A New Kind of War by a New Kind of Enemy: Covid was a bioweapon and its just the start

As a reminder regarding Covid, from the very first day, and it would be easy to go back on this site and see what I said, I thought of the Covid virus as a bioweapon. I have studied enough history and am familiar with enough different subjects to see the signs and when Covid was introduced, I knew right away what it was and said so. I was even ahead of Rush Limbaugh then, which was a very lonely position. But over the months to come, more people would join me in understanding what was happening, and now a few years later, a large portion of the global population is ready to admit that Covid was a military attack on the world by a new kind of enemy, and they are acting accordingly. It must never be forgotten what happened with Covid and how many people died because a bioweapon was created in China, distributed by people like Bill Gates, who was fully aware of what he was doing, and a small group of billionaires in the World Economic Forum attempted to completely change the way we conduct human life on planet earth by using that created bioweapon to paralyze the world’s governments all at the same time. Now that it hasn’t worked and people are calling the plan what it was all along, these enemies behind the veil are trying to move on from what they did, and they have succeeded to some degree because we don’t yet have in our human language definitions that we can measure the evil of their actions. So our task now is to make those definitions by calling Covid not a virus that happens but a weapon that was created to impose fear on the global populations for the same age-old objective that war is always concerned with, domination over others. 

In the modern sense of war, we will likely never see anything like the two world wars or the Civil War ever again. Tanks, planes, and ground troops will never be the means of fighting that our countries will use to dominate each other, as we’ve studied in history. And I would go as far as to say that our enemies are no longer countries but the financial class that benefits from various countries and the money that makes them work. Today, we have the nightmare scenario that Thomas Jefferson warned about with his constant arguing with Alexander Hamilton over fiscal policy. It was also what Andrew Jackson’s presidency was essentially about. And the efforts of the early American presidents who had the Bill of Rights in mind worked pretty well until the world shrank a hundred years later, and a new kind of enemy loomed on the horizon, one that could make China dance to whatever tune they wished to play. Or any country, for that matter. It’s a villain that goes beyond globalism, and we must embrace it entirely because it’s an evil many of the world’s religions have always struggled to understand. Yet that evil is on our doorstep, and this time it came to us in the form of the coronavirus, modified by humans for a takeover of global politics. It was one of the most malicious destructive endeavors in the world’s history. It’s so bad that no political system will dare call it what it is because to admit such a thing would be to admit their complicity in it, even if it were accidental. Yet almost everyone who failed to see Covid for what it was is complicit in its mass destruction and horrendous effect.

One of my favorite movies of all time is the excellent Spielberg movie Schindler’s List, which deals with the Holocaust of the Jews and is so wonderfully filmed to tell that terrible story. I think of it as a masterpiece. It’s not a war movie like Saving Private Ryan or some other film that involves graphics of war on the battlefield. Instead, Schindler’s List deals with the more obvious problem with war, people’s tendency to comply with a superior force. Why did the Jews allow themselves to be harassed by the radical Nazis? Well, because they hoped for peace and that if they just did what their oppressors required, they might live to survive the ordeal. But why did the Nazis feel the way they did about the Jews. And why did World War II happen at all? Or any war, for that matter. Usually, we find that all wars are caused by a few people here or there trying to impose their beliefs on others. In the United States, we made a formal declaration against the world to be free of that kind of thing, and it worked well until telephones and air travel shrunk our borders into almost meaningless barriers. The tyrants of history are alive and well, and they live beyond governments now, not as kings and emperors, but as financiers just as insane often, but with unlimited financial resources to impose their will on the innocent, just as the Jews were treated during the Holocaust and with the same indifferent reverence. All that has changed is the means of delivering weapons to a proposed enemy. Power players no longer need to take over nations to exert war. All they need to do is fund it.

And that was what we saw in 2020, America elected a president that was wrecking the liberal world order, and those forces that have so far been generally ill-defined sought to remove him. So they did use Covid as a crisis to stage an attack on the world and its economy. China was propped up as they always are to shield the actual attackers, but the intent was unquestionable. And the same evil that killed so many Jews in World War II was on display again, only this time on a much larger scale. On such a big scale, nobody had any previous belief system to see evil for what it was. A bioweapon is much more dangerous than a nuclear attack or some Red Dawn invasion. We witnessed, and are still experiencing, and likely will for the rest of Earth’s history, the way wars will always be waged in the future. Who needs troops and nations with large militaries when all you need to do to subdue an enemy is a bioweapon that could kill them effortlessly while they sleep? It’s not expensive compared to ground wars. It travels from person to person easier than a Trojan Horse. And it’s with us to stay; there is little that any country can do to stop this new menace in the world. But before we can stop anything, we have to admit that it exists in the form that is so threatening, which is where we are now. We suspect there is more to Covid, but we have not let ourselves think of the people behind it as evil as they’d have to be to do such a thing. Yet we have seen this kind of evil before. It was undoubtedly captured well in the Schindler’s List movie. But this is even worse because we don’t have the convenience of a Nazi party to point to and say, “that’s the enemy.” We can’t even do that with the Chinese, even though all evidence suggests that Covid was made there and distributed maliciously. Instead, the real villain is still out there, hiding in the shadows, and they have control of the most powerful weapons in history, the power to make people live or die without firing a single shot in aggression. 

Rich Hoffman

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No More Lockdowns: Unlike before, people now know that government doesn’t have the power

No More Lockdowns

I have been asked by many dozens of people over the last week of December 2021 whether or not we would have lockdowns again due to the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.  What made things considerably worse for people was the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court to overrule the Fifth Circuit over the OSHA decision on Biden’s Executive Order making vaccines mandated.  All that happened around the same time that Biden had a nationwide address to talk about what the administration was doing about Covid spreading, panicking everyone into wondering if we were going to go through 2020 again.  So I’ll say here what I’ve told all these other people personally, no, we won’t be going through lockdowns again.  Now, if you live in a blue state or a blue city with some radical progressives making the decisions, you will see them try.  Democrats are polling terribly everywhere they are these days because they have been forced to pull off the masks they have been hiding behind for many years.  Now that people see what they are up to, they are running in the opposite direction.  The greatest thing to have come from the Trump presidency has been this pressure on progressives to show what they have always been about against a backdrop of pure capitalist endeavor.  I think people needed that lesson, and we are all better off for it.  But the most significant thing that happened, which I have watched happen over a great many years, but never better than with Trump, is that our population has learned about the American Constitution and its powers to limit government.  Now that people can see why that is important, they are fans of the Constitution in ways that will prevent further Covid lockdowns over a sustained period.

