A Government that Cheated on Us: The Covid lab leak and crimes against humanity

Remember what I said about Covid from the very first day until now. I have always talked about Covid as a bioweapon that came out of China and was intended as a way to wreck the American economy during an election year to get rid of Trump. In the first days of the lockdown announcements, I referred to it as a Pearl Harbor attack from climate activism, and my position is on record for all to see. Nobody else at the time anywhere, not Tucker Carlson, not Rush Limbaugh, nobody was willing to go there, but I did, which is essential as a validation to everything else I say. When I write something down, it’s a pretty good bet that it’s information you can trust, even when it sounds outlandishly crazy as the lab leak theory was when Covid first came to America. When Trump called it initially the “China Virus,” there were attempts to make it a racist statement to hurt the president, but he stuck with it because all the evidence at that time pointed in the direction of China as the destination where Covid came from. And now, three years later, we are talking seriously about the leak scenario, and even the Biden administration is now reluctantly admitting to the minimal scenario that they cannot confirm or deny that the virus was a lab leak from Wuhan, China. But everyone else, including the media, is fully embracing the idea, which is the next possible first step in correcting the behavior. Why, all of a sudden, after all this time? Well, likely because there is much worse information that is coming out, which everyone wants to take the edge off of, and they think that admitting to the leak story that it will consume people’s thoughts and hide the worse story, that Covid was actually a bioweapon made by the government for the purposes of fulfilling the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” 

I thought it was astonishing that Woody Harrelson talked about Covid in such a derogatory manner on Saturday Night Live the way that he did. They would have had to know what he was going to say; there is nothing unpredictable about Saturday Night Live, which has been an overtly political show. They have been attempting to destroy President Trump in their own way with the now disgraced actor, Alec Baldwin. As NBC, Comcast, and a major progressive show based in New York City, they were always pro-Covid, pro-big government solutions, pro mask; they took the international WHO position from the beginning that Covid was something to be yielded to, meant to unite the governments of the world into fighting an out of control virus. And the purpose for them as they brought wine glasses together in their after-parties was for the greater good. Under danger, Americans might be willing to give up their Constitutional rights in favor of a centralized government controlled by the CDC and Dr. Fauci if they were terrified of death. So for NBC and the Saturday Night Live producers to put Woody Harrelson on live and talk about Covid as a crazy script that nobody would have ever believed is a significant position worth noticing. That is the mainstream entertainment industry distancing itself from what Covid was and what it did to our nation and the world. And it was a purposeful admission, not some unscripted accident.

When Saturday Night Live put Woody Harrelson on as the host, they knew what they were getting. It was the fifth time they had him host the show, so there is a relationship there where everyone knows everyone else. Even if it were claimed that Harrelson went off script with one of his drug-induced rants, which was part of the set-up for what Woody would eventually say about Covid so that if it went wrong, everyone could backtrack their statements. The point in putting Woody Harrelson on as the host that night was to give Saturday Night Live credibility on the matter of the Covid lab leak and to play their part in shaping the story as it is now being admitted to. But why now? Is it because the Biden administration is trying to deter China from getting too cozy with Russia in the conflict involving Ukraine and leverage over aggressions in Taiwan? These are bold positions considering that Biden was put into the White House by essentially China and the Deep State voter tampering that has gone on in the last elections, all easily proven and will be the centerpiece of Trump’s re-election campaign for the next two years. To put China at the center of the story and essentially throw them under the bus indicates that there is more hidden that the perpetrators hope will take the edge off the rest of the story. Actors like Harrelson don’t get where they are in life by not following instructions. The purpose for him to give his statement was to walk back the Hollywood position that has nearly destroyed their industry. They played along because the World Economic Forum insisted that it was good for saving the planet. Being dumb Hollywood types, they bought the Covid narrative without question because, as actors, they get paid to say what other people tell them to. And it’s the finance industry that tells them what to say, and they get their finance through the woke ESG-driven World Economic Forum. 

The gamble from the beginning was always the destruction of the populist movement, wherever it evolved in the world. Covid was meant to scare everyone into submission to an out-of-control virus, and this was a plan that was well rehearsed in advance before Covid was introduced to the world. Anybody paying attention to the Netflix releases on pandemics and the role-playing scenarios from the Bill Gates types at the time could see the writing on the wall. But the desired outcome did not come as they had hoped. Now there are all these books and congressional testimonies that are being done to understand what happened. I see it as an admission by our government that they have cheated on us, but their admission is one they think we will accept instead of the cold hard truth that if we do find out, we will be much angrier about. It’s like the husband who has been cheating on his wife, and he says to her that he had only done it that one time to that one woman. While a wife might not be happy about that, if it’s just one time with one specific person, then maybe she might understand with some context. But in truth, the husband has not just been cheating with that one woman but has been sneaking out for years to visit gay nightclubs, all the while that they were raising kids, and the behavior has been systemic; well, that’s a whole new level of betrayal that the wife can’t deal with. And that’s what it looks like Covid is. A deep, carefully planned attack that the Liberal World Order bet everything on, and they came up short, and now they have to reveal what they knew and who knew it. China then makes itself an easy target to throw under the bus. Because the problem is much bigger than just China, if the public looks in their direction, then perhaps the more serious stuff is that Covid was a bioweapon and not just some accident that leaked out of Wuhan, might be avoided. Because the truth is far worse, and now people are dealing with that very real prospect, and for many, that realization will be very painful. 

Rich Hoffman

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