Greta Thunberg: The reason we have guns in America

Like many people I thought the exploitation of the Augsburger victim, Greta Thunberg was a real tragedy. To allow her to go onto the world stage as a 16-year-old girl and embarrass herself for some communist based political climate alarmist spewing anti-capitalist utterances was in many ways’ evil. Everyone knows that the real mass extinction is abortion, which climate change advocates generally support. The politics of the Swedish girl only served to prove a point I have been long in making, that the state of our public education system is not only bad, but its dangerous.

To exploit a handicapped young girl to make a political point is really the lowest of low, and it shows just how far and desperate the liberal side of the political world is globally. For so many news networks, especially the Disney owned ABC to use her in such a way is wrong in so many ways that this not only shows why we need a complete overhaul of our public education system, but also the needed ownership of guns. Given the support politically of this radical young girl born and bred within the public education activism that is so common for liberal causes, but the attempt at the same time to tie some form of corruption committed by Donald Trump to Ukraine, when it was Joe Biden who did the dirty deeds is further preponderance of the evidence of just how vile these people are and why we can never trust any government they are trying to run. Its one thing to have differences of opinion with them, but its quite another to let them run your life with no defense against their activism. If they are willing to exploit Greta Thunberg the way they were at every level of media coverage, imagine what they would do to frame a typical resistance fighter against progressive causes who stand in their way. Just the way they attempted to tie President Trump to Ukraine is alarming enough.

A lot has already been said about the poor little girl Greta Thunberg from the other side of the globe who should have been in school instead of giving a United Nations speech, as she said herself. This isn’t an article talking about her, there are many millions just like her bred in our public education institutions toward the intentions of liberal activism. The point of the matter is that she represents a force that wishes to use any means necessary to impose on the rest of us control mechanisms that is against our wishes. The desire to make an automaton into this poor young girl’s mind to instigate fear and therefor action is what’s dangerous. If these people, as crazy as they are, were allowed to destroy us all for their political objectives, they are clearly willing to do it. That is the reason they want to take away the gun culture of America, because their real intentions are malicious and always have been.

The goal to use this handicapped, young girl from an exotic foreign country to spew on about all the things they’d love for us to fear is to drive us toward a form of control for which they rule over. To do that they must make us afraid and a society of guns is not conducive toward that objective. If people can think for themselves, the public school cannot rot their minds with climate concern nonsense. And a society that can defend their homes at the point of danger doesn’t worry about foreign powers to attack their country, so they have little need of government. Democrats and liberals in general require people to be afraid before their political philosophy is even considered. And that is why they are dangerous because they will go to any measure to make people afraid, they will use anybody, to achieve their political goals, and the evidence is all around us. So why should anybody ever give them the time of day?

I don’t see any point in the future just as there never has been in the past where weapons of war will not be needed for the maintenance of a proper government. Because so many tyrannical regimes have used fear to drive public policy there must always be a way to counter that fear to keep everyone honest. Because the threats will come from somewhere. If it isn’t government doing the threats, it will need to be the private ownership of individual rights that is required. The need for threats shifts the burden of fear from the innocent to the advocates. No government in the history of the world is free of the desire to control their populations. Its lazy and in the nature of the human race to find the best way for them to control people and if fear is the method, which it usually is, then they will do anything they can to make you afraid—including using girls like Greta Thunberg whom they have terrified through the public education system to terrify the rest of us into voting for more Democrats because the world is coming to an end, or so they’d have you believe.

That is why we say we can never give up our guns, and why gun control is inheritably wrong. It is not the right of government to even consider such regulations because they have shown time and time again that they cannot handle the responsibility. Its not that we want to shoot anybody who comes to our homes to confiscate our guns, yet we know we cannot trust the government to make good decisions on those matters. They have failed many times in the past and they will many times in the future, and they have an addiction to power so we can never let down our guard. They’ll lie to us, they will turn our children against us and make them weapons of propaganda, such as is the case with Greta Thunberg. They will take a girl with a handicapped that suits their purpose and use them without guilt to gain power for themselves in a desire to control the means of production as a bunch of pin headed losers desiring socialism over capitalism. How can people and companies rule themselves? When there is no answer they seek to take the argument to an unprovable point sold by public created products like these activist children. And it is then that they have revealed all the reasons they can never be trusted.

The lesson here is that gun control is not an option and neither is yielding our control of industry over the greedy hands of globalists who still want socialism to rule the world if not with the big “s” word or the “c” word, but with the concern over the environment which we can all relate with. And from there they use fear to take it away from us based on no evidence of any real worth and attempt to sell it to us through activism and doubt, or in the case of Greta Thunberg, sympathy. They will do anything but trust us. They only want to rule over us and it is for that reason that we must keep our guns close, and always be ready to use them so that we don’t have to be afraid. That is a task that government should fear. Its our right to make them feel that way, not the other way around.

Rich Hoffman
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