The New Brownshirts: Safety and compliance has become the new weapons of communism

We all have a job to do, otherwise the world ends up with a bunch of people like we see in the Tiger King documentary on Netflix that is so popular. The Constitution must be maintained with vigilance otherwise it dies and we end up being run in life by people like Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe. From hour number one of the China Virus outbreak of the latest rendition of the coronavirus which produced in people flu like symptoms of an accelerated pneumonia the cure was certainly weaponized to be much more severe than the cause and the misery absorbed by all of us will never be forgotten. I can say that I will be beating on this drum for a long time because this is the closest I’ve ever seen us come in America to a total police state. Many thought it would be science fiction to even consider such a ridiculous proposal as what we have seen as public policy in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak but here we are. I literally sat on pins and needles over the weekend of April 4th 2020 and watched the routine DeWine press conference at 2 PM worried about what the little guy would say next, whether or not wearing masks in public would become “law” or if we would all be punished due to a block party that happened in Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati Friday night. “Social distancing” had been violated and the entire state of Ohio was bracing for another over-reaction by DeWine to impose a curfew. This clearly wasn’t the way America was ever supposed to operate.

I had a lot to do over that same weekend, all of it considered essential work but I was actually concerned about being stopped to explain it, and that should never be the case in the United States ever. It was about this time that I learned that the great Republican governor of Georgia had taken the leadership on his own to re-open the beaches there to give people some level of happiness due to his recent stay at home order. The Republican governor of South Carolina had been fighting that temptation, to issue a stay at home order which was a popular well populated state that had much reduced cases of Covid-19. There are likely lots of reasons why, but I had to admire the tenacity of those governors to resist the push to close up shop which was really the intent of the entire playbook of the Covid-19 outbreak. America was under attack by a new kind of communism, and there were a whole new group of “brownshirts” emerging, or the youth of communism that overtook St. Petersburg in Russia to overthrow the entire country toward state-controlled means of production. It was happening in America and I certainly wasn’t OK with it, and I will never forget it. As I did my essential business over that weekend mentioned there were many on Twitter and other social media formats asking Governor DeWine to mandate a curfew. There were enemies functioning in the open in America and they were seeking to apply pressure on our governors to overact and rob us of our dignities promised by our Constitution, and it was getting into the very scary category.

Let’s just say I made significant investments over the weekend to protect the Second Amendment by visiting Cabela’s in West Chester, and what I saw there was truly sad. I made significant purchases and while checking out, they had very strict rules on social distancing, everything was measured six feet apart, they were only letting 50 people into the store at a time, and the cashier had to maintain that distance the entire time while taking payment and scanning all my goods. It was irritating and actually pretty scary. The men in line with me were tough outdoor types and we all were looking at each other like, “is this our country? You’ve got to be kidding.” None of us should be scared of a stupid little virus, this was not the American way to deal with a problem and even Cabela’s was caught up in the vast evil of being forced into overcompliance. Too many rules by the state imposing itself on the imagination and general happiness of what a place like Cabela’s offers our culture. Later I went to Wal-Mart in West Chester and it was the same kind of story, a line outside as if it were Kings Island to keep too many people from going into the store, social distancing was strictly being monitored and there was a quiet suspicion of everyone, because they might be the latest narc telling the government that this place of business or that was not complying as there was a class of people in our midst who wanted this coronavirus to produce a communist takeover of our Constitutional rights, and to change the nature of how we operated in the United States.

The worst thing about it was that the entire playbook for dealing with the virus was not American at all, it was based on a global reaction to what the World Health Organization called a “pandemic.” The moment they did that the entire world joined together as if it were governed by a one world government and they shut down the economy and issued stay at home orders. And in the United States we had clear home-grown terrorists who were doing their part into shaming people into compliance with this new world order—and I could see a fight coming. That was why I was nervous, it wasn’t the fight itself but the realization that once I was pulled over and questioned for doing my business, or one of these people confronted me about not wearing a mask, everything I had built my life around would be in jeopardy and an all out conflict would ensue that would prevent us from all going back nicely to the way things had been in America. Luckily later that same day Trump showed signs of his old self. The death toll numbers were obviously way overstated and the doctors at the front of the alarmism were retreating from their previous assumptions and it was obvious that the president was losing patience with them. It was time to get the economy moving again. And not all governors got completely suckered into the same behavior, which was likely what has saved us all from an all-out civil war. This reaction to Covid-19 was built completely on peer pressure and entirely too many fell victim to it.

We have an obligation to protect our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, even when there is a virus outbreak. The numbers on this coronavirus will be nowhere near what other virus outbreaks have been when its all said and done, there was no justification for shutting down the American economy and we should have never been following some playbook from another country. This attempt at forcing Americans to do the same thing that they were doing in Europe or in China was an attack on our way of life and its not forgivable. And we’ve seen that there are plenty of domestic enemies around us every day because it was they who were going around trying to shame people into following governor orders who were clearly in a competition to outdo each other in compliance to safety. Safety had become a new kind of tyranny and our lifestyles were being openly attacked by the advocates. And that is something I will never forget. I certainly won’t let anybody else forget it either.

Rich Hoffman

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