Just for review, there is no legal authority for a centralized government, even under emergency powers, to lock down our American society.  The planners of Covid assumed that people would trust their doctors more than they trusted the government, so they came up with Covid to attempt a global Great Reset of all capitalist economies into centrally planned ones, and many governors in America fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They weren’t exactly what you might call “constitutional scholars.” Hence, it was easy for communist health directors to take what the World Health Organization said, run by China essentially, and apply it in a centralized way in their states.  We certainly saw that behavior in Ohio with Mike DeWine.  He led the way for all the other states in America to go total authoritarian and break constitutional limits, all in the name of an emergency.  The government is not allowed to do any of that, even under a crisis.  Over the years, the government has abused this premise several times under provisions of the “greater good,” such as the New Orleans hurricane from several years ago, where the door-to-door arrests and gun confiscations were conducted under the umbrella of “safety.” So naturally, since it worked back then and these government tyrants took note, they were going to try it on something more significant and more far-reaching, convincing people to give up their constitutional rights under emergency conditions.  That is how the Covid approach was formed, and when they were able to trick President Trump into buying into the concept during an election year, they were sure they would have success, which they did get. 

But they only had success because people didn’t know their rights.  People could have told the government to go to hell from the very outset of Covid, but people gave the government the benefit of the doubt.  But I said it back then, and I continued to say it through the government made “plandemic” that there was no constitutional construct that government had to tell businesses when they could open or close or shut down.  The government made a move to centralize its authority, suspend constitutional rights, and attack elements of capitalism outright without having to justify themselves to the public. They were in love with this new ability.  And people followed for a while because they really thought they might die of Covid and that the CDC might actually know what it was talking about.  It turned out they didn’t know what they were doing, or if they did, it was malicious intent from the start.  No attempt by the government to stop the virus with therapeutics.  Their only remedy was a vaccine or nothing and to social distance for some ridiculous period to supposedly alleviate the pressure on local hospitals, which was never a problem, even in the height of the lockdowns.  Every court case that went to court in Ohio challenging DeWine’s lockdowns of the state economically were defeated in court, and they will continue to be defeated because they were never constitutional to begin with.  But the trend was seen by all; the government never did have the authority to go door to door and arrest people, like they have been doing other places in the world that don’t have a constitution as we have in America where the government has limited rights.  So the government has attacked our businesses through rules and regulations that they have controlled to show power over the Constitution, which is precisely what the OSHA challenge is all about over vaccine mandates. 

Biden’s timing was meant to put pressure on the Sixth Circuit Court panel of three to punt the case to the Supreme Court in the wake of the Omicron variant that was ravishing the news ahead of the Holidays.  But people are not biting on it.  The news has been hitting the public flat.  People are tired of the Covid talk, the masks, the lockdowns, and the nonsense, and they are finally pushing back because now, unlike before, they know their rights and just what government can actually do to them, which is nothing.  The government has already overstepped their authority and are in trouble of their own.  Not immediate trouble because many of these court cases take a long time to settle.  But ultimately, they will look foolish in court, and the rulings will go against the tyrants, as they have with Government Mike DeWine in Ohio.  But even more than before, companies are reluctant to follow government mandates because it kills their labor force.  A company of any kind isn’t much of a company without a workforce, so now that people leave their jobs and go to other places to work, the government has much less control over the companies themselves.  Before, companies only listened to the government out of fear of breaking the imposed rules.  But the greater fear that companies have is losing their workforce to another company that doesn’t have so many stupid rules. In that way, government power, even sidestepping the Constitution, has been ripped away from them, which is a good thing. It’s been scary to see that they would even try, but the results have shown us all that our Constitution works very well if only people would follow it.  It’s better late than never, I suppose.  But to answer the question of whether we will go back to 2020 lockdowns, I would answer again, no.  The government cried wolf, and people learned the nature of the threat, and they will never listen again.  And that may be unfortunate because trust with the people has been broken forever in this little insurrection by the medical community connected like crack addicts to government funding.  And they will never see that level of trust from the public, again, which I think is ultimately good for us all.

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Fight On Ground The Enemy Chooses: The sunbathing wife, never forget, government made Covid-19

Don’t Die on the Hill They Choose for You

Notice how we don’t talk about the minimum wage being $15 an hour anymore?  You could hear how Biden spun the news of the jobs report on the first Friday of November 2021, when 500,000 jobs were added. Many of them at higher wage rates because the government first destroyed those jobs with Covid protocols, then paid people to stay home, forcing employers to throw money at new hires to get them back out of the house and into the workplace.  All the aspects of the jobs report were the effect of government tampering.  Those jobs had been there before, they weren’t new, but government activism created all the elements they reported. That’s the game we are playing with these characters, and it’s essential to understand because essentially, the root of all this evil was the creation of Covid-19 by Dr. Fauci in a Wuhan lab in China to destroy our economy to cause the Great Reset we see the United  Nations pushing for.  It’s hard for most people to understand this game, so these authoritarian governments keep doing it.  They attack us on the ground they establish then force us to defend our position while attacking from a different direction.  Progressives in government have been pushing for a $15 minimum wage for a long time, but they couldn’t get the politics and public behind it.  So they attacked from a different direction using this United Nations Great Reset as the platform.  They simply took away the workers using Covid, forcing companies trying to stay alive to throw money at the situation just to try to get back to normal.  Nothing changed in the marketplace, but the government tampered with the employer/employee relationship to drive up prices so that Biden could take credit for the wage increases at some future time when he needed a political boost after the embarrassments of the Virginia election.

It’s like the poor sap of a husband who wants to watch football on a Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and has been looking forward to just sitting on the couch watching several big college games.  But his wife has other ideas.  She wants to be noticed by the next-door neighbors as she suns herself under a September sun.  She doesn’t necessarily want to have an affair with her neighbor, but she wants to make his wife jealous because the two women have a rivalry, and she likes to be noticed.  After all, her husband doesn’t seem to notice her anymore because he just wants to watch football all the time.  But she can’t lay out in the sun if the grass looks all scraggly.  So she tells her husband to go out and mow it.  He, of course, doesn’t want to.  So to get him to move off his position, she says to him, “don’t you love me anymore?  Are you cheating on me?” Well, this gets his attention.  Of course, he’s not cheating on her, but now he has to prove that he’s not, so he immediately gets defensive and feels he has to prove it to her.  Thus, shortly after some tense exchanges of denial, he goes out into the garage and starts up the lawnmower, and proceeds to cut the lawn.  The wife smiles and puts on her bikini and some sunscreen.  That, in many ways, is what the government did to us over the minimum wage. 

What the Other Hand

I tell that story because there is more to it.  Remember, our government, funded by NIH, created Covid, and our government is currently covering it up.  Dr. Fauci is just the bag man.  Covid-19 was designed to usher in the Great Reset, which the United Nations has planned for years.  How else were they going to shut down all the economies of the world so they could then gain control of them all at the same time?  Covid was their created crisis to make it happen.  You could tell it was a phony deal from the start because all the Covid protocols they wanted us to implement were the same ones that climate change lunatics wanted.

