The Criminal Class: Biden has to win otherwise most of the Democrats could and should go to jail

Its probably been a bit obvious lately that I have taken a little break from the heavy stuff.  There was a point in the 2016 campaign where I quit all together writing these articles, because I felt that the election of Donald Trump would solve most everything and that I could do something else.  However, for years, we have explored at this site some of the deepest of the deep state concerns and moved into the weeds where the mosquitoes and other irritants reside most notably and as we discovered the Deep State was even deeper than most anybody was willing to admit.  Certainly, Donald Trump was surprised and since his inauguration day we have certainly witnessed the worst that any government of mankind is capable of.  I have often referred to it as the greatest crime, political or white collar that has ever taken place, the coup of an American president using the taxpayer funded sources to perform the task.  I think I was one of the very first people to point to the Obama White House as knowing the full details early on and in using the FBI through the Justice Department to commit unbelievable crimes against us all, by attempting to destroy an elected president right in front of our faces.  And lately, all that ugliness has been confirmed, all the things I have said about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Covid-19 has been grotesquely correct and there is a part of me that really wanted to be wrong.  So, to relieve my thoughts, I lighten things up from time to time and think about the kind of things I enjoy thinking about.  Not the gross reality of being often too awake and seeing too much.

Its not surprising to me at all that the whole point of this 2020 election is that Joe Biden played his part in the corruption by using the Logan Act to destroy the life of General Flynn, in an attempt to destroy the Trump presidency psychologically.  The only crime Flynn was guilty of was in knowing Trump and liking him.  I’m proud of Trump declassifying all the Hillary Clinton documents that implicate just about every high-level official in Washington with massive conspiracy while he was staying at Walter Reed.  My wife cried that Trump was flying off to the hospital to be treated with Covid-19, she thought this was it for him, that he would never be back, as many Americans apparently thought as well.  But not me.  I have known since the spring that Trump would do something like this.  I’m sure he didn’t plan to get Covid on purpose, but he was going to use an opportunity in October to unleash hell on Joe Biden and all those who have attempted to use the Russian Hoax to delegitimize his first term in office.  After all, all he did wrong was win the election.  The Deep State wanted to control him because they wanted to rule and had set the stage for many years to do so.

Ironically I knew all this because I read a Bill Moyers book years ago called a World of Ideas, which taught me a lot about how the progressive mind thinks and what they intended to do in the years to come.  I remember watching a movie I still love called Koyaanisqatsi, an indie film that I’ve seen maybe a thousand times set to Phillip Glass music which essentially shows nature being raided by mankind only to have mankind crash and burn back to earth in a space launch that literally blew up in slow motion while fleeing to space.  It’s a brilliant film with not one line of dialogue, but it has a lot to say.  The plan from the left is contained in that film and its sequels, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi.  I learned how the left thought and what they were willing to do to gain power.  I’ve read several thousand books since those days and have gained a lot of perspective over that time so for me it was not hard to see what was happening even if its gross to look at.  The Deep State was built to usher in a new world of ideas and to decentralize elected offices like the Presidency to an almost governor status in the world under the care of the United Nations.  And how cruel were they willing to go, the political left was committed to our complete destruction, all a means to the end justifying the actions.

What this election comes down to is either we stop them with a vote or we have to stop them with lives lost in another bloody war.  I think people know that.  Joe Biden is a criminal, as is Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, most of the media for complicity, and the Democrats as a party because they know all this and have done it anyway.  They are all guilty as hell and aren’t even qualified to be in this election by all rules of proper conduct.   But people have a hard time accepting that reality because in their minds, which don’t often go to these Red Pill places, its just not in their definitions of existence.  Its like a family who knows that a highly powerful man has been sexually molesting the young girls, daughters and nieces for years, but maybe he makes a lot of money and the rest of the family wants to live off it. So they don’t want to know about the crimes, and they ignore them at every chance, even when the evidence is smashed right in their faces.  They ignore the evidence because they don’t have the capacity to see it.  Until its just so overwhelming they can’t avoid it.  That’s where we are in our country right now.  I’ve been saying it for a long time and now its time for the grand fortissimo that I’ve been talking about.

If Democrats thought they were winning, and if the media really believed their polling, they wouldn’t be behaving the way they are.  But you see, they are worried that another term of Trump will literally destroy them and their criminal empire which is that Deep State, built with tax payer money, and has been killing poor American soldiers for decades with false wars to keep the world looking over here where the real problems are over there—so the Deep State could make their money.  We have proof now that a Russian spy was working with the Clinton team under the watch of the FBI to destroy Trump.  Then all these years through the Mueller investigation with Comey knowing full well all about it, they lied about Trump and protected not only Clinton, but themselves.  They are as dirty as dirt is dirt. They can’t win this election legally, under any circumstances, and they know there is a wrath coming which is why their plan all along was to use Covid-19 to create voter fraud to give them a chance, or riots in the streets paid for with the same money that paid for the Russian Dossier.  Heck, Trump thought like most of the rest of us, that he was playing a clean game.  Now he knows, and so does everyone else.  I’m shaking my head and feeling a bit reminiscent.  Because the hell that will flow forward over the next few weeks will be Biblical.  And in the end, when the smoke clears, our flag will still be there, and so will President Trump.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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