We Should Have Fought Harder to Defend our Way of Life over Covid-19: Social distancing and staying home were wrong

Let’s get some things straight, scientifically speaking the whole “social distancing” thing was created by global minds to impose on the citizens of the world the concept that they all can be controlled by the state and monitored by tech companies into compliance. As far as saving lives with social distancing it was always a Dumbo’s feather at best.

The real worry by scientists who advocated the strategy was to not overburden the health care system because their inaccurate modeling showed a risk. In reality, which we’ll never know because they artificially tampered with the way humans fight viruses, that our health care system, at least in America, would have handled all the hospital needs the coronavirus demanded, and then some.

The slowing the spread strategy served nothing more than benefiting politicians who wanted this news story to go on for much too long, and a media culture that wants global socialism by taking away the free movement of people to make a point about manmade climate change. There was no science saying that social distancing would work, or that interfering with natural herd immunity would manage the virus. Instead it was the radicalized United Nations branch of micromanagement called the World Health Organization that imposed itself on the world to shut down the world economy for purely political strategic reasons and they sold the effort to us with social distancing so that they could involve every person on planet earth in the effort to “stay home to save lives.” It was for all practical purposes an attack of politics and never about saving lives, and for participating, we have all been suckered into their schemes.

America should have never played along with what they were doing in France, Italy, England, or Asia. As Americans we have a free way of life defined by very individualistic constitutional parameters. The economy or our participation in it should never be disrupted, even to save lives. Anybody who says otherwise is an enemy of America and here’s why—during every war that was ever fought where we sent troops to their deaths to charge a hill, or defend a military position we say that those deaths were worth the cost because they died protecting our way of life. That means the freedom of the Constitution to function, so we have well defined in the past that preserving our way of life was something worth dying for. That means the right to go to a baseball game, the ability to buy milk at 2 AM in the morning, or to drive to California on a whim in the middle of a work week just to go see the ocean. The concept of giving all that up to lock ourselves in our homes to “save lives” was an entirely invented concept by the enemies of bordered countries for the objectives of the progressive “communist” global movement that we see emerging in America under the Democrat party but played out on the world stage this time by the World Health Organization. We were tricked into playing their global game but in reality, we should have called their bluff from the beginning and stood by our premise that a few lives lost here and there was more than worth it to preserve our way of life. Of course nobody wants to see anybody die, but what good is life if we are all stuck in our homes with destroyed economies waiting for a bunch of nanny state micromanaging politicians who don’t have a clue about much in life to tell us it’s safe to leave and return to a job and our way of life?

I was very concerned about President Trump’s trend toward nationalism and authoritarian output but he signaled people like me right out of the gate by also standing firmly behind the Second Amendment at the outset. Essentially if things got too crazy, he showed he was willing to put the ultimate power into the hands of the people and that was important. Honestly, the lesson we have all learned here was that the American presidency during Trump’s first term was never truly ours, it had been corrupted by many global influences reflected clearly by our current media culture and we needed a person like the President to take it back from them without gunfire needed. In some ways it has been worth all the countless lives ruined by the government mandated shutdowns and the personal price we have all suffered as a result just to get some high level politician to turn the table on the World Health Organization and put the burden for their hidden actions back on them with a costly smackdown. Watching Trump so far this week of April 13th 2020 it is good to see him behave as a classic CEO as opposed to a washed out politician that doesn’t understand the forces at work. When people wonder why the leadership at the top of an organization, or what a CEO does that gets paid so much more money, we can see in President Trump the difference, the ability to play many angles for an ultimate resolution that is good for the country or a company that makes them successful. Trump has very cleverly turned the entire coronavirus pandemic into a Republican platform by making it all about border security and uniting the state governors under a common objective during an election year. That fight always needed to happen, and now it has, and the guilty parties have a lot of embarrassment to deal with, they have been exposed. This event brought them out, Trump clearly outplayed them.

But the cost of the whole effort is far greater than the lives lost to the people who did find the Covid-19 virus too much to handle on their own. Some people did die, I think at this point we all could tell some version of a personal story. But the costs don’t stop at death, many had their very lives destroyed in other ways, through unemployment, through severe violations of Constitutional liberties in a country swinging too dangerously close to becoming a complete socialist state. If before this Covid-19 I was skeptical about the competency of government I am now convinced that no government could ever get it right, not even one run by Trump. He got pulled into this mess like the rest of us, by hostile foreign powers that attacked the world all at one time with the worst weapon in the world, “pure emotion,” and the results were devastating, more destructive than any world war anybody has ever seen. Lucky for us we had Trump in office when this happened. He has played along to get control over it, but the next time we may not have such a chance and you can bet there will be a next time. And when it does happen, we have a lot of decisions to make based on the realization that governments are not capable of running our lives. They are there to help us have a civil society, not to instruct us on the ways to be one. At best they are incompetent, and slow. We should never have given them an inch. If we had death, we should have gone to the funerals and said nice things about the victims. But by staying in our homes and hiding while the World Health Organization tried to utterly destroy the world to save it from their perception of manmade climate change, we destroyed many more lives in some ways much worse. And we can never let that happen again. We should have fought to preserve our way of life more than we did, because what’s the point of living if we don’t stand for something, otherwise, what is the meaning of life but to believe in something and to stand to defend it which we didn’t do with Covid-19.

Rich Hoffman

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