Bill Gates wants a zero-emission world, so people like him came up with the Great Reset scheme.  We know the rest of the history, and we understand this bizarre push for government-sanctioned vaccines and connecting them to our jobs.  But be careful here; there is an ulterior motive that goes well beyond the logic of what we see.  The government, represented by Biden here, understands what they are up to while the rest of us do not.  We assume that they want us to work at our jobs and be productive.  But honestly, they will make up jobs numbers all day long, just as they did on the one in November.  What they want is to make the United Nations happy with wealth redistribution.  If they can piss people off and force those who refuse to get the Covid vaccine for a virus they created in a Wuhan lab (never forget that), they can attack businesses and force them to relocate in regions of the world where people won’t walk off the job.  Remember, the wife wants the grass cut so she can flirt with the neighbor.  She could care less what her husband thought. 

The government provoking a fight between the employer and the employees is just what they want as they make deals with the United Nations to redistribute the wealth of America to places they think is better.  That is undoubtedly what Biden wants, and his administration is committed to the Open Society George Soros ideas at every level.  All these climate radicals have the United States targeted for destruction.  If they can shut down jobs over the Covid vaccine mandate, they surely will, and they’ll laugh while they are doing it.  It’s what they want.  Our mistake is in answering the wife who is accusing you of what she is actually up to.  But we are the ones mowing the grass while she is putting on the suntan oil and shaving her legs for max appeal on her sunbathing fantasies.  The government has positioned itself to win on the vaccine mandate issue either way it goes.  So don’t take the bait and fight them where they attack.  For instance, learn from history, from what they have done with the minimum wage, and hit them where you see fit.  Challenge these losers in court, attack them where they are weakest. Don’t play their game; make them play the one you demand. 

The husband should tell the wife that he’ll mow the grass after the game or even tomorrow.  When she accuses him of cheating, he should turn it around on her by letting her wonder if maybe he is.  He should know what kind of game she is playing and play it better than her. Perhaps he should say, “how did you find out?” That would turn things around on her quickly.  Then instead of putting on her bikini and suntan lotion, she’d be digging through the trash looking for unusual receipts and rummaging through his phone for unknown phone numbers.

Meanwhile, he would still get to watch the game.  Of course, she would find nothing, but he would get his game in, then he could mow the grass, and by then, the sun would be down over the horizon denying his wife the noonday sun and the lustful gaze of their neighbor.  Never let anybody, not a spouse nor a government, fight you on the ground they choose if you can help it.  Also, turn it around on them and force them to fight where you decide. It’s the foundation of the Art of War, it’s indeed the game we are all playing with China, but our government is crooked, deceitful, and out for blood.  Be sure not to walk into their buzz saw and to die on the hill they decide.  Hit them where they are vulnerable, and don’t be a sucker. Remember what we aren’t talking about when it comes to vaccine requirements, that government made the virus, Dr. Fauci knew about it, he lied to congress and the President, and a lot of people knew about it before January 28th 2020.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Cheat the Cheaters: The Covid vaccine mandate is a bridge too far

Governments Use Companies to Attack Rights the Constitution Prevents them from Having

In many ways, the Biden executive order demanding that there be Covid vaccine mandates broke something in me. I’m a pretty rational person, but suddenly all I could think about regarding the Biden administration, a bunch of crooks illegally inserted into the White House by a foreign country, “CHINA” and making rules for us without the legislature demanding that we put something into our bodies was a step too far.  It’s not just what it was; it’s how it was being done in such a manipulative way.  Then I watched many brilliant people cave to the order like McConnell, cheap, weak, fat, and comfortable under the debt limit debate.  Too comfortable for justice which disgusts me personally.  I listened to lawyers and politicians tell me all kinds of things about the Covid mandate; all of them talk tough, but all were too willing to cave into the illegal executive order by Biden just as predicted would happen.  It answered the old question as to why the Jews allowed themselves to be gathered up by Nazis and exterminated.  We saw the same behavior in America, and it disgusted me to my very core. I haven’t been able to think about our government since Biden announced the vaccine mandate in early September positively. Knowing that China was involved in creating coronavirus and that our government, through Dr. Fauci and funding by Bill Gates, was in on Covid from the start.  I can see that the Covid vaccine was just another gas chamber used to kill the Jews at the concentration camps.  History was repeating itself.  China had intent.  The United Nations had intent.  And Biden was compromised because of the criminal activity he had participated in to get to the White House.  And this is the guy telling us we had to get a Covid shot or we couldn’t work. It was coming from a loser who hasn’t worked a single day in his life and has made all his money selling out America over his 500 years in public office. 

I’ll be the first to say to everyone that there are plenty of workarounds to comply with the mandate.  There are lots of doctors who are willing to rebel against the Biden executive order with falsified papers.  There is, of course, the religious exemption.  The left, after all, should understand, they worship Satan and the Earth as a religion, so they’ll have to accept that we have a religion that keeps unneeded medicine from going into our bodies.  They can keep their medicine.  Through forgery and exemptions, we can get out of taking the shot easily.  But that’s not the point.  The problem I have with it all is the intent and the way the government used businesses as their enforcement arm to do to us what the Constitution does not grant to governments to impose on us.  And that crossed the line. It’s been going on for years, and most of the companies we work for adapt to those encroachments in the same way.  But never that I can remember was an attack on our liberties done in such a gross and over-the-top way. America’s companies have been the punching bags of tyranny from the government for too many years, and it’s time to stop that process from happening. 

Like most of the books that I have written in my life, I am relieved that my instincts on my latest one, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, were written the way I wrote it.  Last year while I was writing the manuscript, some of the parts that concerned rules and regulations centered around human resource departments I thought might be too much.  But true enough, it was right on target, especially in light of this Biden executive order.  It was the perfect example of how the government backdoors the American Constitution to impose rules without legislation.  It was, after all, the first thing that Mike DeWine targeted when the lockdowns started.  If you wanted to work, you had to wear a mask.  You had to follow the rules of a tyrant.  Well, in my book, I teach people how to undo those kinds of stupid rules and how to fight back by putting value where it is, in the individuals and not in big government come-along-lately types I call “Dandies.” The two other books I’ve written in my life deal with these subjects too.  In my Symposium of Justice, it’s all about a vigilante who takes to the streets to install justice because the criminals were empowered much the way George Soros has purchased district attornies who are radical progressives to harm good people and free the bad.  Yes, there is a time for such vigilantes, and I wrote the rules for doing it in that book.  My other book, Tail of the Dragon, is about a traffic stop gone wrong where the protagonist goes to war with the United States over their rights.  When people ask me what I would do if the Feds came to my house to arrest me for something I’ve written, or that some red flag law was called out against me by some nosy loser, I tell them to read that book as to what I would do about it.  It’s not like I rolled out of bed today and just started having these thoughts.  I care very much about these things and have thought about them for many years and written about possible scenarios in dealing with tyranny in many forms.    

