How School Levy Supporters are Turned into Weapons of War: The secret nobody wants to talk about

Being something as an expert in human communication I have known for a long time what the game of public education was, and that was to turn kids in America from a product of their families into products of the state and yes, there has been a grand conspiracy going back to FDRs administration, even older to turn the American government into supporting such an activity on behalf of the labor unions who have controlled Washington D.C. from their inception. As we all know by now, every labor union in the world is a socialist organization, and that is their goal for everyone else. This is certainly true of teacher unions, but also of the government unions in the Beltway and elsewhere, even on network television, which is of course controlled by labor unions. Hollywood is controlled by labor unions; this is how all these parties have such a unified message. They all want socialism so it wasn’t hard to get public education curriculums to be constructed with socialist messages with the intentions of removing children from their parents and reorienting them to products of the state.

If anybody needed proof just look at how government in general has responded to the Trump administration, and the radicalism even reached deep into the FBI itself, and when they were caught, they tried to blame the Russians. No matter what your political beliefs, this fact cannot be escaped, and is proof of just how deep this problem goes into our own government. So it should not be a surprise that many of the communist planks that we were all worried about as Americas seeped into our government and that their plan to dominate us was not with direct conflict which hard core Americans raised on westerns on television and in movies would fight against, but that they would slow cook the situation over generations of young people and slowly rot the United States from the inside out. The fear of Trump’s America first approach is that all these decades of brainwashing is now in jeopardy of being reversed, that people will turn toward Trump’s Americanism and away from global socialism. That is the reason for the FBI activism that reached into the Obama White House and the panic through the media that is currently taking place. Because this has been a plan from the beginning and hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans were suckered into it, and now its all in jeopardy. But how did that happen? Well, it all started at our local schools and the type of parents that teacher unions befriend to help their cause and how those recruits were brought into the fold.

One thing that most radical school levy supporters have in common is guilt, guilt that they have put their own goals in life above their children, so they want to believe that system is good, so they fight to support public school teachers, their level of pay, and the government schools themselves. Most mothers biologically feel the pull to care for their children at home, but for the ones who have fought that urge, will dedicate themselves to the system that gave them free babysitting so that they could do their selfish contributions to their “own” life. Yet what none of them think to contemplate is that the feminist movement itself was put in place by the same government geniuses to separate the mother from the father, to get women to invest in “society” instead of their families for the primary goal of separating the kids from their parents. That has always been the strategy and to confirm it just look back to the communist writings that took place before the Russian takeover and when China was finally seduced by communists.

These levy supporters, particularly the radical guilt driven mothers are creations of the state to begin with, their guilt given to them by a deliberately faulty system to drive them toward some sort of unity. And that’s where things get diabolical. The public-school system knew that this would be the byproduct of the parental ambitions and that they could take that guilt and make allies out of them, thus you have the maniacal school levy supporter. Knowing that the children are the best weapons to pull on the guilty parent’s heart strings controlling words are sent home to the parents to help bring them into the fold, such as the use of parent teacher conferences and other subtle workshops to control the parent into the public school institutionalized thinking, such as conveying to the parents that “we” the school system, “need the parents to understand our problems—and to use words that make them feel how important it is to help us.” And to accomplish this the school system uses words that provoke anger, fear and joy to control the emotional state of the guilt bound parent, such as “failure of a school levy ‘may’ cause a poor report card for our district,” or it “May mean we must cut busing or teachers.” For parents who have put their own careers over their children, and even their marriages under their own needs to be a “strong individual” the guilt drives them to saying yes to these comments and thus throwing their children even deeper into the public education meat grinder.

Public education is all about control, control over private property by sucking off the tax money of a district to pay teachers with open hostilities toward American values such as proper business conduct and capitalism in general. And they are anti-family and want very much to replace them with instruments of the state ran by socialist teacher unions. They get away with it by hanging guilt, partly what they created in the first place, over people who just want to believe they are doing the right thing for their children whether it is divorcing the father of their children or getting a powerful job serving the state to show that they are independent of their power—yet the state then becomes their new lover and everyone knows it. Daddy government loans them the money for their student loans, owns their mortgage, and it owns their children leaving them with nothing but compliance and turmoil over the guilt of everything they’ve squandered away. So, what’s left for them, they become those sad edifices of adult carcasses passing out pro tax literature at high school football games and looking like suckers in the process that everyone secretly despises. They have sold their children to a socialist public education system and they then become socialists themselves so that they can feel good about it. But they never do, and the government doesn’t care. Once the state has the kids, they don’t care about the parents once they get too old to pay taxes and contribute to the state. The state is done with them and it is in that realization that so many adults are grown up and miserable for the rest of their lives. When it counted most, they weren’t there for their children and the kids always resent them for it.

This game isn’t new, but many are just now coming to understand it. Thankfully, that is part of the Trump administration starting to turn things back to how they should have been. Its healthy for people to have the debate, but in the meantime, a lot of children are having their minds ruined by public education that never wanted a free thinking, and brilliant mind. Public education has always been about individualized destruction and service to the state, to make a compliant taxpayer to big government ideas and once they no longer had the money to pay, they were to be cashed in and replaced with a new generation of youth. And that is what the big asses and overstuffed t-shirts of the levy supporters never want to admit to themselves, but they all learn eventually. Because that is the real name of the game and until that changes, it will always be a problem.

Rich Hoffman
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