These Loser Politicians Don’t Represent Me: Only preventing election fraud can fix the economy, Ukraine, border security, and the other problems in the world

This is precisely why we must have very secure elections. Obviously, all those losers who have supported open elections, elections by illegal residents, early voting, and elections with no voter ID intended to cheat to get people elected who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. After what we have seen since 2020, we must be a lot more careful about our election process. We cannot assume that people will do good things domestically and follow the rules.   Because without tight security on our elections, we have seen that malicious people will have a field day. It wasn’t just the 2020 election, but likely every election for the last two decades. I might not have believed that until I spent much of 2021 traveling all over the country. The election results reflected in our House and Senate are media creations, not actually representatives of real people. There is only one way that could have happened, through massive election fraud over a long period. A systematic acceptance of cultural election fraud by the political class knowing that there is profit in the game for them to keep the system of chaos that they currently have.

I have to say that because we are all being pushed into having an opinion about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as if we only have one of the two teams at play to pick from. Do we support the United Nations’ creation of Ukraine, or do we support the gay-hating Russians who are putting nationalism before global peace at all costs? International peace means surrendering everything to the Desecrators of Davos, you know, “you’ll own nothing and like it,” people. That’s not a good option. And Vladimir Putin has made it his reason for living to destroy the United States. That’s not a good pick either. I don’t like either option. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire of bad politics. But join the club. We are all victims of that to a large extent. I don’t support any of the dumb politicians making so many mistakes in America, that’s for sure. These losers who have run up the debt kept an out-of-control Fed that blew up our economy with unjustified trillions of unrepresented money on the fed’s balance sheet don’t deserve sympathy. The stupidity of the Biden administration is beyond rationalization; I didn’t vote for that loser. And I didn’t vote for many of those Desecrators in the House and Senate who tell us that anti-American sentiment is the wave of the future. Many of those elected representatives were only elected through fraud, blue state governors, and lax election laws that otherwise would have kept them from office. I’ve seen the American people up close, and they aren’t voting for losers like this. Only through falsified paper ballots and coordinated election fraud like Facebook was caught conducting could these people actually win an election.

We aren’t obligated to get behind these people just because we are all Americans. This isn’t a “team America” kind of thing where we have some patriotic obligation to rally behind the United Nations debacles in Ukraine. The stupidity of the politicians that we have seen in America, especially lately, can only be prevented with secure elections. And we have not had secure elections. We have been taken advantage of by the political class. They have betrayed our trust, and now they are purposely wrecking the economy, letting in a wave of invasive illegal immigrants into America through the southern border. What is going on between Mexico and America is far worse than the Russians invading Ukraine. We are supposed to care about the Ukraine border when there is no concern given at all about the border of the United States. Only stupid people would suggest anything else. Or people deliberately trying to undermine the United States.

Whatever the case, only secure elections can protect us from this kind of management malpractice. The way our politicians have handled things does not represent me.   I reject the way they have expressed America to the world as losers. Biden and Harris don’t represent me. But it’s not just Democrats and socialist-oriented progressives like Bernie Sanders and the bartender AOC. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent me. Rob Portman doesn’t represent me. The corrupt Ohio governor and United Nations spokesman Mike DeWine doesn’t represent me. I don’t have an obligation to stand behind any of those losers, especially when they show themselves as an embarrassment to the world. 

I can deal with being cordial to people I didn’t vote for if others honestly voted for them. After all, we have a republic, not just some damn flea-bitten “democracy,” as we are told all the time. If people vote for some of these liberals, so be it in a representative government. But we are not following leaders in America. We are not obligated to support losers. We elect representatives, and if the elections are not secure, how can a republic function at all. Just because a candidate is illegally put in power, it doesn’t mean that automatically people will follow that person like some invisible rules of chess where elite capture means you win the game. We elect people to do a job as our representatives on a matter. And what we are seeing nationwide, especially over these last few years with massive mistakes over Covid and now this disaster in foreign policy with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, is not reflective of America. America didn’t vote for these people. Election fraud does not count as a win. The people can possess the seats, but its quite apparent that they don’t represent real people at the ballot box, and if we can’t prove that or secure that, then we have nothing as a country.   Of course, the enemies of America will laugh and say, “that’s right, you have nothing.” Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and many others from the Desecrators of Davos want the downfall of America. They have targeted us for attack, and they are doing it now. While we look at Ukraine every day and all the sadness that a video camera can show us, where were those cameras during Covid when suicide rates spiked up to ridiculous levels? Where we destroyed trillions of dollars of global economic value? When the government attempted to supersede our American constitution with vaccine mandates that only helped the pharmaceutical companies who put money in their campaigns? Where is the justice when a scumbag lier like Jussie Smollett gets out of jail after just a few days while January 6th protestors remain in prison after more than a year and all their “due process” is ignored completely? If illegally obtained representatives are put in place, this is the kind of world it produces. Only a corrupt society could produce this much nonsense, and I would point to the lack of security of our elections that has enabled it to occur. In the future, we need poll watchers at every voting place. We must have a photo ID. We must have one day with limited hours. We cannot trust mail-in ballots. We cannot just blindly trust voting machines because we have seen there is intent from foreign actors to tamper with our elections, and we can’t put anything past anybody. We can’t have doubts on election day, ever again. We must treat our elections with the utmost seriousness in security and assume that everyone has hostile intent because often they do. And it is then and only then that we can say we are one nation. The goofball politicians we have in office presently, screwing up the economy, Ukraine, everything, are on their own. They don’t represent me at all. 

Rich Hoffman

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