But it’s one thing to think about these things and what we should do about them and see them.  You always hope that you will never have to do anything extreme.  Yet when the option is to bend the knee to compliance or to live a life on your terms, that decision shouldn’t have to be a deadly one, not in America.  But there it is in the illegal president Joe Biden, a person put in the White House under voter fraud created by a manufactured virus from China, which was a declaration of war by a foreign country.   And we are supposed to wear masks, get vaccines to bioweapons forced upon us, and do so with smiles on our faces.  No, I think my recent book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was just the correct answer at just the right time.  I would give them away for free if it were possible.  But I would refer to that book for ways to deal with this current crisis.  I would also guide you to read The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

Additionally, I would encourage you to find alternatives to the compliance mandate of a vaccine card, proving that you have a shot.  If they are going to impose a fraud on you in the form of a president who is writing fake executive orders, we can do the same in response.  But where all else fails, take the exemption and let the government choke on it.  They crossed the line on this one in a big way.  Their intent is what the problem is.  They should never have used our businesses as a means to acquire power for themselves, to begin with, and to do it the way they have with this issue was a bridge too far and showed the teeth of grandma that Little Red Riding Hood should have noticed in the beginning. 

Rich Hoffman

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Covid Assassinations: It’s never been easier to get rid of political rivals

Covid Assassinations Are More Common Than You Think

It doesn’t impress me one bit to see so many articles written about conservatives who have died of Covid related conditions.  Specifically, the latest is the talk radio host and pastor Bob Enyart who died recently from complications of the virus after speaking out against vaccines and Covid-19 restrictions.  I can understand a few here and there dying of the virus, but each time a conservative who speaks out against Covid dies, and there has been quite a long list, the media makes a big deal about it as if to say, “see, he was a denier, and he died.  It could happen to you too!” In the video above, I discuss my past and my belief that some of these Covid deaths are assassin hits in disguise.  Based on my personal experience, it is easier to kill people now than at any point in the past.  Who needs a gun when someone gets Covid and is in the hospital.  The patient is vulnerable and under light security.  Visitors can come and go all the time, and they have to wear masks so no security camera can identify who visitors are.  Once someone checks into a hospital and opens themselves to drug treatment, a killer could have an easy time knocking off their mark without leaving behind a lot of evidence.  If someone dies with Covid, the death report is that they died “of” Covid.  Not from some drug injected into the body to make the heart stop.  And there you have it, a nice, bloodless killing that I know is something the government has done before and would certainly do again to protect itself from a skeptical public. 

I’m happy to have had the experiences that I have in my past.  At the time, many people questioned whether the things I learned during my early adult years were worth knowing or if I would grow up to be just another reckless soul.  But I will say, what I had by way of education allows me to see all these kinds of things.  People without those experiences might otherwise be lost to the motivations of bad people who use our government for their gain.  I knew several assassins personally, and I understand why they were hired and for how much and by whom.  Back then, things were much messier; people were killed for debts, insurance fraud, political malcontents, those kinds of things.  And sure, the killers felt bad about it in their way and needed someone to talk to.  You might ask, well, why didn’t I tell anyone?  Well, who was I going to tell?  I was also friends with some top judges in the city, and they all knew what was going on.  When the legal system gets involved in those kinds of killings, who is going to perform justice?  I wrote about my experiences with these types of things in one of my books, The Symposium of Justice.  The truth is, nobody cared about killing off political rivals because it was well understood on the inside as something as common as sunshine on a beach.  Like election fraud is common, but people don’t like to talk about it because it wants you to believe in that system with trust. 

I’ve said before when President Trump came down with Covid in October of 2020, right before the election, that it was a Democrat hit.  Many in the White House came down with Covid after a special ceremony for Amy Comey Barrett nominated to the Supreme Court.  Based on my experiences, I immediately thought that someone who had set up the chairs at the White House for that event would have spread coronavirus all over the seating area so that it would become a mass spreader.  Then the media could use the crises to drive a narrative of danger because Trump had a social gathering without socially distancing and wearing masks.  It would have been easy for a professional hit person to get on the ground crew team as a newer employee than to bring coronavirus into the event with a “sanitation” bottle and spray the virus everywhere that the President and other members of the White House would be that day.  Nobody in security would check to see what was in the bottle’s contents as the Covid protocols demanded such measures making such a hit all too easy.  As I said in the video, I doubt every death is a hit job.  Such as Herman Cain, who died early in the Covid process.  President Trump often talks about a friend of his, a big guy full of life who came down with Covid but died quickly while in an ICU in the hospital.  Not everything is a conspiracy, sometimes people die from stress to their bodies, and things wear out.  But if you are trying to convince a President to take Covid seriously, wouldn’t killing off someone he knows be a good way to get his attention?  People would be surprised how much the killing of people actually happens and how much the government knows about it.  After all, who’s going to bust them for it?  The FBI?  We all know what a joke that is.  The FBI might prosecute some garage mechanic for trying to build a new car with parts imported from some other country that didn’t fill out all the paperwork correctly.  But, if you want to kill off a political rival who has come down with Covid and has checked into a hospital to set up the killing, they could care less.  They won’t investigate. “How’s that Durham Report coming?  Where are Hillary’s emails?  When is Lois Lerner going to jail or James Comey?

And how do you think such people get Covid?  Perhaps it’s an Amazon driver pretending to deliver a package who rubs Covid on the doorknob of the target’s house.  The target comes down with a severe case of Covid then checks in to a hospital which is then put on an IV.  Hospitals are filled with nurses who can’t wait to return to their workstations to play on their phones.  They aren’t paying attention much to all the coming and going, especially now that everyone has to wear masks.  It would take nothing to walk into a Covid patient’s room and inject them with something deadly to tip them over the top, and within a few days, the target is dead.  Of course, that’s more fact than fiction.  Covid has made it easier than ever to kill off people who are problematic to an out-of-control government, so don’t kid yourself into believing that it’s not happening.   When the media comes out beating its chest every time a conservative dies of Covid, remember, it probably wasn’t an accident.  It was perhaps provoked by a hit person who is having an easy time getting rid of undesirables because Covid rules and quarantine mandates make an effort so easy now.  In the past, with guns and other methods, killing was a messy business, but now, it’s easy in the time of Covid.  Easier than ever.  The killings are meant to take out political rivals and give the media ink to drive a narrative.  Probably not in every case, but when the media is so quick to jump on every death of a skeptic, there is more to the story than just natural causes.  It would be nice if we could take things at face value.  But based on my experience, if you do, you’re stupid.

