The Lamentations of America: What our enemies have been planning for us and likely were inspired by our Bible

I mean, I do it, I can’t imagine that others don’t as well, and that is to read the religious texts of the enemy to see what might be exploited to destroy them on the battlefield. And saying that, to understand that a strategy of war is to make the other side think that you aren’t fighting one. And we are in a world where many hostile nations have turned on America out of jealousy and their own cravings for power, whether it be the financial insurgents at the World Economic Forum and their many forms of corporate socialism or national countries allying power against the power and influence of America around the world, such as China is obviously doing with Russia, and Ukraine is poised against Russia as NATO seeks to impose itself on all sovereign countries, including China eventually after they are provoked to conquer the known world and all financial systems with it. Yet when it comes to America, they are united in their hatred of it, and their desire to see it destroyed.  But a newsflash to the bar hopper in America trying to get a seat at the table of a Sweet Sixteen matchup for a Saturday game. It might be inconvenient to think about, but we are clearly at war, and the casualties aren’t troops on some far-away foreign soil, but each and every one of us who are being robbed as we speak by a banking system that answers to foreign hostilities intent on global domination. Who cares about any of that? Our latest beer-drinking professional with over 100K in college debt hopes to win a hundred dollars with their March Madness bracketology. Who has time to think about war? Yet we are at war, and to understand how the other side thinks of us, it’s good to read their religious texts to see how they see us. And, of course, they have read our religious texts, particularly our Holy Bible. Suppose they have read the particular book of The Lamentations of Jeremiah from the Bible. In that case, they will have obtained inspiration toward the destruction of America that would have filled their hearts with joy.

The Lamentations of Jeremiah is a small book in the Bible, only a few pages. But it is essentially a contemplation in the wake of the destruction of Israel by the people conquered and fallen to the attacking Babylonians and their tyrant of the day, Nebuchadnezzar. The book wonderfully applies the metaphor of an old woman to symbolize the destruction in the wake of the attack. Once, she was young and beautiful. Everyone wanted her, to be part of her. But now, as an old woman, nobody will lift a hand to help her. All her once great attributes are now rejected by the masses who just walk by without a thought to her destruction. She is alone in the world and forgotten, which is the fate of most women and people, for that matter. They live extraordinary lives only to have that greatness wiped away by old age by the youth of the world. The Lamentations of Jeremiah could be viewed as a very depressing book, but I find great beauty in it, in the ability to capture such negative thoughts in such a metaphorical way. There is a brilliance to it worth noting, especially for an emerging culture written in the lost hours of the BC time period. And if you read it with today in mind, it’s quite clear that America’s enemies are hoping that this is the fate of our country. A once great country sobbing in the street left over and abandoned by the world with nobody there to help and its people oblivious to hope of any kind. 

We could look around our own political landscape and see it clearly, The Lamentations of America. We have been attacked with woke policies that have destroyed our great corporations; we have had our religion attacked, our history, our financial system, our politics. Our concept of the American family has been attacked for years, and now we see the fruition of all that destruction. When Xi from China tells Putin that we are about to see something that we haven’t seen in over a hundred years, he’s talking about the plan to undercut America as a global power that has been conducted over that entire period. China wanted revenge on the world for their transgressions, and they blamed America for many things, just as neighboring regions in the times of Israel’s dominance provoked the kind of anger that the Babylonians had for Jerusalem. Think about their hatred for King Zedekiah when they killed his children in front of him, then cut out his eyes so that would be the last thing he would see. Then they carried him off to Babylon to die there, slowly. Then they destroyed Solomon’s great temple and all the other wonderful buildings of Jerusalem. Every man, woman, and child was enslaved, and the women were ravaged brutally with rape and torture. The destruction was complete, and the people of Israel were then thrown into slavery for the next 70 years. These events in the Bible, without question, have inspired the enemies of America that the same thing can happen to all of us, and if you read that book from the Bible, you can see that America’s enemies are salivating for the opportunity similarly. 

Just like today, the people of Jerusalem had no idea what was coming their way from Babylon and their other hostile neighbors. Globalism, as it has been preached to us, pretends that war is a thing of the past and that global trade is all that matters. We have been lulled to sleep by an enemy that never sleeps, and it never thinks of peace. Their goal is for global communism to rule them all. And America has been in the way. They couldn’t have a President Trump come along and stop their vicious attack. They have only the Lamentations of America on their mind, to leave the people of a once great country crying in the street, raped and pillaged of its once great wealth, its strong destroyed by woke rules, and its companies bending the knee to a new global power rather than the all mighty dollar. Americans never realized until it was too late that all that anti-capitalism talk was not from some dope-smoking hippies listening to classic rock about some levy being dry where his Chevy was, it was put there by hostile ground forces inspired by The Lamentations of Jeremiah that the once great America could be destroyed from the inside out, and now the enemies are rejoicing in a similar way the destruction they have long planned for. They see it working, and it makes them very happy. The more Americans cry, the more they ponder the fairness of it all and the more satisfied our enemies are. They do not want world peace. They do not want to break bread with Americans. They want to look at America as that old woman from The Lamentations of Jeremiah, where her adversaries mock her remembrance. Now old and ugly, the world can mock her memory in front of her face and contemplate the unfairness that the universe has cast in her direction, only to wallow in her multitude of transgressions, her children gone into captivity before the enemy, to be used, abused and destroyed before her very eyes, as she can still see. That is what we are dealing with, and without question, it is The Lamentations of Jeremiah that America’s enemies intend for us all. 

Rich Hoffman

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