Trump’s Greatness in Waco: Ego is great for politics, it makes the perfect representative

I couldn’t help but think while watching President Trump at his Waco, Texas rally how lucky we were. Nobody else in the world, especially no other political figure, could have drawn over 15,000 people to an airport to hear a speech for an hour and a half. Only a guy like Trump, where the perfect relationship between representative government and a people in need of it existed, met at these rallies. Trump has been out of office for over three years, and he still could draw a crowd like the one in Waco, which isn’t a bustling metropolis. To have that many people willing to spend an entire day at a remote airport to hear the same speech repeatedly was simply remarkable. But then I considered my wife and me; here we were, as thousands of others were doing exactly the same thing, popping popcorn and getting our snacks ready for the big event, something we had been looking forward to all Saturday. We had literally millions of other options we could have been doing on a Saturday night in late March. The weather was nice. We have over 1000 entertainment options through our television through the many streaming services we subscribe to. Yet there we were, looking forward to the Trump speech like so many others, which is like watching the Super Bowl. It was an all-day event that we enjoyed tremendously. So what does that say about politics and a character like Trump who, after so many attempts to take him out socially, he is stronger than ever? With all the mainstream aggression shown to support Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor has gone down in polling, and Trump has only gained more support. 

I keep hearing from the kind of Republicans who want to support Ron DeSantis over Trump that the Republican Party could get all the good stuff without all the drama, and that was why supporting DeSantis was a great thing. But then I explain to people that we are not dealing with regular politics here. This is a war, not a policy discussion, and Trump is the perfect candidate for this particular time in our history. Even better than in 2020. Having Trump on the political scene has forced everyone to deal with reality, a reality that often gets lost in the horse races of politics. Trump’s massive ego was a perfect weapon against this political climate. It certainly wasn’t a detriment, as those DeSantis types suggested. Trump loves to be loved and has become the perfect kind of representative in our government that needs such people. He loves his supporters and would do just about anything for them. And then we have a public who very much wants someone out there in politics who represents them authentically. We’ve all seen this bag of tricks before, where someone like DeSantis does a good job and wins over the Rinos, then they change because the donor class gets a hold of them. Then when they win office, they become something we all despise. Trump is independent of all that. Because Trump loves to be loved so much, he listens to what people actually want out of their government and puts his traditional ideology aside. It’s a pretty remarkable relationship, especially in the context of history, and Trump is precisely what America needs if it wants to stay a great country. Trump is a product of a capitalist system that only America could have produced, and here he was at the later part of his life when he could be doing anything else in the world, and he’s running for president for the third time to do a job that pays nothing, only because he loves to be loved by the kind of people who attend rallies like that one in Waco. 

The people out there want a fighter. No celebrity from pop culture could do what Trump is doing. Who has the personal wealth and independence to bring such a rock-star quality to politics, where some of the biggest thieves and destitute criminals have set up shop? There will be hundreds of future political figures like Ron DeSantis who spawn off the Trump years that will improve our representative government for the better over the next decade. I remember how unusual Trump was in 2016 when many of the things we are discussing now weren’t even a remote consideration. There was always a kind of evil lurking in the background that was hidden behind polite society. And because of Trump and his ability to communicate, because of his massive ego that refuses to submit to the established order of things, a lot of that evil has been flushed out to the surface. It’s very ugly to see, but for all those corrupt forces hidden behind the veil of politics, only Trump could have exposed it due to his brash nature. Without Trump, violence from a Civil War likely would have already occurred. The hope that comes with Trump is that people might get peace and strength through their country yet, and that hope is very powerful. Watching a Trump rally is more like a church service where people renew their spirit than a policy-making speech about things that we all know the politician could never accomplish unless the Deep State allows them to.  

It’s Trump’s ego that makes him as great as he is. It’s funny to listen to a liberal world talk about how bad ego is for society. You could talk to a million people who practice Yoga, and they’ll talk about how it’s good to meditate and become “one with nature.” To drop the ego and embrace collectivism  where the currents of the universe where our personal identities no longer have meaning. People repeat that kind of nonsense all the time, and it does spill over into our political culture. And it’s all hogwash. Ego is the definition of a person who has lived a life and has a story to tell based on that experience. All that Indian talk about destroying ego and individuality, in general, is garbage from eastern cultures like China, India, and the Middle East.

No thanks, bad advice. And at their core, that is why there are people who hate Trump. Our political system has too many people who falsely believe that ego has no place in politics, and those people have no answer for Trump, who is entirely ego-driven. I would say that ego is Trump’s greatest weapon because it takes a sense of self to stand up to evil. It takes ego to drive a capitalist economy and to defend it. Because a person with a large ego has values, they think they are worthy to defend because they have a sense of self. And ultimately, that is what people show up to see at these rallies. They want to see the ego of Trump unleashed because he represents them and their egos of self who want to see their country be great. They do not want the collectivist crap that politics gives them in general, and the popular culture who wants politics not to rock the boat for their ideologies of collectivism that otherwise taints politics into something people find otherwise disgusting. Ego is good, and Trump has plenty of it. And we are very lucky to have him representing us. Because of Trump and his massive ego, people have hope that there might yet be a peaceful defense of our country from the forces that have been plotting its destruction for many decades. And that hope is obvious at all Trump rallies, especially the one in Waco, Texas, in March of 2023. 

Rich Hoffman

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