Rich Hoffman

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People are Slow to Realize Things: But they aren’t going back to sleep

It takes People a Long Time

So, we’re a few days into the election fraud presentation by Mike Lindell at the Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and there have been plenty of bombs dropped.  There was election fraud.  At the same time as the Symposium began, Governor Cuomo resigned from his position in New York over the many sexual harassment claims made against him.  I would argue that he had to resign and that there were sexual harassment issues, to begin with, to divert attention away from the worst crimes of Covid deaths that occurred in New York.  All these blue state governors will continue to be picked apart for mistakes they made during Covid.  Sexual harassment and resignation are a lot better to deal with than murder committed by political necessity.  But the timing couldn’t have been more obvious.  A big juicy story was happening simultaneously as the public trial led by Mike Lindell on massive election fraud fronted by China to steal the 2020 election.  It illustrated an obvious problem that is keen on everyone’s mind.  Knowing what we know about election fraud, what are we going to do about it, an open war with China because of what we did?  Can we even think of something like that with our house so divided? After all, Democrats seem perfectly fine with China, so we must have an internal civil war first before we can even ask about foreign hostilities.  For most people, it’s time for pre-season football.  They want to think about anything but any of these things.  This is why the criminals expected to get away with the crime in the first place. 

What’s worse, the evidence points to Dr. Fauci and his involvement in the Wuhan Lab in China and their deliberate tampering of a coronavirus into the transmissibility straight into the human population.  The more Dr. Doom has worked the ropes to inspire mask mandates and a return to Covid protocols, the more guilty he has looked.  Things were so nice back then, where the government was in complete control.  They want so much to return to those days.  All the talk about the Sturgis Bike Rally is a super spreader when in reality, they only had a few hundred cases last year out of half a million people.  It’s laughable, yet they are reaching for anything to divert the fact that U.S. taxpayers helped fund the bioweapon of coronavirus through the Fauci-controlled NIH.  And now, thanks to Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, we can see enough voter irregularities to understand China tampered with our elections in a big way.  Given the historic approach provided by the Democrats against Trump and the sheer thought that Russians might have tampered with our elections in the United States, what in the world are we supposed to do with the evidence we have that China did.  Russia was pure speculation, and we all watched the circus.  But now, we have the packet captures that tell the story of China declaring war against the United States by establishing a coup of our president. We have an intelligence community that we also pay for with taxes that let it happen.  Or should we say, encouraged it to happen for their reasons? 

The trouble is people like you and me; dear reader is on the front of things like this.  We understand this story, but many out there who are on the blue pill plan, really want to fill out their fantasy football picks and to get some chicken wings somewhere.  They must get their kids to soccer practice; they don’t have time or room for these kinds of issues.  But they are, by sheer audacity getting exposure, and they are learning.  They are getting wise to the questions about their government that many of us have been asking for years.  It just takes them a while to get there.  But they will get there.  That is why suddenly there is a push to go full Green New Deal, full Squad Socialism.  To go all Bernie Sanders all the time.  Democrats have been playing around with communism and socialism for most of our lives.  But they haven’t gone all-in until now.  They hope to hide all these massive mistakes; I’d call them crimes before regular everyday people catch on.  When ordinary people realize what happened in the 2020 election, they are going to be mad.  When they learn that China unleashed the coronavirus on America to torpedo our economy in an election year and that Dr. Fauci helped them do it with Bill Gates blowing in the sails of destruction, they are going to be mad. 

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The government hopes to survive if they can turn America into an authoritarian state completely before that point.  But I can say that the masses are already onto it.  The Sturgis Rally has over 700,000 people, and they aren’t wearing masks.  And people are more openly talking about election fraud in everyday conversation now. It’s losing its conspiratorial edge and is becoming mainstream acceptability.  That means for the government that their goal of vaccinating a majority of the population isn’t going to happen.  A majority of the people are laughing at directives from the government, and people are getting more comfortable at not accepting that Joe Biden was legally elected.  Admitting to the problem is the first step in solving the issue, and people are going through that process now.  While many of us have been there for a while, we are watching a substantial majority of the population refusing to listen to the new mask mandates and fear peddling that got us all in trouble in the first place.  While it might all look so scary, I would offer that it has been a time long coming.  If Trump were still in office, many of these corrupt forces would still operate in the background.

Mike Lindell has a good point which has been made in his Symposium over and over again.  If Trump had won, everyone would have just gone back to sleep.  With China removing Trump from office, they advanced things too fast for the comfort of the American people, and now everything is collapsing.  And not even announcing that a sacrificial lamb in Governor Cuomo is stepping out of power can stop it now. California’s Newsom will be the next to fall.  Then next, Mike DeWine in Ohio will follow; there are many ramifications that the political left doesn’t want to see happening on an entire collision course with reality, and they know it will hurt.  They can only hope that by the time it does, America will be a communist country. 

I wouldn’t say this is a time for panic.  We are simply waiting for the rest of the world to get it, and I see it starting everywhere.  Americans are waking up, ordinary Americans, BW3s attendees, fantasy football players, those types of people.  And that’s why the left is panicking and is in trouble now.  We have all been frogs slow cooking in a hot bowl of water.  Suddenly the water was turned on high to a boil, and now we have been jumping out of that hot water for our self-preservation.  And we can see who has been putting us in that pot to cook, and we’re mad.  I would say it’s about time, and I can’t wait for more to join the chorus of anger.  But at this point, the chain reaction is unleashed, and there is no stopping it now.  And I think I’ll enjoy watching what happens next.  It might be destructive, but it will lead to the restoration of our republic, and there’s nothing terrible about that.

Rich Hoffman

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Bill Gates’ Sex Dungeons, UFOs and Covid-19: How to cover up the crimes of the century

The Only Way Out: UFOs

As sad as it is, I think the only way out for the government is to point to these alien stories so that they can tiptoe out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into.  The only rational reason that so many UFO stories have emerged recently is that the government attached itself to too many crimes and that people didn’t take the bait the way they were supposed to.  I wondered how the government would get themselves out of the mess they created with Covid-19 and the massive election fraud currently being uncovered through these many state audits.  These are all big stories, some of the biggest in the world, and now it appears they plan to bury these stories with the biggest story of them all, the possibility of life on other planets.  Since I brought it up the other day, many other people have responded with the same thoughts.  This story certainly has legs and may sound far-fetched.  But it is the only real option for so many complicit people caught up in the biggest scandals and crimes in history. 

We know about Bill Gates and his involvement in creating the Covid-19 crises with his massive funding because there are now frequent stories like the one from last week where special forces military are said to have raided the ranch he owns outside of Cody, Wyoming.  He supposedly had a sex dungeon there for little kids.  The tip came from his crazy wife Melinda, who just a few months ago was on the news all the time telling us how to live with Covid and how the world needed to get to zero emissions to save the earth.  Now we find out that things were so bad between one of the most powerful couples on the planet that they couldn’t stand each other—Melinda’s big problem with Bill’s relationship with Jeffery Epstein.  From there, things go down the rabbit hole pretty deep, and we get into all kinds of bizarre sex rituals and perversions.  Much of it, we’ll have no way of finding out the truth.  But what we do know is that the Bill Gates brand is forever destroyed.  In the past, no matter what was going on with Bill Gates, the rumors of depopulating the earth to save it from humans would have been discussed but not be taken very seriously.   Or Bill’s connections to the world elite who want to take over the world by governing the governments of all the major countries from the shadows.  That geek founder of Microsoft that we have had a fondness for is gone.

