Losers of Course Hate Winners: When the bar is set too high, timid people have nowhere to hide

You must know what fight we are fighting.  I keep hearing that Trump blew it on the last debate, and that Trump was wrong to show his domination of the Covid-19 virus by driving around in the motorcade to wave at supporters outside of Walter Reed, and that people on our side are pleading with Trump to back down and stop giving the media weapons to beat him over the head with.  The belief by conservatives is that the path to victory is to be nice and non-combative, and to play by the rules.  This is something I have watched for years and its always been baffling.  I offered recently my personal experience about how I learned that force is far better than meekness, and that the way to beat Democrats and other communist radicals is to punch them in the face so hard that they don’t even know what week they are in.  My conclusion is that people are generally nice, especially conservative, church going people, and this level of evil is foreign to their thoughts.  Which is why the political left has made the kind of gains they have over many decades and given them a false sense of power.  Trump had to come out and punch Joe Biden in the mouth at that debate, because that is the way Joe Biden has debated Republicans in the past, and we all know what the Rules for Radicals says about these kinds of matters.  Make your opponent’s live by their own rules, and that was the Biden plan going into that first debate.  Here was a guy who spied on Trump’s campaign and brought great harm to his friend General Flynn.  Fans of Trump would have been really upset if the President came out and played nice with Biden.  The real fight was not about policy, it was about domination, for which Trump clearly won.

I was in my garage loading ammunition and working on other things Sunday afternoon while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing.  Also, at the same time almost, Trump was planning to show that he was overcoming the coronavirus by driving around Walter Reed Hospital in his motorcade and waving to eager supporters hungry to just catch a glimpse of him.  Everything became very clear to me in relation to the President’s election campaign and why so many people were excited that he might die on Friday evening when he was flown there upon being diagnosed with Covid-19.  On the radio with a gentle fall rain pouring out of the sky with a brisk breeze and gunpower aromatically emanating from my fingertips Tom Brady threw a pick six into a stingy LA Chargers defense.  And in seconds, the Chargers were up 24 to 7 and it looked like my Buccaneers were going to lose.  I had on one of my computers in the garage and was watching the Twitter feed on Brady where critics suddenly piled on calling Tom “old” and “used up.”  What they meant was that an NFL quarterback with 6 Superbowl rings should know when to hang it up and let other people have a chance for success.  If you pay careful attention to those types of comments, and analyze their intentions, who hate Trump or Tom Brady are the type of people who look to hide themselves among losers to explain away in life their own lack of achievement.

It didn’t take long, Tom Brady went on from there to throw 4 touchdown passes and the Buccaneers won the game relatively easily, and at no point in that game did I think the Bucs would lose.  Because to my mind, Tom Brady is a winner and he’d do anything to win.  Just like with Trump, I expected Trump to do something to get in front of the negative virus outbreak that was decimating his White House staff.  By the way, remember what I said about Democrat terrorism.  Who wants to bet against me that I was right about that one?  And for those who hate people who win too much and resent people who set the bar too high they hide in the masses which for them is the Democrat Party, typically.  People who are lacking in personal confidence enjoy hiding in groups and behind the team concept of losing together.  And that is why they hate people who strive to success.

Again, I don’t like to kiss and tell, but recently I was invited to an event where there was a lot of drinking going on.  You might say that I’m not a drinker and I don’t strive for drunkenness in any way.  I cherish my mind and I seek to never impair it in anyway.  No drugs.   No alcohol.  I don’t dance, because I do not yield myself to music that is not my own.  That might tell the story as to why more people don’t invite me to those types of things because I’m a buzz kill.   The reason for myself is that I’m always thinking about ways that I can win whatever I’m doing.  The purpose of a lot of those kinds of events is that people mesh together into a collective mindset, the kind of rituals that are popular in fraternities where everyone spits in a cup and then takes turns drinking the contents, or in sharing sex with a stripper so that everyone commits sins together, and therefor builds trust in infamy as a “team.”  There are a surprising number of people who fail in life because they accept these loser ways of thinking—of hiding their individualism behind collective safety.  The point of such rituals is to show how short you are in life, how you can be controlled to be not too good, so not to insult everyone else.  And when people don’t follow the rules, like Tom Brady, or Donald Trump—who are friends in real life—they are spit at and hated because they won’t follow directions and be one more douche bag in the world.

The fear however is that by winning, Trump and Brady become symbols that might encourage others toward not accepting failure.  The world at large has learned to accept failure and the media has built an industry off that expectation.  They love a winner as long as they feel they can control them.  With Brady, there is the expectation that the age of 40 is over the hill and that always a new younger generation is coming into the game to keep things interesting.  If you’ll remember, when Brett Favre was trying to continue playing past age 40 that the scandal of him sending pictures of his wiener to a female reporter sunk his career.  Well, those elements are after Tom Brady for sure.  And when Trump came down with Covid-19, every negative person in the world thought that was the end of the election.  Then he ruined their hopes by driving around waving at his fans, who are people who love a winner.  In fact, most Americans do even if they themselves have accepted being a loser in order to win at life.  Trump gives them hope that they can win again as Americans and that reality is a real bomb to those who love to lose at life, and to hide under the covers because Covid is so scary.  The truth is most people don’t have the courage to be winners.  And yes, they hate people who are winners, because it makes them feel guilty at being such louses in life.  That being said, the real fear about this election is that they don’t have control of the losers in the world, and that if people are inspired to be winners, then all their efforts at hiding within the masses will be wasted—and for them, that is truly scary. Losers hate winners because they aren’t losers.  And that will never change so long as there are winners to challenge the status quo for the betterment of all humankind.

Winners overcome problems; they don’t yield to them.  That’s why it was a big deal for Trump to leave the hospital today, after only a few days.  He is expected to beat Covid-19 and now the rest of the world sees a path out of the virus, which losers have been using to hide their own failures from the lights of existence.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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