The Good Thing about Covid-19: Kids didn’t have to go to public schools

There have been some good things to come out of this international shutdown of our economy. People have learned how non-essential they really are, especially public-school teachers. Think of the next time one of their teacher unions demand a strike and shut down their school and parents must scramble how to find a babysitter to watch their kids during the day, the solution has presented itself. Parents can just stay home and work from there and can solve both problems rather easily. When government shut down our economy a new precedent has been established, and that will also be the case for the next time there are budget battles where anything in government shuts down. We have learned not to care because we have had to face the fact of not having those services for several months now, and can now adapt rather easily to labor shortages coming out of government, one of the most non-essential employer bases anywhere in the world. So, the next time teachers strike and walk off the job over pay to “save the children” with their education, we can just home school them as the nation has been doing, and we’ll have a plan because we’ve had to do it for a sustained period of time and it won’t be hard.

The best thing to come out of the whole shutdown is that we’ve broken a kind of spell on children stuck in public schools for a significant part of their life typically must endure painfully. I can imagine how wonderful it has been for many of them to have essentially the entire spring and summer off. As we all know, the things that make a public-school experience even somewhat useful are the dances, sports and other social programs that come with them. When my wife and I were raising our kids and we homeschooled for a significant amount of time we had just about every family member in an outrage because they felt we were denying our kids access to these public social events. In the post-world of social distancing where many so quickly accepted that such things were actually a deadly encounter, the denial of not having access to school dances will never have the same kind of value. Kids were always far better off not going to those kinds of things and the poison going into their minds from public education has now been broken and going back to how things were will be difficult for everyone, especially now that we have all witnessed how useless many of those jobs really are. It was already bad enough that schoolteachers were paid to be off all summer long, now adding an entire spring to the mix shows just how useless many of those positions really were. Parents have had to spend that extra time with their kids and learned that its not so bad, and if they find they can’t leave them home by themselves, then they can just work from home with their employers like most everyone is doing presently. Even employers have learned how to solve these kinds of problems and who they really need physically present, and who they don’t.

I remember how great it was to get one snow day and be able to stay home from school, to break the spell of public education and be able to choose anything you wanted to do with your day in the middle of the week. It was wonderful. I can’t imagine how great it was for kids to learn that they were going to be free of the public education menace for weeks, if not months—perhaps for the rest of the year. I’m sure there are kids who are paying attention to the coronavirus drama just so they can make sure they won’t have to attend school until the fall of 2020. We have all had to deal with the unimaginable with this virus shutdown and have learned that none of these things were nearly as bad as we used to think of them, like not having the school as a free babysitter, and teaching kids from home instead of the government programming that typically goes on. We have learned that much of what government does for us isn’t essential at all and the next time they try to have parades justifying their labor strikes we can just blow them off as a waste of our time, because they are. The employees in those fields may be just as excited as the kids in being out of school and on vacation for much of the rest of the year, and still getting paid but think of the next school levies where teacher pay is the prime issue. People have learned to live without them, and I don’t see them voting for many tax increases when parents have now learned they can do the job themselves and likely get permission from their employer to stay home to do it.

It will be difficult, if not impossible to erase this experience from the minds of the young people who have experienced it. For most of us our public educations were a consistent drum beat of liberalized programming that we experienced from our early childhoods to our early adulthoods. A break like what we have seen over Covid-19 was never an option so it will be interesting to see how minds not so corrupted for such a long time behave in a post Covid-19 world. For most people their paralysis over the government stupidity in shutting down the world and so blindly adhering to the United Nations Agenda 21 strategies started with those public educations that taught us to take orders, stand in line and behave and to not question authority started in those classrooms and have not been good for us. Too many people were way too quick to just accept that the government knew what it was doing, and as each state’s governors were in competition to become the next tyrant people treated them as they would a bad teacher in school, by just sitting quietly and hoping to get through the class without being punished. They held their breath and just took every draconian measure when what was required is a good ass kicking by the public toward their elected representatives. There were some real tyrannical problems coming out of Michigan, Kentucky, California and Illinois by liberal Democrats who let the power of the nationwide shutdown go to their heads. And we learned to accept those abuses in public school. It will be interesting to see how this break has boosted up the minds of the kids now attending their school age endurance with much more self-empowering options.

I’ve been saying for a very long time that staying home was a much better way to teach kids, and that the entire public education experience was a waste of time. Well, now people can see that for themselves, their kids didn’t melt, they certainly haven’t lost opportunities to learn new things. And spending more time with their families has been the best thing to come out of Covid-19, because kids need to be raised by their parents, not the state. Certainly not a lot of lazy minded schoolteachers being paid by the state to make products of the state who will then serve the state as adults blindly and without any rebellious thoughts. What we get out of public education is entirely non-essential and that will certainly play a part in future funding debates. Why pay those idiots fortunes to do a job we can do better ourselves from home? And the answer to that question will change the world for the better for sure.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Good Thing about Covid-19: Kids didn’t have to go to public schools

  1. Still doesn’t change the fact that our kindergarten teachers at Bowman will still pulling down 80 G’s (and 130 grand pension) for now even LESS part time work. It was ALREADY less than part time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw in a step increase for their pain and suffering. Lebanon is coming around slowly but there are still way too many sheep. Last levy was never about the children, but for staff increases. And they’re so top heavy, the administrators have a department all their own. AND THEY’RE HIRING!!!!
    It costs us 16 dollars A DAY to live here in school taxes ALONE!! That’s Beverly Hills shit, not fly over country. And you’ve see this house. The sheep don’t seem to mind if they even have a clue when their mortgages go up. And why. I guess we’re a dying breed that sits down and does a budget every month. Look no further than the HUGE unemployment check that will be going out due to the virus and the debt we now owe. It pays to stay home. No need for a budget. The servants will take care of it. Until the dollar is no more. That day is coming hard. Mark my words. There’s your toilet paper.;)


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