybody to stand up to the fears the virus was designed to exploit.  And once the President arrived back at the White House, we could all see who had drank the blood of doom, and it was clearly most of the entire media who literally came unglued once it was clear to them what was clear to Trump supporters.  President Trump had beaten the virus.  Many of his White House staff had also beaten it and nobody was scared.  And even under all that scrutiny the President stood without a mask and told America not to be afraid.  It was in that one little sentence that a torpedo of its own was sent into the whole global Covid-19 plan.  It was quite enjoyable.


In America we are now on a path to end the fake “pandemic” by attacking it with real science.  This whole proposal of hiding in a closet like the poor fools in War of the Worlds did when the aliens came is not what Americans are all about and we now have a president willing to define it for everyone once again, coming out of a sleep of his own.  In a lot of ways, it was better for Trump to get Covid-19 and his staff of over 50 so that he could show the world that it was no big deal.  And if he could survive, so could everyone else.  And to have that happen so close to the election pretty much takes away all the air that the political left had been counting on which is a massive cause for celebration.  This fever has broken, the spell has been pushed away, and for the first time in a long time, we can see a path toward resolution.  And joy is now on the menu again in America. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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