And that is what I was wondering at that outbreak of Covid.  I never thought of Covid as anything but a scam from the government meant to tamper with elections, and Bill Gates was involved from the beginning.  I thought it was quite a gamble for him even to be involved, but it was easy to see where it was going.  What I couldn’t quite get was what these people would do once they were caught, and let’s face it, most all the mainstreamers did get caught, and they are having a real hard time talking their way out of it.  This event certainly did bring down the Gates marriage and Bill Gates himself.  Before all this, he was respected.  There was always smoke, with some fire under it, but the Gates brand was one of the best in the world and kept it concealed.  He was well respected and could get on any television show to speak about climate change, as stories like this supposed sex dungeon that cost $36,000,000 under Irma Lake Lodge that Melinda leaked existed, not so much now.  Instead of being the friendly family from the Gates Foundation, which replaced the Clinton Foundation as the driver of all global socialism and was aligned directly with China communist activism, now Bill Gates is only known for being a connection to Jeffery Epstein, his good buddy obviously in gross, deviant ways. 

If you look into people’s lives like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, what you discover are people with warped minds who have a gross sense of sexual proclivity and get involved in politics to get access to targets of their sexual indiscretion.  They mean to hide their desires behind do-gooder foundations and invented global menaces like global warming.   People don’t call them out because they leave the back door open, hoping to get some of the money that these philanthropists give out like candy.   Even if such indiscretions are suspected, people seldom talk about them until the pressure of their crimes gets so great that somebody snaps, like it looks as if Melinda Gates did.  Then we learn something of the truth all along.  And that’s what I knew would happen after 2020, where people like Gates put his name on Covid and helped facilitate election fraud.  After Dr. Fauci told us all to hide in our homes like fools wearing masks to hide our faces so we couldn’t talk to each other, as they committed unspeakable crimes at the lab in Wuhan and used Covid as a cover story to keep it concealed, we know now that it was all to hide government crimes.  There are so many bad, terrible things that resulted that it left me wondering.

Now we know that the government’s alien stories are now admitting to what they plan to use to divert our attention away from the crimes they have committed.  Nothing would be more significant than learning that our government has been working with aliens for a long time and that we have some Full Disclosure event as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have been wanting for years.  Did anybody notice that the Clintons have been wiped away from politics currently?  Is it because they are holding the matches to the fire creating all this alien smokescreen for the most significant crimes of the last thousand years anywhere on the earth? I’d say yes.  You have to look at these people not as normal human beings but as deranged losers who will do anything to fulfill their fantasies of power and control over others.  They aren’t like the rest of us, which is precisely how they get away with so much.  And if they ever do get into trouble, as Gates is now, they think so little of us that they count on the next shiny object to divert our attention to something they control, and that’s how they have been getting away with things over the many years. 

With Covid going away so fast, ironically just as fast as Bill Gates had to go into hiding and could no longer go on Sunday shows to sell the fake dangers of Covid-19, UFO stories came to replace the covers of crime that these losers had been hiding under.  UFO stories were meant to replace those cover stories just long enough to tiptoe out of that painted corner they had trapped themselves into.   But this time I think it’s not going to work.  They went too far and did too much.  The media culture they controlled is sinking in a changing world, and people have not been distracted this time by the next shiny object.  People who have survived all this are pretty tired.  One thing that China should have learned is that Americans are not like the Chinese.  While the Chinese people will follow directions without question, Americans will show compliance until they can figure out how to undermine the people who want to control them.  That wasn’t clearly understood at the start of Covid; now it’s all blown up in their faces.  Which then only leaves UFO stories to shield them from reality.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Government that Murders its own People in America: Every official who denied hydroxychloroquine is guilty

So, let’s revisit what I said about Covid 19 in the beginning, as I stated in the video above, so that we can understand why any regulator of use of hydroxychloroquine has committed murder on innocent people.  I was right then and I’m more correct now that we’ve seen to what excessive attempt so many people were willing to put it all out on the line to overthrow President Trump in the 2020 election.  They were willing to kill people as innocent casualties in their war for control globally of the American White House.  To call it a domestic and foreign attack is an understatement as we have never seen such a large scale military operation as we have seen in the election overthrow in America, not even D-Day would be a comparison.  Not this time were military vehicles used for an attack, but people did die, and the attackers were willing to kill people to get what they wanted.  The people were not military troops.  No army on earth would attack the American military, so no foreign invasion would come as a direct attack.  The Chinese do not attack strength with strength, especially since they knew they were weaker from the start.  You attack weakness, the innocent people of America and the western world with an invisible enemy, Covid-19.  And you take advantage of their good, blind, trust to infiltrate them behind enemy lines and destroy their culture from within.  Then you use that same cover of terror to change election laws to give the ability to cheat on a mass scale and end populism in North America by hiding it behind the terror of literal death.  And to get that death people had to get the disease and die so to scare everyone else into compliance. 

That’s why everyone who deprived knowledge of a treatment, like hydroxychloroquine mixed with zinc to work against Covid-19 and boost the human immune system are guilty of murder and crimes against humanity.  It was a government coordinated purge and every governor who has participated in the Covid murders is guilty and should be tried for treason for what they knew was a plot against America by United Nations insurgents intent to inflict great terror on innocent people.  Let’s not dull the taste of the stale bread with loads of butter, we need to call it what it was.  Murder and an attack on American sovereignty by hostile forces.  Anyone who knew or plotted a ban on any talk of hydroxychloroquine on Twitter, Google, Facebook or any other media platform is in on the crimes and need to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, otherwise they won’t learn their lesson and they’ll do it again.  Additionally, our weak response to the Covid-19 attack empowered those same villains who then went on to commit the biggest voter fraud case ever witnessed in human history.  Its easy now to see who the guilty people are, they are the ones who are now saying that there was no voter fraud, even as the evidence is emerging everywhere.  Everyone in denial are guilty, because they were the same advocates behind the government lockdowns over Covid-19 and lied to us about their intentions to save lives by adopting communist police state policies.  In order for those ill intentions to work, people had to believe there was no treatment.  That is why hydroxychloroquine was kept from people’s minds because the attackers needed to use death to drive society toward compliance. 

