A Transgender Killer Attacks Christians: Another school shooting caused by a corrupt government and assault on American values

The story of the school shooting in Nashville was that some dude who dressed up as a woman and called himself Audrey Hale attacked Christian kids at a private school and killed six people in a mass shooting.  Three kids and three adults.  The guy left behind a manifesto which shows that the attack was pre-meditated and that he selected this school because the other one was more heavily guarded, so he picked the path of least resistance to make his attack.  And that the attack was a direct assault against the Christian religion.  But none of that was talked about by President Biden just moments after the attack of the Covenant School by the 28-year-old killer.  The media reported that a woman did the shooting, and the president was immediately pushing congress to pass his gun-banning bill against what he calls “assault weapons.” Well, the timing seemed strange; Jill Biden even got in on the action calling for more gun bans when the facts of the case show a completely different trend.  This trans assault of American culture is not new, it’s manufactured, and it is being advanced by liberal government for the obvious perpetuation of destroying the Christian origins of America itself, which is in its own way an act of war against the people of our country.   And in that case, during wartime scenarios, we need more guns, not less.  The issue was not about guns but about an angry kid who had grown up in a confused sexual state, supported in that way by an out-of-control liberal government that steals elections, wastes money like it is going out of style, and is essentially an anti-Christ worshipper of the gods of Baal and all the demonic sacrifice that such minds can produce.  While they seek to exploit a school shooting for their desired gun bans, they ignore the many kids killed along the border caught up in the drug cartels’ war and sexually abused during the illegal immigration process by many hostile characters.  But what was most telling was what they chose not to report or acknowledge in this case, which says everything about their intentions. 

Government and its advocation of deviant sexual lifestyles are most to blame for this latest school shooting.  These empowered Rocky Horror Picture Show people now have government backing, and if you watch their behavior over a long period of time, the strategy has been more of a military assault rather than a passive psychological attempt to help people in society that have fallen off the wagon.  These young people who are confused about their sexual identity have been weaponized to advance an anti-Christian assault on American culture itself.  And during that assault, we are supposed to trust that same government with our security when there are maniacs like this kid running around out there?  We do not have a civil society where the government can be trusted with anything.  They certainly don’t tell us basic truths even when they are so obvious, such as in this school shooting.  They certainly can’t be trusted to provide basic security regarding our essential well-being.  Why in America, well, where else in the world are our basic cultural norms under such an attack by all kinds of malicious characters, sponsored by government, to shake loose and attack the innocent?  The root cause of the problem is a government that supports insurrection against the norms of a society, such as sex between a man and a woman, for the procreation of children.  When those basic assumptions are attacked, there will be violence in society, where the government is blowing on the fires to spread it and cause more disruption so that they can gain more power in the wake. 

The truth of this story is that we have a government that wants to be like the communist one in China, and they want to replace God with the worship of the government and its employees.  And they aren’t shy about provoking action against any competing religion, especially Christianity, and destroying it so that government can become the new God of civilization.  The government makes people like this Audrey Hale killer, and they do it on purpose.  Then wonder why nobody trusts them.  And they have the audacity to suggest that we should be a gun-free society and trust this ridiculous government to manage everything in our society.  Especially when there are dudes who dress up as women and attack Christian schools with the intent to kill in gun-free zones.  We need more guns than ever in these kinds of times.  We can’t trust any of the unionized law enforcement to do the right thing; we certainly can’t trust the FBI to learn about these kinds of attacks before they happen, even though the NSA is literally spying on everything we say, every keystroke we make on our internet interactions.  AI programs are scanning literally every conversation on planet earth and doing risk assessments all the time.  Without question, authorities knew they had a troubled young adult in Audrey Hale.  But they let the kid attack anyway because they wanted the news.  They wanted the violence.  And they certainly wanted to see the persecution of Christians by some heathens of the liberal sexual deviants created so frequently by public schools these days. 

A government that seeks to change the people of the nation from Christian family priorities is obviously going to see a violent reaction from the enterprise.  And that same government has stood behind the legalization of drugs and open borders where the drug trade has thrived.  So of course, there will be violence.  Most school shootings and mass shootings, for that matter, can be blamed on government tampering with various segments of the population for the goal of replacing God with government as an item of worship.  And the concept of disarming to such a dangerous government is preposterous.  Without guns, there would be no check on government power which is all they are interested in.  Joe Biden didn’t care for one second anything about the poor people killed at that Christian school in Nashville.  He and his public school-supporting wife only wanted to exploit the situation to advance their big government attack on American culture.  A Christianized American culture.  And they do it by supporting mental deficiencies such as sex obsession to drive loose cannons like this Nashville shooter to being their own terrorist army to change society, which is the cause of the violence.  People are being assaulted on purpose, so there will be violence.  And in this case, innocent people were attacked to facilitate a government plot, a problem created by government, transgenderism, to remove religion from that society so that more power could then be given to government.  Under those conditions, gun rights have to be expanded, there need to be fewer gun-free zones, and there need to be more people carrying guns everywhere.  Because there are a lot of mentally unstable people out there who want to take their anger out on society in general, and they have had government blowing on their anger for a long time.  And there will be more of these transgender attackers in the future, angry at any judgment that might not make them feel welcome in open society.  And when they do attack, we must be able to defend ourselves and the nature of our society at its Christian core.   

Rich Hoffman

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