The Four Enemies of America: Happiness is always the key to destroying “elite capture”

Even with all the scary stuff going on in the world, I see it mainly as a good thing. It’s good to see where all the bad guys are and understand their motivations. One thing that can be said about modern society as opposed to previous cultures is that this is the first time in all of human history where we can get around the world in under a day and speak to each other in real-time. So naturally, with that comes significant problems since most of the world does not have a lifestyle like Americans do, which has the goal of the day to pursue happiness. For instance, there is no word in the Russian language for “fun.” While Americans wake up and work hard every day to pursue fun, most of the rest of the world, from London to Singapore, are worried about just getting food. Happiness is not the daily goal of most of the world, and that becomes obvious as you travel to even the most far-flung reaches airplanes can reach. And that world now suddenly thrown together through technology to deal with each other every day, without oceans to separate them are looking jealously at America and either wanting to be more like it, or for those who crave power, to destroy it so to preserve their ability to stay in power and to play the chess game by the rules of yesterday. In the past, military strength defined this ability; today, it’s the administrative state, the Dr. Fauci types who want to rule the world not with tanks and weapons, but rules and regulations.

There are essentially four primary factions worldwide targeting America for demise to protect their aims for power traditionally defined. The concept of self-rule by a happy society that ignores the world’s rules does not make the administrative state types happy. They continue to believe, and we are seeing it presently, that elite capture will destroy America because they don’t understand Americans. To the world, they learned these games through activities like chess, where specific rules defined military warfare. Once you captured the king in the game, it was a checkmate, game over. Whoever does so wins the game. They don’t understand about this game with America because they have no reverence for a king, that the pawns, the knights, and bishops run around independently and keep playing long after the king has been captured. Americans don’t have any genuine regard for authority, so society will move on as a culture if the king is captured. We’ll find someone else to deal with the administrative state so we can continue to enjoy March Madness, Super Bowls, Baseball, and apple pie. So the strategy of capturing through bribes, extortion, or philosophic motivation senators like Mitch McConnell or presidents like Joe Biden has no impact on everyday Americans. They are not looking for leadership. They just expect politicians to keep unhappiness out of their daily lives. And when happiness is disrupted, that’s when Americans get mad and start grabbing for guns or talking about it anyway. 

Those four factions in the world presently who are attempting this elite capture strategy are, of course, the Chinese who think about destroying America every hour of every day of the week. They plan to restore the power and respect of the past to Chinese society, and they can’t do that until America is gone. So they will never amicably work with America unless the aims of the interaction serve their purposes for war. Russia is much in the same mind as China. Vladimir Putin thinks every day and every hour of those days of ways to destroy America. In Russia, they have no other hobbies. They assert national respect as their highest aim, and they are happy to be miserable to do it. Privation to them is an honor. They are not looking for a happy life as we define it in America. They just want to win at all costs.

Then there are the Desecrators of Davos people from the World Economic Forum. They are the old Socialist International people. They plan to rule the world without a country using the United Nations as their bureaucratic arm. They aim to make America, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Europe, China, everyone dance to their tune through finance. Then, of course, the fourth group, the Aristocracy of Money, the monied class funded with an unholy government relationship directly with Wall Street. This was the very danger that Thomas Jefferson warned Alexander Hamilton about, and for which President Jackson had to fight off the federal central bank run by Nicholas Biddle. It’s far worse now than it was in Jackson’s day, and they very much think they run everything in the world through manipulative finance printed with quantitative easing. 

All those factions think they are playing chess against each other with the fate of America as the prize at the end of the game. They all believe they will beat each other to that treasure. But what they don’t understand is that Americans will never go along with it. Sure, some like the mask-wearing liberals out there who were so easily suckered by Dr. Doom’s Covid nonsense from the perspective of a global administrative state will do whatever the winners of the game want. But there are way too many people who just will never follow the rules of any of those global powers. Mankind spent thousands of years getting away from those chess-playing fanatics. Technology doesn’t take away the original intent of escape from oppression. People aren’t suddenly going to fall under the direction of whatever culture of those four wins the game for dominion of the world.

Rather, even thinking in such ways is very infantile and lacks the perspective of what human beings really think. America is an evolution of the human state of consciousness, not a conquerable option. And that’s what all the bad guys in the world are missing. America is great despite its “elite” representatives. If the bad guys happen to capture our administrative officials like in chess, there isn’t a checkmate; game over. The game continues because the pawns aren’t playing by those rules. There is no defined victory for the players because the people affected aren’t thinking along those lines. They don’t do what a leader tells them to. In America, we put leaders in place to pursue other happy thoughts. And if that life is taken from us, well, then that’s where things get bad. That’s when Americans start storming capitols and driving trucks around Washington D.C., making things uncomfortable for corrupt politicians who have sold them out. So long as there are happy things in the world, the administrative state can exist so long as ordinary people don’t waste their time on those activities. But in America, the goal is happiness, and that expectation evolved over thousands of years. And there is no putting it back in the bottle now. Just as Russians have no word for “fun,” Americans can’t understand the purpose of life without the pursuit of happiness being at the center of everything. They don’t live to serve a master. They live to pursue happiness. And there is no force in the world anywhere that will change that, much to the frustration of the enemies of America.

Rich Hoffman

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