Every governor, every politician, every health “expert” who has been denying hydroxychloroquine as part of a solution is a murderer.  They killed people to advance a political agenda.  Before the massive voter fraud of 2020 and the loads of testimony we have been hearing which involved thousands of people coordinating the steal, its no longer a consideration of extremism to propose that health experts and politicians deliberately wanted to kill people with Covid-19 so that they could use that fear to move public opinion toward communism and away from personal freedom.  The lockdowns which have cost our economy trillions of dollars and massive debt were meant to attack our society and all our lives.  They didn’t care if they ruined businesses or destroyed our jobs.  They always planned to blame it on Trump, which we saw during the election.  And they used Covid-19 to hide their other crimes behind, like the theft of the election.  They went that far, don’t think that preserving life was on their minds at all.  Rather they wanted murder, suicide, and a nation left in ruins.  It was all part of a plan decades in the making that they unleashed in 2020 for purely political reasons, and yes, they planned for people to die to help drive the narrative.  With no deaths, they’d have no reason to advance the scandal in hopes of getting Trump out of power. 

When villains are so pervasive and out in the open about their crimes, taking an extreme position against them should be expected.  It is not our task to endorse murderers with silence.  It is our job to bring them to justice first with naming the beast, but second by following the legal proceedings that will halt their practice.  The first thing we must do is recognize that Covid-19 was a foreign invasion meant to topple American capitalism and tamper with an American president and overthrow the current government.   The second thing we then must do is identify the criminal medical malpractice of so many as purposeful murder by knowingly denying medicine to those crippled by Covid-19 as it was let out of China to start a planned process of death and economic destruction upon innocent collateral damage, people just minding their own business in the world.  It is not our task to turn away from such evil, but to speak out against it.  And if the villains want more, to give it to them in more ways than they can handle.  These criminals hiding behind an orthodox government are vile creatures who deserve a lot of pain and suffering for what they have done and there really isn’t a nice way to move on from this period without a major aftermath.  Every governor who has endorsed lockdowns, every financial mover like Bill Gates, every CDC bureaucrat, every health department official who knowingly played along with these methods are all guilty of support of murder or perpetuating it. Every cable news station who put the death ticker on their screens as a means to scare people into listening to them is guilty of terrorism.  Dr Dumbass himself—Dr Fauci is guilty of every perpetuated death advocated by Covid-19 to control government policy.  It was he and Dr. Scarf Lady who marched into the White House and told President Trump that he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the country.  If there were no deaths to point to, there would have been no way to get the President’s ear, so it was planned from the beginning, the same day that Bill Gates stepped away from the board of directors at Microsoft, so he could lay low while the planned murders were executed and the economy was ruined.  And for what?  To have a coup in America and use deaths to scare people into believing in Covid-19 so that they could rig the upcoming election and keep Trump voters from showing up.  But Trump voters showed up anyway forcing Democrats to cheat more than they ever have before.  Only they got caught and revealed all these vile operations to us proving that murder all along was acceptable to them, if only they could overthrow America and be part of the next regime who would then control the law.  That is what we are dealing with.


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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The White Coat Summits: Advocates of mask mandates and 6 foot social distancing should be prosecuted for murder

I have come to really like Dr. Simone Gold and her White Coat Summits on the steps of the Supreme Court.  They had another one on Saturday October 17, 2020 which gave a more mainstream opinion from doctors all over the country about their understanding of Covid-19.  Of course, it was not a heavily covered story, especially with the Hunter Biden laptop story soaking up so much of the news cycle and a desperate media trying with everything in their power to make Joe Biden look relevant as a presidential candidate.  But it deserves to be known that Covid-19 as these doctors indicated was treatable from the beginning of what the World Health Organization termed, a “pandemic” designed to weaponize a coronavirus out of China to shape the political landscape in 2020 and they were willing to attack all our lives in the process costing our economy billions and billions of dollars.  Dr. Simone Gold and her team of doctors spoke well and on several topics resulting in one real opinion, that Covid-19 isn’t some scary, uncontrolled virus.  It was treatable from day one and continues to be a very manageable cold.  To fear it is to accept the politicization of it, and for the reasons of malice that were always intended as the result.

The level of censorship that we have seen regarding Covid-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop revelations has been stunning.  Nothing I haven’t pointed out before, but thinking something and knowing something are often different things.  Knowing now that our media is much closer to the state run outlets of China and North Korea has been sobering, and these members of the White Coat Summits have suffered for their professional participation, much the way dissident voices in communist countries are treated.  But even worse, all these doctors were trying to do was point out that Covid-19 was manageable and treatable.  And really up until President Trump came down with Covid and was able to quickly recover did people start officially questioning the way Dr. Fauci had advised the country on the virus from the beginning.   Its quite obvious Fauci, “Dr. Doom” himself, wanted the chaos of an unmanaged viral outbreak for political reasons and his partner, Bill Gates along with their ties to the World Health Organization have bet on using this virus to shut down vast portions of the global economy for some indefinite time period and they didn’t want to hear what Dr. Simone Gold had to say to the contrary.  And that was true of Google and Twitter too, they had invested in the eventual results of a government shutdown of the economy and were not shy about being under the bedsheets with China leading up to all this.  We have been witnessing another coup attempt during the Trump presidency, this time coming from the medical community where the “experts” were hand picked to drive the Covid-19 narrative and anybody who didn’t fall in line would be ostracized from society and find themselves unemployed which is exactly what happened to Dr. Gold and even Judy Mikovits who has a couple of the best selling books on the planet right now—but nobody would know.

Covid-19 was a scam from the beginning, a plandemic created by tech insurgents like Bill Gates to implement a world collapse of America into a change state under United Nations control.  They went all in on the effort and have been willing to destroy the lives of many people in the process.  As the doctors of the White Coat Summit have said, Covid-19 was treatable from the start.  Everyone knew what to do to stop the effects of the virus.  There was never any danger to our hospitals being over capacity and people didn’t need to die of the virus.  If they were treated early, people could have recovered much the way Chris Christie did, who recently caught Covid at a White House event, had to spend some time on an ICU because he’s terribly out of shape, but he recovered because he had access to medicine.  The advocates of Covid-19 were willing to deny help and medicine to people to drive the media message of a pandemic so that they could wrestle away political control of America and give it to global enforcers.  And to be honest, they should be prosecuted for murder in many ways, including Dr. Fauci who intentionally startled President Trump into playing along for a while.

When I call the governor of my state, Dummy DeWine I do so because he should have known better what was going on.  Instead he got caught playing out of the playbook of Amy Acton, his Health Director at the time who was obviously in sync with Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates into the end result.  DeWine got caught playing a kid’s game of keep away in regard to the virus setting up all kinds of unconstitutional orders for people to follow like 6 foot social distancing, stay at home orders, and mandates to wear a mask in public, which the doctors explained does nothing to stop Covid-19.  Nothing at all.  In fact, it likely exacerbates the situation and makes Covid-19 much worse and to spread much faster.  DeWine was one of the first of the nation’s governors to be suckered into the scam that became Covid-19 and he’ll never live it down.  Many governors followed him, which then gave the excuse to several blue state governors to lock down their states perpetually, such as Michigan.  It has only been recently that the courts are starting to catch up to these debacles, but the damage by now has long been done.  But it is sad to learn that all this damage was avoidable, and that every Covid-19 patient could have been treated.  It was our government reaction to it that cost so much in death and finances.  Yet, as is clear now, Covid-19 was an act of terrorism from the Bill Gates types out there, the billionaires who seek power through panic and enjoy with grim satisfaction watching people run to a slaughter house of their design.

What Bill Gates did with the help of Dr. Fauci was crack the whip of what they see as a cattle herd to keep everyone headed in the direction of their design, they wanted to use fear to accomplish the task.  If a person here or there stepped out of the herd, the threat of violence and worse came their way the way a cowboy will frighten a loose animal into getting back in line.  But the truth was that the message was you’ll be killed if you don’t get back in line for the slaughterhouse, which is where the herd is going.  And people will do it because they hope to live just a few minutes longer.  That is how many malicious people mostly in the medical community representing hostile governments around the world were able to get mass society to follow their stupid CDC guidance coming out of the World Health Organization which Bill Gates had a tremendous amount of influence.  Its not just that Covid-19 was always treatable, its that bad actors within America tried to use that fear of the virus to gain power, so they deliberately denied treatment to people who needed it, by hiding that treatment from the public to incite panic and great economic loss.  What they did was terrorism, and only now are people beginning to see it for what it was.  And thankfully from these doctors of the White Coat Summits, we have the proof. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Vote For Trump To End Covid-19: Its the only way to stop the madness

I can think of hundreds of reasons to vote for President Trump to a second term.  But the one that most everyone should be able to agree on is that it’s the best way to bring Covid-19 to an end.  Several times this week Trump has stated that the most recent diabolical coronavirus out of China would be gone if he’s re-elected which should motivate everyone to action.  Coronavirus is 10% virus and 90% politics, and the enemies of Trump, and of us all understand that their window is closing fast.  Bill Gates can hear it in people’s voices, Governor Mike DeWine can see the fatigue on people, as both have tried to put the alarm bells out to remind people that Covid-19 is a killer and that people must socially distance and wear masks if they don’t want to DIE.  The media has gone full court press to remind people that Covid is still around, and of course there is Doctor Doom himself already trying to cancel Thanksgiving Day in fear of CORONAVIRUS outbreaks.  Trump has stated, and its within his power to do so, that once he wins the election, he will end the concern over Covid-19.  If you want to get back to a normal life, then vote for President Trump for that reason alone.  Because the other guy, the criminal Joe Biden will only make Covid-19 last forever, and every virus from now until the rest of our lives will be treated with the same level of panic.

Of course, Trump couldn’t declare an end to the pandemic now.  People who tend to be fearful would only be fed by a media like what we saw at the NBC Town Hall where Savannah Guthrie tried to make the whole event about mask wearing.  The media we currently have in America would have a meltdown that would work against Trump, so he must play along with it for just a little while longer.  But once the election is over, he’ll be free to remove the pandemic barrier and to reorganize the losers at the CDC who have caused all this trouble, in attempting to use policy designed by the Chinese as a military attack against American culture—which is precisely what Covid-19 is.  To answer the Guthrie question that assumes that the CDC must rule everything that happens, including the movements of President Trump the obvious answer is that who assumes the CDC has been right about Covid-19.  No one government organization can be allowed at any time to dictate culture in America.  They can put forth advice, but they don’t dictate policy.  The whole mask wearing issue has been a major mistake, intended or not but most of the media hungry for a god of government to worship has sought to make literal deities out of CDC officials, and for those benefactors—policy geeks that they are—they have enjoyed the attention for the first time in their lives as the Chinese smile at a plan well executed.

Sure, there are more cases lately and they are exploding in number.  That was all part of the plan as we neared the election.  As many know, I think it was a liberal terrorist who managed to get Covid-19 into the White House grounds and to spread it on chairs at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement where over 50 White House staff including the President look to have obtained the virus.  That same weekend Cam Newton the football player came down with it which I don’t think was an accident.  If you are a climate terrorist like the old Bill Ayers Weather Underground, getting Covid-19 to a targeted enemy or celebrity spokesman is a great way to capture the minds of the public when you need to most.  People in a panic rushed out to get tested and of course after half a year of building up testing capability now they were easy to get.  Of course, there have been record breaking case amounts in states suddenly.  That doesn’t make Covid-19 any more deadly, just that we can capture case counts better than we did in March.  But ultimately, it doesn’t mean anything.  The way to deal with Covid-19 is to get it and get over it.  Most people who come down with Covid-19 will view it as a mild cold which is where many of our colds come from, some strain of coronavirus.  This Covid-19 one may have been tampered with in a Chinese lab to be more contagious for purely political reasons, globally.  But its still just a cold.

Trump has had to play along with Covid-19 at first to make sure the stupid things that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates was saying wasn’t correct, that millions of people were poised to die from the virus.  In the beginning even the leaders at the World Health Organization were saying the same kind of thing.  Now though as the very real cost of these dumb decisions has made it clear everyone is backing off those alarms stating that lockdowns are not the way to deal with the virus, and neither are masks.  That is because the bills are coming due and the finger pointing has started.  The intent behind Covid-19 from the beginning was to get rid of President Trump, to crush the great economy he unleashed—and nothing else.  Now with the election just a few weeks away and the damage well done, everyone is back tracking except for the media which is always the last to know and implement some global strategy.  The NBC Savannah Guthrie is one of those latte sippers I’m always talking about, a panic driven mound of flesh that is fearful about life moment to moment.  She’s perfect for a network news show that makes it’s living off the Don Henley song, “Dirty Laundry,” but she certainly isn’t leadership material for society at large.  She follows what others say even while those “others” are running in the other direction now that the election is near.


Trump is as eager as the rest of us in putting Covid behind us forever, and the methods that led to the massive mistakes that were made in dealing with it.  The President can now call himself one of the many thousands who have survived Covid-19 along with his wife and son.  Nobody in the White House who came down with it are dying, everyone is getting over it and getting back to work and that’s the solution to the future.  Trump is one election away from cancelling Covid-19, all we have to do to make the ridiculous coronavirus go away is to elect him.   I’ve been putting up with the stupidity of Covid all year knowing that we’d get to this point and I’m happy to finally be here.  Covid-19 was always political including all the activities that we’ve seen this week.  Do people actually get Covid-19, well of course they do.  But what has changed is the assumption that you will die of it, and once Trump broke that spell, the media culture along with the drivers of them panicked and tried to make it the story of the season even while the Biden emails became the next big focus, and really has been the atomic bomb that killed the Democrat Party.  Yes, that’s a past tense reference to a present condition, but it’s the way things are, and the way things are going to be.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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